Can dogs see ghosts ?

Maybe I'm just a naive first-time dog owner, or just maybe I'm onto something. Zoey loves to sit on the couch, look out the front window and bark at everything that moves. We consider this her "normal" behavior, although we're not exactly crazy about it.

Now the weird night (never during the day), she sometimes just stops what she's doing and runs to a side or back window and starts barking at the darkness. It's not the same bark as when she's in the front window (which is a long rapid succession of barks with jerky body movementsand wagging tail), but rather a woof-pause-woof-pause while standing perfectly still and a droopy tail. You get the idea. It's distinctly different. She even throws in a growl or 2, which she never does for any other reason. Nothing is there ! I've gone outside with flashlights numerous times and found nothing.

Ok, so ghosts is a stretch, but do any of your dogs do the same thing ? Have you figured it out yet ? It really spooks my wife so I figured I'd ask you guys for any insight. Maybe all dogs do this, but being a first time owner I wouldn't know. Thanks.
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Ghosties and goolies, and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night.......?

She is tuning into something, maybe a raccoon or other nocturnal creature she can't actually see? Or she is afraid of the dark? Some dogs are. Her inability to see may also make her somewhat shy about barking. When my guys get in this mood, I flip on the outside lights, let them look around and tell them they are good dogs. Afterwards they are content and settle right down.

As for ghosts, I placed a beautiful sheepdog in one home. It was working out great for 4 months, but the dog began acting strange.......he's freeze and stiffen up and start to growl. Nothing could be seen inside or outside. I jokingly said maybe the dog sees ghosts and the lady said, "My friends have hinted at that too. Maybe there is something here." It got so bad that when the lady went to wake the dog by touching he leash out at her, the last time nearly taking her thumb off.
reading this gave me chills, especially when I remember the house I moved from. My dogs acted weird there (and I saw our "lumberjack" ghost I named Jake). My dogs, long gone OES and Bagel would get funny sometimes about the upstairs of our house. They would be fine one minute, the next just start barking up the stairs. Do dogs see ghosts? I would have to say yes, I think they can. People only see what they want to see, I think our four legged best friends see more then we do, I just wish they could talk to tell us about it or at least what it is they want
My dogs have always had similar behaviors. I believe they tune in to a different frequency than we do. Like SheepieBoss, I let them out to see what it is they're barking at...sometimes it's a nocturnal animal (possum, coon, etc. - we do live in a very rural area), sometimes a neighbor's cat or dog, and sometimes it's nothing I can see at all. But, generally, once they've been out to see for themselves, they quiet down and go to sleep. :)
I see dead people
I'm not saying that my town's employees are stupid, but....

From the town newspaper:
"A small two-seater plane crashed into [Ron's Town's] cemetery yesterday; so far 2 survivors have been taken to an area hospital. The body count stands at 265, and is expected to rise as the digging continues."
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Maybe we ought to suspend this thread until next October 31! UUUUUUUHHHHH
Oooooooooo ghost stories at, book it! LOL
Danita had a close encounter a few months ago with something in the house. She was painting in her studio and then she went downstairs to get a glass of water. When she returned and was about to cross the door back to the studio, Lennon faced her and growled real bad, got in attack position and was looking right behind Danita's shoulder. She says she felt cold shivers and when she could gather the courage to turn around, Lennon stopped growling and went about his business again....

I wasn't home to see what happened, but I lived in a haunted house all my childhood and even tough I'm a very skeptical person, I can say that if there is such thing as ghosts, I'm pretty sure dogs can see feel them. Every time "Oscar" (Mom had to name the ghost!) was about his business, our dogs were very scared and hid until he left. It's pretty scary!
Ok, I am going out on a limb here, but I do believe that dogs/animals are very in tune with the spirit realm. Jake lives in a home that believes in more than just the eyes and yes, Jake has shown that he and his brothers and sisters "see" before we do. Jake has also shown me other incredible "gifts" that he possesses spiritually. I listen to my pups and if they feel tense or uneasy, there is always a reason; maybe I just can't see it yet. :)
Hi - I was trawling the web looking for stuff like this and found your post. My dog has just started staring round the room - looking at things that are not there. She will focus on the ceiling or on a corner and watch something, following it round the room.
Thsi behaviour really spooked me the other night and again the following evening. She also behaved similarly whilst out on her usual walk - stopping dead in her tracks, putting her tail between her legs and would not go on.
She wont go over the field now.

Anyone else heard of this. I thought I would be able to find loads of stuff on the net but stories are really scarce.

Please contact me if you have anything on this.


Maybe that's why Sheba kept growling at the wall. Maybe I have ghosts--though I don't think a 66 year old house is old enough to have ghost--but who knows maybe the post master who lived next door ofted the school teacher who lived here after he discovered she was seeing someone else and was about to bust up their secret love affair.....
:lol: :lol: :lol: Deo- love your sense of humor! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I really enjoy a good mystery and/or ghost story! :D
When I was growing up we had Jake our GS he would be in his own little world the suddenly jump up and run to out entertainment center and growl (the deepest nasty thing I have ever heard) and then a few minutes later our music boxes (which were on the shelf) would turn on.....wierd! 8O He also would do then same thing in the dining room, the was nothing to turn on but he would do the same reaction.

I am a skeptic......but, I know Jake knew more than least in that area!! :roll:
I totally think animals are more "in tune"...that's why Murphy knows when Gucci is going to have a seizure.

It just makes life more interesting...trying to figure out what they are "in tune" with! 8O
After both of my parents died, we inherited their home. After some remodeling and redecorating, we moved in. My Dad died before we got Truman but my Mom knew him and Truman was quite fond of "Grandma". My Mom always used the same perfume and occasionally I would think I could smell that scent. A few months ago, I walked into the living room and Truman was standing there wagging his rump and looking up as though he was seeing something. The scent of my mother's perfume permeated the room! ?????????!!!!!!!
8O 8O ******goose bumps******** 8O 8O
I belive animals are more sensitive to the spiritual realm and are able to sense what we are unable to pick up on.With that being said I think it's pretty few and far between that it actualy happens. Sasha gets all weird and spooked at times, like just lastnight she was laying around growling and low barking at nothing. I love ghost stories and read everything I can get my hands on and there's always stories about family pets picking up on 'energies'.It's so cool to hear everyones stories!!
******goose bumps********

Yep, up and down my back.

I think animals have a sense about things like this. I think they see ghost just a human do.
Baaaaahhhhh Humbug for me spoiling all the ghostly talk. Trust me, I used to believe in that but also know there could be another explaination. That is - dogs have hearing sense far superior to humans and may be able to hear a little mouse creeping in the atic unheard by our ears.

Check this out! ... f_dogs.htm

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the entire article.

