Hard Bones for Puppies?

I've heard different things about rawhides for puppies. Anyone know what age it's ok to give him a hard bone?
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Nylabones are the safest, but I can see they don't provide a good "chew" like rawhide.

Generally I avoid rawhide. I hate the vomiting of the pieces that "slip" down the gullet. Also, the dogs have a nasty habit of leaving the slobbery gooey thing right where you step, bare foot, at night, when it's dark, on the way to the bathroom. :roll:

Maybe some nubby Kong thing would work better than rawhide?

Finally, a big thick femur bone......raw.....will keep my guys happy for quite some time. Yes, there's the carpet issue, but that's also why there are spot cleaners for carpets. ....or sending the kid outside.
My dog destroys the nylabones (the rubbery ones) so we got him the harder ones and he's uninterested in it. He has a kong, but only plays with it when we put his dog food in there. I was just trying to find some sort of bone that could keep him occupied when we're at work.

So, I thought maybe we'd get him a rawhide. What's a big thick femur bone? Where would you get that?

What are your thoughts on bones from the grocery store?
Used to be able to find them at the grocery, now I have to go to a "whole food" or special butcher type store. Ask to order some if you don't find them. They are usually sold sawn in half.....about 4-6 inches long. A whole femur would be paradise for a dog........think dinosaur bone, LOL. Now that would keep the pup happy.......and stink up the house.

Actually for the house, the steamed bones filled with peanutbutter or fake meat sold at PetsMart are pretty good, especially for a less strong dog. The femur is the thigh bone and thickest bone in body.......also examine each eliminating any with "thinner" sides.
I know there is alot of controversy about rawhide but Tasker has always done well with the big rawhide (and pig hide) bones. I keep an eye on the bone and if it looks like he's about to chew a hunk off I usually cut it off first.

Sheepie boss is right, they are a bit startling to step on barefoot in the night.......................

Tasker doesn't care for the nylabone or the kong. I suspect he would LOVE the femur bone but the thought of him messing up my floor with a dead cow bone just grosses me out (I know......rawhide is dead cow, but it's not so easy to visualize the hoof still attached)
Femur bone but the thought of him messing up my floor with a dead cow bone just grosses me out (I know......rawhide is dead cow, but it's not so easy to visualize the hoof still attached)

:) So I'm guessing you don't buy the hoof chews.........those and the pig's ears gross me out..... :) Guess that's why pet stores offer so many different items.

Yes, none of my guys have ever like Nyla bones........and Kongs only if stuffed with treats or smeared with peanutbutter.
I'm wondering why you gals haven't mentioned that you have a problem with the, ahhhh... "Bully Sticks"... 8O
Just because we are gals.........and don't have our minds constantly on male anatomy........any male anatomy.
Ron are you talking about something like Bullwrinkles? That is what I
think it is, isn't it? Humans eat Rocky Mountain Oysters, so I guess
why not, right? Wonder what that production plant is like. 8O


I've tried REALLY hard to pretend that those aren't REALLY what they say they are. NEEEEEEEEDLESS TO SAY, they will not be found IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooves are also a no no but I do have to admit that he does get the occasional pigs ear. They are consumed quickly and I don't usually have to watch the process.
Barney will vote for marrow bones and after that, rawhide bones. With marrow bones, I give them, cut to 2-3 inches, and frozen, outside when I go to work or will be away all day. By the time I get home he has the outside cleaned and then he can bring it inside. After he get the marrow out of bone I will occasionally stick a teaspoon of peanut butter inside. As for rawhide, they can be messy not only on the flooring but on their fur as well. It's heck brushing his paws and muzzzle the next morning after he's spent the previous day chewing on one.

There was a time when the butcher was happy to give you their marrow bones, now our store get $1.59/lb. I was able to get a case (30# - 22 bones, 6" - 8") for $1.00/lb and I have to cut them myself. I figure the case will last me a year. When I brought the box home I placed it on the kitchen table and opened it to show it to Barney. I wish I had a picture of the expression on his face - like he died and went to heaven. :D
My girls love the pressed rawhide bones, they are compressed tightly so they don't get to chew chunks off, and it takes much longer for them to get soggy, slimey and gross. I usually buy them in bulk and throw them out every couple of days before they get it soft enough to get a chunk off.
I started giving Clyde the pressed rawhide at about 3 months old with no problems. My older dog, Lucy, won't touch toys but loves all kinds of bones. She eats tons of rawhide and she's always been great. Her teeth are so great from it that the vet said if she had to guess age from her teeth, she'd say about one-- but Lucy's at least 8 or 9 (she was a rescue). So, because Lucy has bones, Clyde had to have whatever Lucy had so he's been nibbling since about 4 months and now he gets his own. He never gets sick from them and he's not such an aggressive chewer that I can't monitor his progress.

If you're looking for suggestions, mine both love the Dingo brand rawhide braided bone with the chicken braided into the middle-- they both spend hours trying to get the middle out. The bleached white one-- tye don't like the "basted" one. Lol. Clyde just came bounding into the room with his in his mouth like he knew I was talking about it.

I know others have already mentioned it but, be very careful with any "basted" bone and your carpet. Ugh. Somebody mentioned those pig hooves too, aka the smelliest thing in the world!
Do pet stores carry pressed rawhide bones? Max definitely needs something new to chew, and I don't like to give him anything that will break off too soon and worry about him choking or causing him to vomit!! He'll chew his nyalbone for a little while, but it doesn't seem to hold his attention for very long :cry:
Most pet supply stores do carry pressed rawhide, they look like this :

http://www.petsmart.com/global/product_ ... 7858003500

In all different shapes, but the color should be the same, the whiter ones are not pressed rawhide, but rather regular rawhide which gets mushy and breaks off faster.
We used to give our dogs the rawhide knots. We figured they couldn't get at the ends to pull pieces off but Norman has learned to untie them and can actually obliterate one in less than an hour!
We should get him a job testing toys for a pet store!
Lucy can disassemble a braided bone or a not in no time. Clyde just unraveled his first braid by himself about an hour ago.

We're so proud... :P
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