Warning Pedigree Dental Sticks

This afternoon I gave my girls the Pedigree Dental Sticks for Large Breeds. I have never bought them before, so the girls have not had them. I walked into my office and saw Violet with a chair on top of her and my floor vase and bird cage thrown all over. I could see she was struggling with something she was pawing at her snout,....she had a Pedigree Dental Stick stuck in the back of her throat going width-wise. Thank God Chuck was home so that he could hold her mouth open while I stuck my hand to the back and pulled the Dental Stick out. NEVER AGAIN WILL ANY OF MY DOGS HAVE A PEDIGREE DENTAL STICK!

Violet is fine now, thank God.
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OMG how scary!
Glad Violet is ok.
How is the bird or was the cage empty?
Mim wrote:
OMG how scary!
Glad Violet is ok.
How is the bird or was the cage empty?

The bird cage is just a decoration I have set on the floor next to the vase and chair. No, I don't have any birds it is hard enough keeping up with the 3 dogs and 1 cat. :D
Our Hudson ended up really sick from his one and only dentastix experience. Never again will he get one.

It made him throw up almost immediately after he finished, but the vomiting continued the rest of the day and at night water started coming up too. I sat up with him until the vet's office opened, and was there when the first techs arrived.

They said that they doubted he could be too sick...it was about sixteen or seventeen hours of vomiting, which isn't good, but generally isn't danger zone at that point.

The vet arrived shortly thereafter and called me. She put him on IV fluids and antibiotics immediately. He was really sick and dehydrated. He ended up being just fine, but had to stay overnight and everything.

I don't know if he just doesn't react well to them, or if there was some really nasty bacteria in that particular one, but we're not trying anything like that again.

I'm so glad that someone was home to help poor Violet. That must have been so terrifying for her (and you too). Virtual hugs to all.
I wont let my dogs have ANY treat that is hard enough to form a blockage or get stuck in the throat, yet soft enough to bite big chunks off of. There are lots of these kinds of things on the market now, and they give me the willies.
Oh Helen, I am glad you were there and could get it out. How scary. I am glad Violet is okay.

Dudley's first bowel obstruction was from a dental stix, he swollowed it whole. I've never bought them again.
Having pulled treats from back of mouths, I just don't trust any of those chew items. Not used here.
I had something happen like that from a greenie once (years ago, and never used them since either).

I am so glad Violet is OK :hearts: :hearts:
OMG! Glad someone was home to help Violet! The thought of what could ahve happened!

We do NOT use any of thsoe dental sticks or any stick tnat is non-digestible. Even if digestible, we monitor and when gets small, remove... Someone told me to use some special dental chews once...called Cd something or other. I ordered them and they look like little rawhides...NOPE! Not going to my dogs! Looked like something that can get stuck in a minute!

We use dental wipes from Dr. Fosters and Smith. Little pad wipe type thing and I wipe the dogs teeth after breakfast and again after dinner. Maybe not as good as brushing, but works fine.
Those things are so scary. Thank God Violet is OK. I have them in the cupboard and the yorkie is fine with them but Summer tries to swallow them whole so they just dont get used.
How frightening!! Your quick thinking saved her. I've seen these products but haven't used them. Now, not ever. Glad Violet is okay. Have you stopped shaking yet??
I am glad she is ok and hope you recover soon! We give Mady these and have never had any issues. We give her greenies once in a while as well. I am getting increasingly confused by all of these chew things, antlers, rawhide, dentalsticks etc. I thought that we were supposed to give them to dogs to keep their teeth and gums clean, but it seems that they are dangerous. What on earth are we supposed to give them to chew?
OMG Helen! glad she is ok now. How scary was that!
Mady wrote:
I am getting increasingly confused by all of these chew things, antlers, rawhide, dentalsticks etc. I thought that we were supposed to give them to dogs to keep their teeth and gums clean, but it seems that they are dangerous. What on earth are we supposed to give them to chew?

According to my dogs: road kill would be fine... ;-)

Seriously, my vet told me raw turkey necks and backs. But that's only good if your dogs are chewers, not gulpers. Yes, it's incredibibly confusing!