>>Me who slept with the lights on until I was in my 20's. :D

Marianne and the boys
Bah Marianne--the ghost stories are much more dramatic :lol:
I am a dyed in the wool skeptic when it comes to this kind of stuff. I just can't explain the scent of my Mom's perfume in the room. I mean, maybe Truman was just looking up at the ceiling or something, but I still wonder why I would smell her perfume. I wasn't expecting anything, I just walked through the living room. Believe me, I've thought about this and can't come up with an explanation.....
As a person who has experienced many "spriritual" feelings throughout my lifetime, I do think that animals pick up on "ghosts" more quickly than most of us. I do not claim to be a "medium" or "psyhcic" but have had enough episodes of my own to be a believer. This does does not mean that I think all of those who advertise to be able to see "ghosts" or "tell the future" are authentic, I do believe there are those that can.
Actually, although I'm skeptical, I do believe that enough people have experienced something. I have no clue what it is, but I've known people, who are quite rational and honest who have recounted experiences that just couldn't seem to be explained. I've always wanted to experience something like that first hand. I supposed that accounts for my attraction to older houses and historic areas. If there is something to it it would make sense that animals would be able to sense it, after all they sense many things that we don't pick up on--like illnesses in people, and earthquakes.
I'm from the Carl Sagan school of tought. I'm extremely exceptic, but I've seen and heard enough from reliable friends and family to believe there are things that just don't seem to have a logical explanation, so all I can say is I don't know.

I used to live on a haunted house when I was a kid, we even had a name for the ghost! We used to walk on a long hall that divided some rooms, and you suddenly felt like you bumped into someone. You had to ask Oscar to get out of the way to get trough. Sometimes the doors unlocked and sounded like someone went outside, until my mom asked Oscar to please lock the door when he left. After that, the door unlocked, opened and locked again by itself. 8O We went trough maids like crazy, all of them wanted to leave until their first encounter :lol: We were so used to things and my mom told us that there are things that just can't be explained by current knowledge that we dealed with it just as a normal everyday thing, we were never afraid. Our dogs liked to run in the hall where we bumped into oscar a lot and followed something towards the door, but that was it. They never growled or barked at Oscar.

I've never returned to that house to see if the new owners had the same experience. I would really love to know what really was going on on that house when I was a kid!!
Cool story, Saul! I would've LOVED living in a haunted house when I was a kid! :D
when i was little say 9 or 10 yrs old i used to always see this dark man who used to always watch me in the middle of the night because i would feel something watching me and my dog who slept outside my bedroom would be awake and growling i used to be so scared and id tel ppl all the time but they never believed me. just a couple of weeks ago we bought our own sheepie and he doesnt bark much unless hes happy and 2 days after we got him he would sit tensed with his back to us and stare ate something out the glass doors it really freaked me out.. very spooky
Callie has done this several times herself... she will all of the sudden jump up and run to the back door and start growling and barking. It really freaks me out because I am always scared of stuff like that. My husband used to take her out when she would do this, but there was never anything there. So we decided that it is either an animal or something in the yard (we have a wooded area behind our house) like some people on here have suggested, or I think sometimes she just catches a reflection of herself or one of us moving in the glass and it spooks her.
I don't think this is a ghost encounter, but there's SOMEthing odd going on. There's a house in our neighborhood that Otto absolutely will NOT walk by. We don't take this block terribly often on our daily walks, but everytime we do, he will come to a DEAD stop on the sidewalk just as we reach the edge of the property. The first time it happened, I though he was just being stubborn and tried to cajole and then (I hate to admit) force him to come along. Well, he is a very powerful animal and if he doesn't want to move, he ain't gonna do it short of having pain inflicted on him (which I won't do). So I just chalked it up to a weird quirk and walked him out into the street until we got past the house and then back onto the sidewalk. This is a perfectly normal-looking house. Quite tidy, in fact, with pretty landscaping and a nice picket fence. Two doors down is a really skeevy-looking house, all overgrown and weedy with a junky old VW van in the driveway, but Otto has no problem with that one. It's really weird. We've tried walking by at different times of day and different times of the year, but nothing seems to change the reaction. Maybe THAT's where Jimmy Hoffa is?? 8O

Quincey, on the other hand, is completely oblivious, happily galumphing by the house without a moment's hesitation! :lol:
My dog that I have had since I was 8 years old (now 22) recently passed away last month. Ever since then my other dog has been acting really funny. She will yelp suddenly and run to me or my boyfriend and just start shaking. She has done this while sitting on one of our friends laps, while walking around the living room, one time she did it twice within a 10 minute period when we were trying to get her leash on her to go out. Every time this has a occured it has been in the living room. She also walks around the house with her head down looking sad/scared. She wont lay on the couch very much anymore and lays in her bed or kennel a lot. This is strange for her because she used to be a very happy go lucky dog. We took her to the vet and they couldn't find a thing wrong with her. I think that she might be seeing the ghost of my other dog or something else. I've told my boyfriend this but he thinks that is a silly idea. What do you think? :?:
I don't know w hat I t hink about ghosts and who or what species can see them. However, I do know that dogs miss companions that go away, so it would make some sense for your dog to be sad and miss her friend, which would explain why she lays in her kennel or bed a lot. It's good you took her to be checked out by the vet.

My suggestion is that your dog probably could use some extra love and care, just as you probably could, having lost your childhood companion. Also, dogs are very good at picking up on feelings and moods of people around them--so if you are feeling sad, which would be very natural, your dog may sense that and feel a little more anxious.

None of this explains her acting scared or yelping suddenly. I know my first OES hated to go on long walks or even barely out of the yard if most of the family was away for the day. It was like he felt his job was to stay home and wait for everybody he loved to come back. Once they did, everything was right with his world again.....
Of course they do!
well my dog will go into my brothers room sisters room mom and dads room but once she enters mine the cowers? any1 got any ideas i mean she will run into my closet or into the back room but once she enters my room pof shes different?
My boyfriend phoned me tonight saying the dog had been acting strange today. Shesaw something in the garden (He couldnt seea anything). She was outside and started scratching at the doog to get in franticly. Once in she lay on his feet while he was in the kitchen and wouldnt move, as if she was afraid. Not normal for my dog to do that. Ive just moved into my new house and have felt uneasy before due to her actions. Strange! My boyfrend works nights so i was really greatful for his call telling me tis story -not x
I vote yes. Staring at a dresser for minutes at a time. Creepy......
Charlie can "see" Ellie, who died 6 months ago and Ellie is trying to get Charlie away from "her" foodbowl, we know that, cause always (most of the time) when Charlie tries to eat - she jumps backwards with a shock in her face and looks at us with a "who was that?" face! Then she slowly wants to go back to the foodbowl but very vary and slowly as "does it happen again Mum?"

She often sniffles in the air while walking through the house, very strange! and also the same in the garden and growls too! :wink:

I'm sure dogs can see ghosts!!!
The reflection of a dog and people moving in the house in a window at night is enough to baffle even the smartest of dogs. Shadows are sometimes equally as perplexing.

My OES Annabella barks incessantly at the slider at night. She is clearly barking at her own reflection.

As for staring at the wall? Surely you have mice or some other little critter that only the sharp ears of a dog can pick up on.

my puppy does the same thing, my father just died recently and we got him cremated, i put his ashes in my bedroom just the other day, and ever since then he has been petrified of a certain part of my room, and its not his normal bark, but him like screeching, like someone is there thats not suppose to be, im sure he will get use to my dads energy being around, but i really freaked me oout, since he has never acted like this before, my father was very loving and gentle, so i know he isnt a threat, but if anyone else has had this kind of freaky experience please let me know!, i feel like im going out of my mind!

thank you!

