Ed Sullivan Show

I am watching this Channel 13 special on The Ed Sullivan Show! Anyoen rmember that show? It was wonderful! All the greatest groups, comedians, etc ( in that time ) were introduced during The Ed Sullvian Show!

Tonight I am watching the comedian segment...but most of them are dead now 8O
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How wonderful! Yes, every Sunday night Ed Sullivan. Before Ed there was Uncle Milty....still the best show ever on TV! After Ed there was Have Gun Will Travel........hmmm, memory lane here.
The first time I saw The Beatles was on Ed Sullivan. That was a loooong time ago!
Don't forget Topo Giggo the little "hand" puppet. As far as Have Gun Will Travel goes that was on Saturday nights not Sundays.
Yeah, I think you are right Bob! What was after Ed Sullivan? Bed time back East, :lol: I remember Smothers Brothers but they were near the end of Ed's run.......mid 60's on. That was also about the time Mission Impossible was on. Earlier might have been GE Theather/Alcoa Hour, What's My Line........??

My father died in 1964 so my TV is w/Dad controlling the channels or post Dad where we kids ran the TV. He was constantly getting portable TVs as prizes from work, so to keep us kids quiet, we got our own TV....late 50's!

Suddently we didn't have to watch Perry Mason but Bonanza. We could watch Maverick, not one note Dinah Shore.

Of course when my parents went out on Friday or Saturday night, we had the TV! 77 Sunset Strip, Adventures in Paradise, Mr. Lucky.......memories.
As I recall most of the weekend shows a that time were "Westerns" Saturday night had Gunsmoke, The Rebel, Tombstone Territory and a few others over the years. Sunday night was Maverick with James Garner, then Jack Kelly and then I recall was Roger Moore. After a few seasons Garner left and I think there were other Westerns like the infamous "Sugarfoot" Let us never forget the slew of others, like Cheyenne, Rifleman, Colt 45, The Lawman and the Clint Eastwood debut as Rowdy Yates on Rawhide. Every year the gift of choice at Christmas was some gun set from one of the shows. Back then we played more Cowboys and Indians than you could imagine.
Let's not forget the coon skin cap, Davey Crockett!

Of course your obsession with guns in your youth made you an evil, unstable person according to modern "correct thinking."

Yesterday I noticed a neighbor giving his father an toy rifle.....I don't know if it shoots projectiles or just air......Hope my windows are far enough away. It was fun watching father and son play together.

I still like westerns.......for awhile the cable company made a mistake and had us on a higher option so we got the western channel.......it was like hog heaven......riding again with all our favorites.
I think after Ed Sullivan there was a show called The F.B.I with Efran Zimblest, Jr! Or some name like that. I usually had to go to bed after Ed but if I got to stay up, that FBI show scared me. Always about child kidnapping and murders...too much for a small child!

I reember The beatles on the Ed Sullivan show...The Rolling Stones, Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Doors and yes, the puppet who was so cute...I think they had better family shows back then...
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