I'm so glad Violet's OK. :phew: Having performed a similar "operation" on Belle many years ago when she had a soggy raw hide caught in her throat I'm well versed in that horrible feeling.... :twitch:

After my 9 year old miniature poodle Lamby (a dog I rescued a few years earlier) started having dental problems I took her to vet for cleaning and they had to extract a few teeth. I have been trying hard to brush her teeth but it is next to impossible (she actually started getting cranky and snapping despite how gentle I tried to be). She hates it and when I use the flavored toothpaste for dogs she started having the runs. Then I decided to try Denta stixs and she loved them. I also started to give them to my other dog Hercules.

A few months after using them about twice a week (not every day). Both dogs, whom had never had anal gland problems both ended up in emergency vet with RUPTURED anal glands 6 weeks apart. First Lamby, and then over the next 6 weeks she was back at the vet with infection in other side. Twice put on antibiotics. I keep a diary of all my pets (medicines, food changes, illnesses, bath schedules, everything) and the only thing new to them was these denta stixs. Then Hercules had a ruptured anal gland, he is only 5 years old.

I decided to stop buying them and we haven't had any problems with their anal glands since. I don't know if anyone else's dogs have suffered from this problem after using this product. I just find it weird that of all the dogs I've owned in over 30 years this has never happened (except for an older lab who had to have his expressed once, but he was really old when it happened and it didn't rupture.) It is really painful for the dog when rupture occurs and it can happen very fast. One minute Lamby was fine and the next she shot across the livingroom and into the kitchen and I heard a loud pouring sound - it was a smelly bloody mess pouring out her rear and she looked terrified. I was terrified too having never witnessed this before and rushed her to the vet.

I don't know if it was a coincidence, but for 2 different breeds to suffer from a ruptured anal gland 6 weeks apart (both whom never had any kind of anal gland problems before) and within less than a couple of months of starting denta stixs it worried me. And the fact that they have been fine for months now since I stopped buying this product makes me feel more strongly that it wasn't a coincidence. I asked my vet about this and she said it is possible that it could cause a problem for some dogs, but she can't confirm anything since she doesn't have enough data on these products. But would question future dog owners who bring dogs in with rupture to see if there could be a common denominator or if there was a higher incidence of rupture in dogs who had been given these treats.

Good Luck to all you dog lovers and be very careful what you give your dogs.
I just bought the dental been sticks my baby is getting sick, now in hospital walking isn't right I'm really scared I hope she's ok that's the only thing I know of that she ate. :(
So sorry guest this has happened, hope all is OK. The one and only time I tried those was years ago and all dogs had terrible diarreah from them and were very unwell at the time and a few days after. It went through them like sandpaper. Even rawhides/dried pig ears as had another friend whose dog nearly died on them with them going down soggy and lodging on the dried pigs ear. I avoid big time too after pulling a raw hide chew out of a doggies throat and thank gawd I was home at the time when she was choking on it and those gawd awfull dental chews and things like the dried pig ears. 8O :cry:

Keep us posted, hope your baby is going to be OK.