Alicia Murray

R.I.P David Murray
Maybe you could introduce or re-introduce your dad's urn and your puppy in another place, or temporarily put dad in another place?

I am sorry about the loss of your dad. He and I are the same age - and he died the day after my birthday.
you really have to wonder, one of my cats will stare and look around as if watching something, it gives my daughter the creeps... I remember saying don't worry it's just your uncle Dean.... next thing I k 8O new I had to kids in my bed.
I keep getting complaints that my Staffy is barking all day. I have seen what he does. He stands facing the corner of our yard and barks the wonderful staffy bark and crys and screams until he is exhausted. Sometimes lasting up to 4 hours a day. We had a tree in the yard and he used to tear branches out of the tree and then place them in the corner and back up as if giving the branch to someone. Very very weird. Now I need help to find if anyone else has had this problem and if they have been offered any solutions besides bringing a spirit cleanser in??
My female Staffy just sleeps through it.
8O i belive in ghosts because in mexico there was a person who had a dog and when that person woked up in the morning he went and gaved a kissed to hiz dog and then hiz eyes touched the dogz burger eye so then couple of hours passed and then he started seeing ghosts and he went to the temple and confessed and the person who confesses he said im sorry but you see the ghosts and dead people because thats what dogs see

My labrador Tyson was always very fond of my pupa. Sadly my pupa passed away in november, and ever since then our dog is getting up in the middle of night, waggin his tail, and sitting giving paws, in the middle of the living room, also he acts very happy and wagging his tail when we are watching tv. However my rotweillier cheeko who is just 7 month, never got a chance to meet my pupa, is acting oddly, and i was sitting in my room, my hifi turned itself of, and cheeko came in growling and his hair was all raised, however tyson came in happy to see whoever was there. Also cheeko was acting strange, and was acting like he was getting pulled up, and was sniffing in to the air, when me and my dad where watching tv, then he fell to the floor, and wouldnt move. Once again tyson came wagging his tail into the room, and acted as if he was getting petted.

I do believe this is a sign.[/list]
A dog I had for sixteen years used to do this all the time, he would seem really spooked. Then about five years ago my sister started seeing strange things in my the house, he had obviously been seeing things for years. Poor thing, my dad used to think he was demented and used to put him out of the house. Maybe we should listen to our dogs a bit more!!
So I have two dogs now, one Australian Shepard and the other wacky Border Colly mix. I used to have three pets but have since passed ( two dogs that died two days apart and my kitty cat back in April of '08 ) but me and my parents buried our dogs under this little patch of flowers in our front yard. But here's the catch. Occasionally my Aussie, Ocean, (we got her about a year after my other dogs passed) well I shouldn't say occasionally but about every other day, will bark right at where the rest of my pets supposedly rest in peace. She will growl and do it for 5 minutes straight. Before I didn't think she barked at that I thought it was at moving trees because I live in a very windy climate but I plan to wait when she starts barking and put a leash on her and have her lead me to whatever specifically she was barking at and have a camera so hopefully I'll catch a ghost (saying my parents don't believe in ghosts as I am a slight skeptic but I think I might catch something to prove me different).
We have two sheepdogs. A few nights ago, my younger gal, Emma suddenly started barking in a very panicky fashion (I'd never heard anything like it). It was sometime between 3 and 4 am. At the time, I just chalked it up to a nightmare she was having. She came upstairs, lay down next to us, and finally went back to sleep with my arm on her.

Then, this morning at 3:30, Neville started barking (he never barks at night unless he's got an upset stomach and needs to go outside) so I get up to take him out. He didn't seem as eager to go outside as he normally would have, but whatever. We walk to the end of the street, he pees, but doesn't poop like I thought he needed to. The next moment, he's stock still, staring further down the street and growling. Then he let's out a howl (which I've never heard him do) and started barking intensely at something that try as I might I could not see. Then he turned around and raced back to the house at nearly full speed like he was trying to get away from something.

If it was just a racoon or something that he was barking at, he would have no reason to be scared of it and run away. I think my street must be haunted. My wife is trying to reassure herself by saying, it's just the full-moon, but that doesn't explain anything.
Welcome to the community. That's an eerie story!
I have to say I believe our Cooper also sees ghosts. He sometimes goes to a window, the steps, even a corner where there is a door going to the basement. He goes from calm to protect mode in an instant. It is weird, I agree. You could say he's just hearing somethng, but I wish so much that he could. Cooper was born deaf. Our 2 year old son has also begun saying he's scared of "the man" I have no idea.
My gordon setter Bailey, has always been a quasi (sp?) mellow dog. She has her moments but she's usually pretty calm. Every once in a while she will just start running around the house, upstairs and downstairs, but she will stick to the perimeter and then will stare at a random spot on our wall near one of our big picture windows. I can't say for sure but I think whatever she "chases/searches for" may have revealed itself to me.

Last night, Oct. 2, I wasn't sleeping well anyways, and at around 3am, I just woke up, I was instantly awake. So when I rolled over to check the actual time, and when I rolled over I swear i saw the form of a small boy. I've never seen anything like that before!! I screamed and flew out of bed to turn on the light, of course, nothing was there. So I turned the light back off, and here's the really weird part, my bed was freezing cold. Not even the area where I had been laying was warm. I don't know what to make of this experience. "Totally weird" is all I can say.
I have to say all you saying "I grew up in a haunted house" need to know there is no such thing as a haunted house. Did I get your attention? Haunted is another of those words we use because we don't know what else to call it when we seem to be sharing space with other beings from other times and places, especially if we can't see them. It's a word we will keep on using because it helps us to have a common frame of reference. Haunting is an omnipresent phenomena, an illusion we find in our perception of time as linear; therefore, the word is redundant. We always share our space with someone or something else that is just as real as we are, even if they can't be seen.
All houses are "haunted."
All places are "haunted."
Many inanimate objects are "haunted."
You haunt a few places and objects yourself, and you always will.

What we term haunted, especially when dealing with specific places or inanimate objects, is no more than awareness of the collection of residual energies that remains long after the events that caused them are over as we view it in linear time.

In most circumstances these residual energies would dissipate over time when there was no fresh energy being fed to them on a regular basis. Other times the spirit being chooses to move into other realms, but some like to hang around the edges of the earth plane, and some appear stuck here, confused and unable to go anywhere else.
You may be sharing living space with elemental beings, house faeries, thoughtforms, astral beings, ancestor spirits, guardian spirits, and perhaps a classic ghost or two. In other words, you have a very full house.

As to the subject of dogs seeing ghosts, I live with my mother-in-law currently and we just recently got a new puppy. He has been calm and sweet the past few days but as soon as the sun sets and night approaches, he whines, gets anxious and many times before he has stared up at the ceiling whining and barking as if afraid of whatever was there.

