Has anyone experienced a reaction to Tritop topical ointment

I spoke to soon last week about Matties wonderful coat. She decided to start fussing with the spot on her front leg that she got her IV in when she got her teeth cleaned. She has pulled the hair right off of her front leg. The vet gave us tritop to try on her. The vet thought that Mattie had Diabetes incipidus which would make her very reactive to steroids. The last time we checked her urine concentration a couple of weeks ago it was alittle better than back in November but not much. So chances are she probably does have it. Cushings has been ruled out. The vet had us start her on DHEA he says they have alot of luck with it tricking the body into thinking things are working properly. Well yesterday I came home from work too 2 pee puddles in the dinning room. The dog walker had been there at 2 and I got home around 6:30. Both water bowls were empty. Last night she got me up to go outside and potty, and Drank alot of water. I stoped using the topical on her last night. The vet said he has never heard of a dog having a reaction like this, but it could be likely. Her water drinking is calming down a little bit today, so hopefully it's the topical and not that she is getting worse.

Has anyone else had a reaction like this?

Lisa Frankie and Mattie
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Can't help with your question. I know humans with stomach ulcers can react to topical NSAID's, so I guess it's possible.

Hope things settle back down for you. :crossed:
I'd ask the vet if Tritop contains a corticosteroid... it looks like it might (isoflupredone acetate). Did she continue to lick her leg after applying the ointment? Just wondering if she might have ingested it, maybe accounting for the increased drinking/peeing again.

http://www.pfizerah.com/Print_Friendly. ... rview.aspx
http://www.bestpetrxmeds.com/tritop-eye ... tic95.html (look at the side effects listed)

We always have problems when they shave down the front leg for an IV. Licking and chewing. I have to put long sleeve shirts on mine for about 7-10 days or they'll cause irritation to the area. It's often more bothersome than what they went in for!

Hoping the DHEA will help. :crossed:
Tritop does contain a corticosteroid. I have used it on Oscar, with no side effects to note, but Oscar already takes prednisone.

Oscar also hates the IV catheter placement shave, and wants to lick and lick and lick.... Here's my solution. I take hubby's white tube socks with the longest elastic part, and cut off the foot, so you end up with a tube about 6 - 8 inches long. I take the elastic tube and put it up Oscar's leg, to cover the shaved area, like a leg warmer. Works like a charm, with very little muss or fuss. I change the tube daily, unless it gets really dirty, or wet from a trip outside, and keep it on until the hair grows back a bit. (When hubby gets a hole in his sock, I get out my scissors. :D I now have a pile of 6 or 7.) I also use the tubes when Oscar has a growth removed from an extremity. I just put the sock up over the bandage, to keep it clean and in place.

I hope Mattie is doing better. It certainly does sound like diabetes. :(

Laurie and Oscar
I've done that too! :lol: I cut the toes off a few socks and used them on Bumble's elbow when he had a histiocytoma he kept licking. I put half a pad :oops: in the heel of the sock to cushion it when he laid down. How do you keep it in place? Bumble's kept sliding down. Vet wrap? Maybe I just need a snugger fitting sock. :lmt:

When I needed to do the same for Kahlua, I went to those discount stores (TJ Maxx or Marshall) to get some toddler size stockings/tight pants. They are made in cotton, stretchy and are narrower than men's tube socks, so they stay on better. I got those 3 a pack, so I got 6 tubes out of one pack :banana:
Great idea, Gigi!

Jaci, I've never had any trouble keeping Oscar's sock tube in place. Maybe hubby has extra elastic socks, or Oscar has super large legs! :D

Laurie and Oscar
I have some kids knee socks but was saving the for Darby's ragweed season. 8)
Ok, I've got it now! :D I'll look for both smaller socks with lots of elastic!
My dog has chaffing between her toes. I deal with it every Summer. Tri-top is very effective, but it takes a couple of days. Until the spots are healed, she compulsively licks her feet. We keep a close watch on her so we can stop her. When she licks it, she can lick the medicine off. This happened when she first started using it. Just as your dog did, she drank a lot of water. With a full bladder like that, she just couldn't wait. She had accidents.

Right now she has hot spots in the Summer as well as the spots between her toes. The steroids help the hot spots so they don't form, but I just started using Tri-top again and anticipate the use through the Fall. Good Luck
Yes, my dog has been drinking like crazy and waking me up to go out an pee after starting the topical ointment. It's applied to his perineal area, so assuming it's readily absorbe into the blood there giving systemic effects of the anti inflammatory steroid
Are they giving your dog that Rimadyl? if so STOP IT. this medication is dangerous. Google it. While it may work it some dogs it can be deadly in other dogs. My dog took it and literally couldn't stop drinking and peeing. She never went to the bathroom inside my house for the 4 years I owned her until she got on this garbage. I cut it out right away and am going to have a stern talk with my vet
Thanks for the article. Our dog had the same reaction to the topical treatment, drinking lots of water and peeing excessively. We stopped using it so i hope it gets better. Did it get better for your dog? X
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