At what age do girls (or boys) lose their front teeth?

Many people had many different answers.
Some said 5, some said 6. I said 7.
What's the real answer on when boys and girls lose their front teeth on top?
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I guess it depends on how much they talk back.
I know that "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" is a staple Christmas program song in Kindergarten. :) So 5 or 6 years old on average.
I am really sure there's a punch line at the end of that question that will make me smack my forehead.

But straight answer: of my 4 children, they lost their front teeth between ages 6 and 7. None was exactly consistent with his/her siblings. One of mine was slower to get teeth as a baby, slower to lose teeth as a child and slower to have his adult teeth come in than average. One was a little quicker and the other two fell in between.
I didn't lose my first tooth till I was almost 9 and I still had 4
baby teeth when I got braces in 9th grade. My sons are losing
theirs very late as well. My older son lost his first in 3rd grade (8)
and my younger hasn't lost any and has none loose - he will be 8 in July.
He also just got 3 of his 4 molars since Christmas. I think it really
depends on the child. My whole family has lost teeth very late and
we are also prone to additional sets of wisdom teeth. Who knows why.

ButtersStotch wrote:
I guess it depends on how much they talk back.

:clappurple: :lol:
Funny you should bring up this post as just yesterday a little boy loosing his teeth left me full of smiles.

I should explain I was in a second hand store and in front of me was a happy little boy who was buying the Operation Game and several action figures with his own money. He proudly told everyone waiting in line that he was paying for it with his own money and that he lost 3 teeth and the tooth fairy left him 6 whole dollars!

I said, "Oh wow! That's wonderful!! You must be around six years old?" He confirmed he was and then opened his mouth widely to show me his missing teeth.

I left the store smiling as that kid made my day.

So...I say on average six years old.

PS On another note for those parents or grandparents reading this post. When I was a professional clown and met more than my share of toothless kids i would tell them this story which I made up. Perhaps I should make it into a book someday? ha Ha

You ever wonder why some kids get 50 cents and others get 2 dollars or more? Well it's to do with something called supply and demand. You see, the tooth fairy gets something like 100 dollars a night to buy teeth!!! If only 10 kids loose their teeth on that night they might get 10 whole dollars...but if a 1000 kids loose their teeth she can only give them all 1 dollar. So you see it depends on how much you get.. to how many other kids lost their teeth the same night as you.

Parents use to always thank me for that story as the kids understood why some kids got more money than other kids.

Ummm apologies for somewhat going off topic ..

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