Before we got this puppy, my mother-in-law and I have sensed negativity in this house, and we know it is not energy. We have seen things out of the corner of our eyes, heard loud bangs like the roof was going to cave in when we were between sleep and consciousness (common known fact you are closer to the spirit realm when you are drifting into subconsciousness and when you are subconscious). Before I moved in with my MIL, I never heard bangs before I drifted off that woke me up and brought be back each time I was drifting off (making sleep hard to manage). I've heard a lot of things while drifting off before I moved in. That includes what my friend told me was how she would describe what it sounds like when a spirit talks (like someone talking through a large plastic tube/pipe right into your ear).
I plan to exorcise the negative entity (whatever it may be) one of these days soon. I feel bad for our puppy and I want to get rid of whatever it is soon.
As for if you believe this account or not, that is up to you. The above comments before my accounted story are personal beliefs and experiences. Whether you believe it or not is entirely your call.
Let me just put it out there. I am sitting on the bed at 8 am in the morning and I have a dog who is growling at the closet. He only does this late at night and in the early morning. He can see things. I am sure of it. My boyfriends dog is scared to stay in this bedroom. We recently let his brother adopt him because it got to the point we had to give him prozak and anti-stress medications because he was completly on edge. Trust your little furry friend, he is trying to protect you and tell you something. They can't talk to this is their way of communicating something to you.
Yesterday night at around 2-2:30am, my dog (2 months old puppy) started barking in a protected manner looking at a particular spot, in a very aggressive way. I dont understand dogs language but i can understand what he was conveying... The message was clear-"Go Away, why are u here?"... So i calmed him saying that "let them pass, they are harmless"... but he kept on barking and running around then hiding and then barking again. So I didnot know what to do. I just lit a candle as a peace making gesture. After few seconds of that, the dog was quiet.

Me and my sister were really scared but my husband was getting angry at whatever entity came inside the house. And i asked him to stop and not engage them in any activity as i believe that by communicating with them, we are encouraging them to enter to our plane of thought, which could be harmful.
My Dog is a golden retriever and like most goldens a very friendly and loving dog, and in the past two months he has never shouted at anyone with anger.
He shouts occasionally for food or play but he is never protective or angry at anyone unless u take his toy.

I think there is this science that needs more intensive study so that we know how to deal with these non-physical beings.

Anupriya Srivastava
18th Feb '10
my dog is deaf, but even in the week i have had him he has woken several times, suddenly and looked around as if he has heard someone. he has also stopped playing and gone to the door! nobody there (that i know of)
At the street where our old house was in (which is actually in the same neighborhood our new house is in), almost every house had at least one dog.

And one night, I was sleeping when I suddenly just sat up for no reason. I couldn't even understand why I was awake myself lol.
but shortly after that, all the dogs in our street started howling. It was like a domino effect, starting from the dogs at the end of the street to the other and they were barking and howling for like 5 minutes straight, then it just stopped. Almost all of a sudden. It was the weirdest thing ever.
I wish there were ghosts. Life would be way more interesting. So no, dogs can't see them. They can, however, hear and smell things we don't notice, so their behaviour can certainly seem like a response to the "supernatural."
On another sheepdog forum.....ahem.....was a discussion of different types of brain dysfunction.....partial epilepsy if you wish. Many symptoms mimic what is being described here as well as some antisocial behavior. Vets are just starting to examine this.

And I agree with Tracie, there is much going on beyond our ability to see or hear that our dogs can sense. I remember when the dogs would stare at the closet, turn their head and gently "woof". About a week later a mouse came saundering out. I believe less in ghosts and more in my K9 super receptors.
SheepieBoss wrote:
On another sheepdog forum
Yeah, two others but this is the only one I read that like this is the only one I inhale??
I was in bed, and just turned the light out and tv. My dog started barking at the bathroom door, I looked and there was something walking around my bed. I couldn;t tell what it was. It was there I turned the light on quickly and it was gone. Size of a man or woman, She barked real mean at it. That was it. creepy huh
My father died in his home in 2008. He had been sick for a while but it was still a shock to our family as he was only 66 years old. I moved back home to be with my mother. My father died a few days before Halloween and not long after this, my husband got a miniture aussie. My mom found my father in the room where I now sleep. It was a den in the downstairs part of the house that I use as a bedroom now. My dog Opie began barking and growling at things I couldn't see or hear several months back. He had another episode last night of this. He will stare, shake and growl while looking around the room like he is following something. He stares at the stairwell most of the time when this happens. We have other inside dogs and they don't do anything when he starts behaving like this. I don't know what he is seeing but I know he sees something I can't. I can't help but wonder if he sees my dad because my dad died before we got Opie and he acts likes he usually does when he doesn't know someone. It's very strange to me. I have had animals all my life and have never had this happen. My father was the third person to pass away in this home since my parents bought it over 27 years ago. This home was built in the 1950's so it is not like it is a hundred years old. The weird thing is the first time this happened I was scared but not really now. I just wished I knew if Opie was communicating with my dad.
ok so i was searching this topic because last night my dog acted in a way he never did before. He wouldn't lie still on our bed, he kept shaking and then would hop down to the floor and continue to shake and whine, then he would follow something around in the room we couldnt see. My wife said "I think he's trying to warn us that something bad is going to happen." I found out later that my step brother had been killed in a car accident... coincidence??? I wish we knew what our furry friends knew
My dog lucky is home all day while im at work he is a small shitzu. I locked the secure pet gate by the stairs so he doesnt go upstairs when im not home, I come home from work and he is upstairs gate secured and there is now way he is jumping that gate.
This happens only during the day at night if i go out he is downstairs when I get back.

I have had some suspicions of a ghost recentley the TV goes on and off at night and the Treadmill also. My daughter found acorns in her bed and I found a bunch of them in my laundry basket this sounds weird but where are all those acorns coming from lol.
I'm new here, looking at dogs on the internet and love your dogs and your posters! But I see not many have posted lately. I don't care, but I do have to post and maybe put a lot of people's minds at ease about this subject.

If you are a skeptic about these things, tune out now, I'm sure I'll bore you or maybe make you laugh. I have been living with this sort of thing for over 60 years, you see, I was born with a veil. If you know what that is great, I'm not going to go into that long story. Trust that what I say is the God's truth.

I have raised all animals most of my life and I have been "talking" to spirits (human types) all my life. There are souls who reach me in unpredictable ways in order to give some messages to some living souls. I've been doing this for years and have hundreds that could testify to my accurateness in the messages I have delivered. I have them documented, enough said.

I didn't KNOW that dogs communicated with the dead until about 15 years ago, short story. My mom was also born with a veil, at 90 years old she would come visit me, not unusual, but she wasn't a big fan of any animals. I lived on a farm, and I had my daughter's lab living with me at this time, along with ten other outside dogs.

Maddie, as most dogs are, was so very friendly to my mom, she fell in love with her. Had to have her in bed with her, walked her around the farm, etc. Soon after mom died, I began to notice the starring and night time barks in the air, looking at walls, at doorways.

You have dogs, you can understand this sign, when you pick up the lease to take your dog outside, what does he do? Usually, sits, jumps around, sits, so excited to be leased and the tail is wagging to beat a drum? This is what Maddie was doing every night, looking right at someone, waiting to be leased and taken out at 3 a.m. in the morning! It was a sign, soon to find out that it was a sign from my mom that she was around and for me not to worry.