Big raw bones you cant beat that in place of all this Synthetic or prepared crap!!!!! :wink:
You should have stayed in the room and watch the dogs eat them. They should have not been left alone. That's how accidents happen. Glad she's ok though.
Oh my Geezus you must have been just scared to death!!! Those are exactly what I give my older two!!! I give them as crate treats to Sonny and let me get out the door without giving me the sad eyes to Skye treats. That means they are both eating them unsupervised! I break them in half first but if they were lodged sideways that would make no difference! I give different treats for different good behaviors, I thought those were working out well....I didn't want to give them anything like rawhide that they might get a piece off of and choke on while I was gone but I needed a little extended chew. Little did I know! Thank you soooo much! So much for clean teeth and oh my goodness am I going to look for a new get me out the door treat. Thank goodness you were home is all I keep thinking! Thank you again so much for the post!
this is an old thread, but I dont give Summer any of those treats. She has really sensitive insides so she has one sort of dry food (soaked for a few minutes,) peas, pasta, and her very favourite baked wholemeal bread. Trouble is she hoovers food up....
Hi everyone who's dogs react to denta sticks my little dog is at the vets now he is having exploratory checks x-ray bloods as he sicks up his food I think only after a denta stick both my dogs have had them for years they are 8yrs old no problems now one very poorly for nearly 2 weeks 3 trips to vet, could it be the sticks ? I will talk to vet later.
I've been giving both my dogs pedigree denti sticks for years and never had a problem. They are EASILY broken into smaller bite size pieces and yes, they are digestible. I'm sorry your dog had a hard time...may she liked it so much she tried to eat it too quickly. I have had that problem with the long skinny rawhide chews. I ran my dog to the vet and he laughed and said not to worry...that their saliva dissolves the chews...I doubt that. :lmt:
well,....... your vet said the saliva dissolves the chews??? dont think so, if it did then why do so many dogs get them stuck in their throat and die??? I worked at a vet and saw this happen many times...they get gooey and slide down the throat.....
I just logged onto this website to find the nutritional value of the dental sticks. Reading all these posts has definitely changed my mind about giving them to my dog anymore! I was relieved to read that Violet was okay. Keeping the other dogs in my prayers that are having issues. Thank you all for sharing.
I bought these thinking a dog food company would be selling products that are GOOD for dogs. Both of my dogs became ill(vomiting, lethargic, moaning) shortly (it took a week or 2) after I started the dentastix (one treat a day for my lab and only a small 1/8 piece for my JR terrier). I never made the connection to the dentastix and cont giving to them daily. The JR terrier got severe bloody diarrhea. It wasn't until they were feeling well again (they hadn't been eating well and I had stopped the treats). When they were better I gave them one treat a day again, soon they became ill again. My husband realized it could be the treats. I googled it and to my horror have discovered that dogs have DIED from these. They contain Eucalyptus oil which is apparently poisonous to dogs. Unbelievable! A pet company that poisons pets!
I have an 10 yr old German Shepard that I bought a package of the green dental sticks,went into the house,came back out few minutes later and found her I get side foaming at the mouth and acting like she couldn't swollowing,I opened her mouth looked inside didn't see anything in her throat but after the 3rd time opening her mouth and still foaming l noticed the chew stick was weighed I between her upper mouth plate,I pulled it out and never gave her another one,thank goodness she was alright,so be warned if you give one to your pet don't leave them alone till you know it's chewed up and gone,I think it's a bad design,thank you, mark
these dentastix made my dog loose hair and very bad body smell, worse than dead skunk.
I gave my ten pound dog one of these and she swallowed it whole...she did not eat or drink for three days. I did getbher to drink some diluted milk . She had no bowel sounds and did not poop. She just was not feeling good. I also got her to eat a scrambled egg. Af ter four days she is mending but still not eating. There is nowhere on the package that it is really not edible but it just says dog TREATS. Im watching her carfully as she is still not better. Dont give your dog this product!!!
I take the warning on most dog treat/toy packages that say the dog should be supervised. My dogs, a terrier dachshund and a sheltie get a variety of chews but prefer beef tendon. I've given them dentastix (sm or med sized) for a treat on occasion (not often) and they eat them in the room I am in. For any unfinished tendon or chew (never rawhide) I remove the chew before I leave home, and actually take away any piece that has become too short, often the little dog chews it down till it can fit in his mouth without any ability to pull it out himself, like an oversized wad of gum. He actually brings me his tendon sticks to hold for him when they become short. Supervision is the only option. Even stuffed toys and tennis balls have choked or caused blockages in dogs that have required serious surgeries or caused death. I know dogs love to get the item and take it to their beds or crates or favourite chewing spot, but surely a spot can be designated in any room that ensures they are not alone for such safety reasons.
I have blue Heeler/border collie mix I buy dentastix mini’s and brea them with pliers into 3 pieces and then give, I also freeze them after breaking up. :santa2:
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