Question about weird clear slime covering on poop

Sorry this is a gross question but would appreciate guidance. Saffy's poop has changed lately. There is a slime-like substance surrounding her poop almost like a casing. There has been no change in her food: dry Wellness and gets an egg almost every day. No new treats. She has been trying to eat nasty dirt at the dog park so that may be the source. She is not sick or lethargic. Just weird poop. Thanks, Aurelie
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Is it a cooked egg? I would leave out the egg for a few days and see. Sounds like she might have a parasite with the green slime but, not to ask gross questions, is the poop firm or loose? Is she taking any medications or supplements? It doesn't sound like a serious issue but if it is a parasite, like giardi or something, it can become worse. Can yuou get a sample to a Vet for testing?

Being you said she goes to the dog park, there is a high chance she may have picked up an intestinal parasite. You can catch it from other dog's feces.
Hm, makes me think giardia (sp) but that's usually accompanied by the squirts. :lmt: Odd.

Do you have a lot of standing water or anything like that?

Thanks for the tip-in. The poops are mushy too. I'll take her to our vet tomorrow. It's the dog park dirt, for sure. There was an area that had standing water and the un-picked up poop disintegrated there. All the dogs have been attracted to that dirt. We asked the park to put in new dirt or lawn covering. Since it's the time of year that we reflect on good things, I want to tell you that I so appreciate this forum and the dedicated contributors. You folks have helped me so many times over the past 6 years. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone especially the webmaster. Aurelie
The slime on her poop sounds like mucous. A little is okay and normal, as mucous lines the intestines, but it sounds like you're seeing a lot, and that it is a change from her normal stool. She might have picked up a bacterial infection or even a parasite from the park, so a trip to the vet should help you figure it out. Oscar had giardia as a puppy, and his stool was loose, black (from digested blood), and really, really smelly.

Hope Saffy is better soon.

Laurie and Oscar
Now that you mention it, I just realized that it is unusually smelly. Yup, going to the vet tomorrow.
My guess would be giardia. :twitch:
I had a Chessie that would do this when his intake of protein was too high.
I've always seen the slime when mine have had giardia -- along with runs and profoundly foul stink -- but I also see it sometimes when they are perfectly healthy. We are having issues at our dogpark with melting snow puddles polluted by disintegrating waste -- horrid! Given the dirt-eating and the change, I agree that a trip to the vet is a good idea. Be sure to bring a sample. 8O
Giardia is very hard to diagnosis but they will probabl y give you some Flaghyl for a while and maybe some other meds...Either way, nothing really serious as you seem to catuch it early on...Let us know what Vet says!
Just heard from the vet's office. Feces test was normal. Her poops actually looked normal again yesterday but I took the sample in to be sure nothing was wrong. So, whatever it was, it is now out of her system. I am keeping her home from the dog park for a few days just to be safe. Thanks again for your guidance.
Great that everything came out negative. :-) :banana:

Hooray for good poops! :go:
Good news! But beware, its difficult to diagnosis some parasites so if it happens again, maybe a round of Flagyl...Yes, keep out of the dog park and away from other dogs feces if possible. That sounds like a no brainer but for some reason dogs seem to be drawn to other dog and cat feces and if the step it in by chance, then lick their feet, etc...problems!
Thrilled to hear it. Love to hear good news at Christmas.

Since you have a dog that does this, you might want to look into the protein levels in the dog food, treats, etc. and anything else the dog eats. Sometimes less protein is better.
Glad all is well and back to normal!
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