Personally, I get signs all the time, voices, movies, even death messages (which I don't give out), I see people who are dead! Weird, but that's me. Besides this, I helped a woman and her young child get rid of a "new" ghosts in her "new" I am going to pass along to you some simple ways of getting rid of them, except I have to preface it with this. If you want to call them ghosts, do, but I say spirits, my mom ALWAYS told me that the spirits were friendly, giving signs, messages, mean no harm, never be afraid of them, never give out bad messages, and so on,

so first to them, even if you don't know them, react to your dog JUST LIKE HE SAW A STRANGER OR FRIEND, pet him, walk up to where the "spirit" is/was and talk to them...ask them to leave, they are scaring your dog, your children, you, whoever...I always sprinkle holy water, but I'm catholic and we have more voodoo than a witch doctor has! open your outside doors, tell them to leave, get harsh if you have too, but ASK them to get along little doggie! lol....they will go,

I have had many encounters with children who see spirits, and that's a whole new chapter, I was a teacher, so learned a lot about that...for a later time my friends, I'm afraid I have bored you enough...long and short of it, after doing this, living this, for over 60 years, I do this all the time.. ask them to leave, open doors, escort them out and they will go, but first, calm your dog down, just as you would if YOU were taking him outside or petting him hello. God bless all of you wonderful pet owners!
Thank you for the explanation. I am not one to discount anything like this; never have had any experiences but have had dogs that acted strange once in a while over the years so you never know do you.
Thanks ich, oh contrare...I do know, just one time is all it takes for anyone to believe these things, I respect your thoughts though. lol
Anu wrote:
Yesterday night at around 2-2:30am, my dog (2 months old puppy) started barking in a protected manner looking at a particular spot, in a very aggressive way. I dont understand dogs language but i can understand what he was conveying... The message was clear-"Go Away, why are u here?"... So i calmed him saying that "let them pass, they are harmless"... but he kept on barking and running around then hiding and then barking again. So I didnot know what to do. I just lit a candle as a peace making gesture. After few seconds of that, the dog was quiet.

Me and my sister were really scared but my husband was getting angry at whatever entity came inside the house. And i asked him to stop and not engage them in any activity as i believe that by communicating with them, we are encouraging them to enter to our plane of thought, which could be harmful.
My Dog is a golden retriever and like most goldens a very friendly and loving dog, and in the past two months he has never shouted at anyone with anger.
He shouts occasionally for food or play but he is never protective or angry at anyone unless u take his toy.

I think there is this science that needs more intensive study so that we know how to deal with these non-physical beings.

Anupriya Srivastava
18th Feb '10


Hi Ms. Anupriya,

I am Ankit Malik from, Delhi, India, yesternight an event has disturbed and freaked all of our family members.
Likewise, every night we were about to have dinner around 9:15pm IST, suddenely my dog (Dalmation) started barking at every member of our family and then gone to the main gate of our house and still barking at the gate, usually when he barks he is quite stable and his still swings but this time his tale was hidden between his legs and he was shivering too. As soon me and my brother opened the door he ran upto stairs outside our main door and was quite afraid of someone. the second thing which is troubling me is that yesternight was poonam ki raat(a full moon night). He also didn't had his dinner yesternight, though his behaviour is quite normal today.
Today morning my mom told this incident to one of her guruji, he has told her that there might be some evil thing which can hurt him and don't leave him alone any where.
Could you please tell me that is your dog is safe.

Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Ankit Malik
20th Jan 2011
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:yayLove this stuff so much. There is a show on Animal Planet called Haunted. Although right now I think it is on break. But you can probablly watch reruns. I will watch reruns I just love to think that our pups are so tuned into the "other" world and try to warn us and protect us.
So yes "So I'm a believer" :clappurple:
Also the hours of 2 to 3 in the morning are the bewitching hours that is why alot of you are waking up at that time. Supposedly that is when the time is right for our friends of the other world like to come and visit. It doesn't mean that this is the only time that they can come but this is the perfect time for many, :pupeyes: Traci
I replied with a good messages several pages back if you want to reread it. I dont believe in evil entities entering into places, you must keep a positive attitude and the easiest thing to do for spirits you dont want is to put holy water on them and ask them to leave quietly, in more aggressive cases, I say open your front and back doors and scream them out, works everytime for my ppl...not only do dogs see spirits, but my horses do is very frightful to see your dog in an attack mode and theres nothing there. Ive put on my wildlife camera inside my home in order to catch him the next time he sees something, lol...but I take this seriously, I was born with a veil...
I need some help here....
A few months ago I moved into my new apartment, the building is about 100 years old, when I first moved in, for a couple of nights I didn't have my furniture there and I slept in the livingroom where I dragged a futon from the bedroom, I felt "safer" there... I always had this thing where a would get a feeling about houses or places, somewhat like a 6th sense, it didn't bother me much since I was able to sleep in the apartment alone... Once I got the furniture I started sleeping in the bedroom, I felt a little weird but I just thought it was because I was alone in a new apartment and I successfully tuned out the weird feeling. A couple of months ago I rescued a puppy, his name is Simba, everything was perfectly fine until last week, while I was having dinner with friends in the dining room he kept going back and forth to the bedroom and kept barking, moving back and forth, growling and occasionally wagging his tail, I kept trying to get to come back to the dining room but he seemed so occupied with whatever was going on that I asked my friend's boyfriend to try to see what was going on in my bedroom... there was nothing, I was a little freaked out, he is Colombian, and with a calm tone of voice he simply said " Don't worry, it's normal, dogs can see spirits, you probably have one, but they can't hurt you" I was thinking that wouls have been a good enough explanation since there was no other. The barking changed direction at that point, just like if the "ghost" moved. To keep my "sanity" and not get too scared after they left I named the "spirit" Edward. Two nights later Simba and I were almost asleep when he ran to the kitchen barking and back on the bed, I felt a breeze but thought I was just so tired I didn't know what was going on. The next night Simba was barking next to the bed, and then again in the closet. This morning we woke up and in the dark he jumped up and barked right in front of my bed, sort of protecting me. I have been trying to calm him down when he does that because I do not want to get scared and also because if there is "someone" I really hope it's someone "good"... thats why I named him, and try to be friendly even if I am scared to directly speak to him when Simba has his episodes. Now I do not want to sound crazy but it's so much going on I am just waiting for more evidence, I sort of ask him to give me a sign or something but nothing more then making my dog go crazy would happen. Maybe it would freak me out if he did give me a sign. What should I do? If he is there I would like to be able to have some what of a connection, and live happily together, but how do you do that?
Hey, enjoyed your comment, it is real i hope u read my other reies. It is a good spirit i also see a male figure with a robe on, possoy died on bedroom
and cant cross over. Dont be afraid tell him u will help him, open doors holy water entra.ces exits, use cAndles or incense and pray for hom to go to theight, a.d mean it. Im on.cell phone please excuse typos. Let me know what happens
@ ohorsefeathers

Hey thanks for replying! this is all very interesting, I also thought he died in the bedroom but never thought he couldn't leave, but that makes sense because everything always happens in my bedroom, which formerly was the livingroom, which I transformed into my bedroom because of the space and beautiful bay windows (my dining room is big enough to serve as both dining and living room). I am scared to do the whole holy water thing... would that upset him? and where can I find more info on it? also I am kind of attached to him in a weird way, I was going to move in October and if I do I sort of want him to move with, lol, I sound crazy I know. I just wish I could communicate with him some how without getting scared. I thought I saw a shadow the other day, it was white, not black like I would imagine a "ghost" but I just tought it was my imagination and it was in my bedroom, I was going to the kitchen and from the hallway I quickly glanced over while walking and thought I saw a crisp white transparent shadow, sort of shapeless, I was walking quickly and didn't pay much attention. Sometimes I talk to him in a soft subtle almost scared voice, I always say nice things and mean them, I also promised that if he does show me a sign of his existance I will stop talking about him to people looking for answers and will just accept the fact that he exist but nothing ever happens, besides the dog episodes and the shadow. I am thinking about putting paper and pen in the bedroom and ask him to write something before I leave from work and see if that could work, also leave things on my nightstand and mark with a pencil and see if they move, I also thought about getting a camera and record the whole night. I will try to take a picture with flash during simba's episode and see if that works too. I am determined to find out more, I just hope he is a "good one" I am terrified by bad ghost stories and it would give me an heart attack if he did anything frightening.
Hes not evil just stuck, again i was born with a veil and am a spiritual pyschic, gift from birth, i give lots of messages from souls to their loved ones, hedoesnt have enough energy to write or move thongs, prayers for his soul is what he needs, he may follow you doubt it though u r in his house and not related to him, white shadow is good, talk to him if u want to, but getting him to cross is what he wants. Good dog, luv it.
ohorsefeathers wrote:
Hes not evil just stuck, again i was born with a veil and am a spiritual pyschic, gift from birth, i give lots of messages from souls to their loved ones, hedoesnt have enough energy to write or move thongs, prayers for his soul is what he needs, he may follow you doubt it though u r in his house and not related to him, white shadow is good, talk to him if u want to, but getting him to cross is what he wants. Good dog, luv it.

I started reading all of your posts, I find you and your theories very interesting and I absolutely appreciate your help, since everyone else thinks I am just loosing my mind. I would love to keep in touch if you do not mind obviously, my email is [redacted. -ed.]. I will do as you say and let you know what happens.
Thanks for your help again.
Aww private emails. I really wanted to hear what happened.
I like this thread, a lot.
No problem, ill email and post from anyone who is interested, its an interesting phenom, and true believe me, read my posts
Hi Mim! I love your picture! I do not mind sharing the story with anyone interested! Actually I enjoy it, as I learned to embrace this paranormal activity in my home I am almost sad to the thought of "releasing" Edward, (that's how I named the spirit, I like the name and it makes me think of someone from an other time, someone safe and with values), I have created this image of him which relaxes me when I know he is around (obviously I can't see him, Simba, my dog tells me he's there with us), because I am very scared of such things, but also truly believe in them because of different experiences in my life I try to make this experience as pleasurable as possible instead of frightening. I often ignore the episodes when I am alone, just calming down my dog and often telling Simba not to worry, that Edward is a friend and he is not here to harm us, but I am mostly shy and almost scared to openly talk to him, but I do softly greet him when I come home, after greeting Simba obviously...
After today I will have more courage to speak to him openly and hopefully help him. What about you? Any interesting experiences?

Would doing some research on who Edward was when he was alive, how he died, when, who were his relatives etc be of any help, would that upset him?
What is the worst that could happen? could he get upset and hurt me? or just scare me? How far do this things really go or can go? I just do not want to do anything to tick him off, I want him to like me
Yasmin, if youre asking me, I have learned a long time ago, these spirits are harmless, and wouldnt it be better for him to cross over finally and be with his loved ones? He will not be mad, they have no emotional stresses like that...he will just go and perhaps you can conjure up some of your own loved ones who have passed...perhaps this is why you and I found this beautiful website, same interests, etc., thats what usually happens. Consider this your message, perhaps Edward is giving me this advice directly, theres always a happy ending with these spirits, trust me on this...hes lucky to have had you move in there and he perhaps put us together on this dog site..he possibly loved he will tell you not be afraid but i will tell you tthis, my fathers spirit visits me once in awhile and I am scared stiff at the moment, its too real, Ive always been a scarry kid, and my father used to be a practical joker, he gets a big kick out of scaring me but afterwards im so at peace and feel great after. Your choice what to do...yeah, opening doors seems empty, since they do walk through walls, etc., just something I do to get rid of bad vibes
Yasmin..anything new to report on Edward? lol...thank the good lord the full moon is tonight, the waxing of the moon brings all kinds of problems, so was wondering if your dog had any strange actions during this last week? I have been waiting for my dog to act like hes seen a ghost again, but know enough to keep the tv or a light on in my bedroom..I can sleep with the light on and it seems all of my encounters with the spirits have been in a dark room, and I really dont want that to happen again, very frightful, although harmless...I am a weeny always have been since a child so avoid visitations like a plague...lmao..I'm still looking for a new puppy, wish I could get an old english sheep dog, we have the same type of personality, I think Im too old for another large dog, sad but true, have enough to deal with caring for my horses. fill us in on your latest from your dog and his sightings
i have lived in this place for 5 or 6 years and a couple years after moving in we got Cookie. Cookie started acting strange and standing in the hallway growling at the back bedroom when everyone was in the livingroom. She did this for a while then just stopped. Since then cookie hd puppies and i kept one and named her Fatstuff. Fatstuff freaked me out last night because out of no where she was looking at my window and growling. This was when we were going to bed and i hadjust turned out the lights. I got up and turned the lights on and she was still growling and was really focusing on something i wasnt seeing.
Yep, u have a spirit or two, im thinking a family of spirits, keep the lights on! Lol
My mama died about a year and a half ago and since then i have moved into a new town home with my twin sister and our two plameranian maltease mix, Molly and Kilo. While sitting home one night alone, while my sister was working and my boyfriend had gone home, i was lying on the couch watching Jurassic Park with Molly lying at my feet and Kilo lying on the couch curled against my stomach. Out of no where, something grabs Kilo's attention in the chair 5 feet away from me across the living room and she starts growling (Kilo NEVER growls), eyes locked on what ever it is, and ears perked up. She would almost lay her head back down and it would move or something and she would lift her head again and start growling. This happened for about 10 mins and during this time I'm trying to tell Kilo to hush and talk to someone on the phone because I am now freaked out. But after those 10 mins, whatever it was left because Kilo got off the couch walked over to the chair and jumped up and started sniffing as if someone was sitting there. I thought it may have been my mama checking on on me since i had been sick that week so I said "Mama please don't make Kilo do that anymore, it really freaks me out." I told my twin sister about it and she said "Don'y show it any recognition whatever it is. If its something bad they feed off of interaction and recognition." She also laughed because when she got home i left the living room light on, the TV on, and had the dryer running while i went to bed.
We have a ghost in our house. I have seen her on at least three occasions. I'm the only one who has seen her, until this morning. I was sitting in my recliner, looking at the newspaper, my two dogs lying between my legs as they like to do. My wife was in the bathroom getting ready for work, so I know it wasn't her. I saw a gray figure come in off our enclosed porch, and into the kitchen. At the same instant, both dogs jumped on the floor, barking loudly and ran to the kitchen. After barking a few seconds more, they hushed up and returned to their previous position, as if nothing had happened. There was no one else in the house, just my wife, the dogs and me. I never thought about it before, but it seemed obvious to me that they saw or sensed something this morning.
my chi charlie has acted strange to, sometimes when i take him outside he will just stop in his tracksand just stand and stare like he is looking at something or someone that i cannot see. i do think dogs and cats can see ghosts.he got up from sleeping one night and did the same thing, he just stared at the wall while on the bed. :twisted:
I have a 9 month old miniature greyhound (male) and sometimes at night only, he will stop playing, or whatever he may be doing, he'll set down and follow "something/someone".
My sisters bedroom, he refuses to go in her room, he sits at her door and again "watches" something/someone. All this he does at night. Never during the day. You can see his little head appearing to watch, follow??? He's little head moving as if he is watching someone.
There are "rare" times when he will set and bark. Not a panic bark, or a happy playful bark.
A bark, as if you are saying, "Speak."
Will what do you think? Is he crazy or seeing something/ someone?
sorry im not using my proper login (in a rush kind of)

I know toffs and ziggy (the cats do) we lost spike (our old cat) 5 years ish ago, ziggy ecspacially used to cower in the corner and hiss at nothing!
Toffee used to be petrified of the stairs ( spike lovedto sit and look down from the banister) i found it totally spooky... id say dogs have the same 6th sense...

My nans house is spooky (even ive encountered ghoulies there!(an old man staring everywhere you walk, and noises clashing upstairs!) however bloo has never murmered over the ghost.. we all no he is there yet he has never barkedanything!
this threads spooked me out lol :)
I have an English Bulldog that seem to be barking at nothing in the kitchen a couple of months ago. I grabbed my video camera and got a light show of orbs. So she was seeing something.
Interesting posts. Got online to read about this after this past week watching my 14 month old English setter Maggie 'watch' something on the ceiling and upper walls, and she's very intense about it. Started 1st Feb, and has happened each night since. Usually starts at about 11.30 pm, never happens during the day. Her eyes move, her head moves, as if she's following something, like, imagine how a dog would watch a butterly (it doesn't seem to move very quickly, usually). It's so bizarre. She doesn't bark or growl; instead, she slowly wags her tail. She looks at it, then looks at me, and back and forth. Sometimes she watches it move past me, and it totally creeps me out when she stands there staring above me or just beyond me for a long time. She sat straight up on the bed and stared at the upper part of the wall just over the headboard, then all around the ceiling. Occasionally she trots from the living room into the kitchen, eyes glued to whatever it is, like once in a while the thing picks up speed. lol My other setter, her brother, doesn't even notice, and either does my boyfriend's labs. Only Maggie sees it. Years ago, when my old lab was about 6 months old, she did the same thing, but in only one room of the house. She just suddenly went nuts, snarling and growling and the hair on her back was up, again looking around the ceiling. And this is a dog that loves everybody! I had to get up and leave the room.
The TAPS group of paranormal investigators use a dog, Maddie. During some of their investigations their electrical equipment has shown results at the same time and in the same areas that Maddie is interested in. You can watch Maddie in action on Ghost Hunters on Syfy channel :D Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson have been investigating claims of hauntings for over 20 years and generally expect to DISprove 80% of cases. They are very professional and use a vast array of equipment including EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors, heat sensing cameras, IR cameras, vibration detectors, voice recorders to detect EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) which cannot usually be heard with the human ear, motion detection cameras and of course Maddie and the other members of the TAPS team. It's now on series 8 and there is a spin-off called Ghost Hunters International where they travel outside of the states to investigate. One of my favourite programs :D :high5:
dogs cant SEE ghosts but they can hear them. Actually every type of animal can hear ghosts, but the weird part is the ghosts are actually dead people its their souls when i say this your not gonna believe a word i say. im a muslim. But the only thing that cant hear the souls are human beings and jinn. jinn are things from another world not planet world. its true and im an 11 year old who knows stuff
My dogs the same thing during the day but sometimes during the day and night he will growl at our halway

johnrtalbot wrote:
Maybe I'm just a naive first-time dog owner, or just maybe I'm onto something. Zoey loves to sit on the couch, look out the front window and bark at everything that moves. We consider this her "normal" behavior, although we're not exactly crazy about it.

Now the weird night (never during the day), she sometimes just stops what she's doing and runs to a side or back window and starts barking at the darkness. It's not the same bark as when she's in the front window (which is a long rapid succession of barks with jerky body movementsand wagging tail), but rather a woof-pause-woof-pause while standing perfectly still and a droopy tail. You get the idea. It's distinctly different. She even throws in a growl or 2, which she never does for any other reason. Nothing is there ! I've gone outside with flashlights numerous times and found nothing.

Ok, so ghosts is a stretch, but do any of your dogs do the same thing ? Have you figured it out yet ? It really spooks my wife so I figured I'd ask you guys for any insight. Maybe all dogs do this, but being a first time owner I wouldn't know. Thanks.
ive had something going on for a couple of months now but only became fully cognisant of it once i was shifted to the night crew. it used to wake me up but since now ill come home around 2-3 and go to bed. my dog will have this routine of staring blankly at my closet, followed by him whining and barking into it and nudging and barking at me while im in bed, then hell go right back to whining at the closet. a few times hell even peek in almost immediately darting out whimpering and shoot under the bed. i have checked several times and theres nuthing there as well as he seems rather intrested in the closet whether its open or shut. any comments?
My dog has been doing the same thing lately.......barking non stop (mostly at night) and her head would turn and look at something up in the air as if it was moving......but nothing is there (that I can see).......she has even gone to the middle of the room and barked and done a she turned slowly in a circle as she would bark at the invisible "thing" taunting her. Dogs can see that something is there......I def. think it could be a ghost. I can't see it though. I've even held her in my arms when she's had her barking fit and she will still bark and bark and bark and bark. As I held her the last time she barked and then became silent, she quickly jerked her head back quickly as if "something" had bopped her in the nose!!! At this point....I was freaked out and put the dog in her bed and just left the room. :sidestep: Maybe I need to burn some sage and tell the spirit to "please leave" or "go into the light" This is very disruptive and not amusing....... 8O
yup... my godfather came into our house when i aquired his portrait, mind you he's been dead 58 years, the doors would open and close after you yelled at him...things dissapear.. back to the dogs. our 2 past and 2 present dogs all would scan the room and hallways after the front door would open by itself, now the cat does it too, he even chases something up to the portrait on occasion
Was searching online for something to relate the strangeness happening in our home and ran across this posting. I would like to think that there is a mouse in our woodwork, however, I would also believe that that same mouse would be running through the entire woodwork and not just stay in one place. We just built our house in 2010 and our cat will sit in the closet and stare up at the corner of the room and meow. The cat would then run out to the garage, we have an attached RV garage (18 Feet high) and he will run to the same corner and meow a deep horrific meow as if I have a cat that growls. We were always curious about it and sometimes freaked out, however, just today our neighbor came over with his dog and we were in the RV garage. All of a sudden the dog got really still and stared at that same corner and whined for about a minute, without breaking his stare. EWWWW what is this???

I've got two stories to add to this post.

The latest was last week. My curiosity prompted me to find this post. My grandfather on his deathbed, in the presence of my grandmother, the hospice nurse and the two dogs (Scotty/golden retriever) that lay beside the bed, about an hour before his passing. It's as if they knew. They lay there silently, head on their paws. The hospice nurse said that they believe when the color leaves the face of a person, it is when their soul leaves the body. At the point this happened to my grandfather, the dogs, previously silent for the last 2 hours, the golden suddenly stands up and growls at the area above his bed, you could see his eyes focusing on something in the air, kind of like they would be focusing on a fly or something, but obviously nothing is there.

The dog barked, and chased the invisible object through the french doors of that room, out into the living room, ran a circle chasing something in the air, then froze and stared at a specific spot on the ceiling. And then let out that dog kind of sigh when they are chasing a bird and lose it. In the seconds of that event, grandfather breathed his last.

Freaked us out!

I also, had a cat a few years ago, who was a sweet and normal siamese. I then got a creepy kind of roommate who, always seemed to have a funk about him. One day, my cat, always hesitant with him, stood on the back of the sofa, and focused on an invisible object that she was staring at, going round and round that guy's head.... like she was following a fly. I tried and tried to see what she was looking at, and never could see a thing. Then she followed it off to the left and up and just fixated at a spot on the ceiling.

The book, "Heaven is for real" describes very eerily similar death scenes where the spirit leaves the body in a similar fashion. The boy in that book that was pronounced dead and came back to life, describes himself hovering above his body and floating through walls..

Last story. I knew this girl years ago, who had had all kinds of things wrong with her body, and she had undergone surgeries and had died on the table, and then they got her back. After that surgery, she swore she could see spirits going here and there through the walls. Not all the time, but just randomly floating past. Said the vast majority had no awareness of humans... but occasionally she could talk to them. Now, yep. Sounds nuts as it comes. She surely though seemed normal as can be in all other regards. Adding it all up, I believe that animals can see these kinds of things. That isn't new news either. It's been thought they could for centuries.
So today my 8 week old red heeler puppy. Ive had him for about 2 weeks know. He's been doing well he only cried the first day i got him. Then today we went to my boyfriends house he has been there befere several times and he was used to being there. Than we went into his room we started watching a movie. And out of no where he started crying, than he got fussy so i went home cause i thought he was hungry so he was he ate , i took him to go to the bathroom he was fine, we went back into his room he was ok for a couple minutes than again but this time he started trying to hid under everything! i was getting scared, he would lay down than get up and he kept doing that so i am worried i called the animal ER cause i thougt some thing was bad they said no nothing really just to keep watching him so i did. I came home i took him into my room he fell asleep for a bit than i left to the store i had my sister watch him and he started again so i AM FREAKING OUT!!! im scared ive tried everything but know he's sleeping !!! CREPPYY!!! i am pretty sure there was some thing there cause he would look at some thing not me like behind me . this is guna sound lame but i put some holy water and he is fine know !!...
our 14 year old terrior mix just went crazy! She was outside ( dusk) and raced inside barking uncontrollably ( hardly ever barks) and was frantic racing around the house and clawed the gate to go upstairs ( we had to put a baby gate because she falls down the steps).
We opended the gate and she canvased the perimeter of the entire upstair and downstairs and then raced outside and ran the perimeter of the fence. She went back up stairs and did the same thing! She went outside one more time and then went to her favorite spot before she settled and collapsed.
What in the world was that about?????
I forgot to add that she pooped when she went upstairs the first time and she never does that in the house!
I believe they sense more then us, like take for instance a pending natural disaster. The Tsunami that hit boxing day a few years back, animals well before headed to higher ground.

I have a weird photo, taken a few days after I lost my old girl peppa, the other two girls in this "Still" photo were fretting and after taking this photo a white bouncing/moving sphere came up on the photo when I looked at it later after taking a pic of the two girls. I believe it was peppa still present and watching over her niece and grand niece and letting us all know she was still there. The one on top of the table after and never previously use too go near the freezer and stick her head between that and the wall and bark. I am sure she saw a pressence of something unexplainable to me but she definately sensed something as never before did she act like this. 8O

Animals have better sensory aspects then us, at the time of full on grief I believe this is my pep letting me know she still has a pressence in the home and Kelsey I am sure sensed she was still around. "Believe it OR not"!!!! :wink:

Can anyone explain this white sphere dancing, moving across a still photo of the other two girls, spooky it amazed me when I looked at the photo, I cant see any sort of explanation for that white light sphere dancing across in this still photo ? 8O

Well I want you to know I myself have a gift and saw ghost since I'm a child. As a child I was terrified! since my earlly 20s I've been able to control it'
Well I purchased a Lhasa Apso he is now 7 months old. On day my dog fell asleep on the couch w/ me . I woke up cause I sensed something at the foot of the couch no more then a second later my puppy woke up and started barking, howling and growling at the same spot where I saw something! So to answer you're question YES dogs are much more in tuned to the other side. They always have been.
Our lab (7months) started to act this way after I just had an argument with my husband. She jumped up and gave a nasty growl like newer before and started to stare at the corner behind her. Took a few minutes before she calmed down (after I encouraged her to smell the place she was staring at). It was almost as our argument had manifested some kind of energy she could see?
I cannot answer your question with a definite answer, however, last night my dog acted so strange. She always sleeps under the covers with me. Last night she kept coming out of the covers as if she heard something. Her ears were at attention and she kept staring intently at the entry way into my bedroom. My husband works nights so I am home alone and the behavior is disturbing to say the least. Last night when she wasn't looking at the doorway she was patrolling the house. I had a sleepless night as I kept getting up making sure the alarm was on the doors were locked. I did hear some noises that were odd, but only after her weird behavior, so I wasn't sure what was going on.
It seems to me that they are seeing something or hearing something that we are unable to hear if only dogs could talk.
soon grasshopper, soon. 8)
My dog stopped dead in its track too while walking in an area it has been before. One walk we came in an entrance from south to north and the other walk the opposite way. The same area...she stopped and would not continue you without picking her up.
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
:lol: :lol: :lol: Deo- love your sense of humor! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I really enjoy a good mystery and/or ghost story! :D
I realize this is an old post, but it's interesting -- and has been added to recently. There is no doubt that dogs , and animals in general, can see, smell and feel things that mere humans are oblivious to. Ghosts? who knows - maybe?
Well I am a medium, and I am here to tell you that yes they can. Our furry children and friends are much more susceptible to seeing things that we can not. However with that being said your babie is just alerting you to something being there. As crazy as this sounds just go outside with your pooch and say out loud that this is not acceptable. Tell them that they are scaring your do and ask them to leave. If this does not work post again and I will advise on what to do next.
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