Excessive Gagging

I noticed Marley wasn't feeling well about 3am last night. Dave let her out and she ate some leaves then came back in. Since then she has been gagging nonstop. It isn't like she is trying to throw up, it's just her gag reflex. It's almost like a hiccup but she's gagging. It happens about every 20 seconds... when she relaxes it goes away for a while but then comes back.

This has happened once before several months ago and lasted about 8 hours then she just stopped. She also burps after/during walks when this happened.

Should I just chalk it up to a sore stomach? Anyone else experience this?
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Levi does that. I noticed it not too long after we got him. It seems to occur a few times daily. I used to kid Josh that it was that Levi was so in sync with him. Josh gets this cough/gag reflux in the mornings, usually when it's cold or brisk. I think it's somehow sinus related.

Levi will do this 'cough, cough, ACK' every-time. He seems fine, so I don't worry about it. He has gone to the vet and they say he's healthy, so perhaps it's sinus related or he got a piece of long hair stuck on his tongue and is coughing it up?
It's not a cough, there's almost no noise. It's a gag reflext that seems to come from the stomach.. her mouth stays closed when she does it though. It's so bizarre and hard to describe. Maybe I'll try to get a video of it. This is only the second time it's happened and she basically does it non stop.

She has eaten breakfast and drank water. I called in to work because when she gets a sore stomach she will eat anything she can to try to get it to settle. Last time at my in-laws she ate about 4 feet of string from a rug.
Everything OK now?

When Mulligan gets something stuck, we tell him to speak a couple of times, and it seems to help every time.
Could be kennel cough. Kennel cough does not always sound like a cough. Can also sound like a "gagging" type sound, as if they are tring to clear their throat or get something up that is stuck. If its been non stop a few days now, I would get her checked at the vet.
Dogs sometimes have reverse sneezing. When they inhale the sneeze rather than exhale. It makes a scary noise, and it seems like they're choking.

There are videos of it online if you google it...

My older dog has a lot of seasonal allergies, so he get's post-nasal drip and it causes him to do the reverse sneeze.

http://www.petplace.com/dogs/reverse-sn ... page1.aspx
It is not reverse sneezing, there's almost no noise when she does it.... very peculiar!

I am thinking it's either that she has something stuck in her throat, or that she has a sour stomach and has to vomit (but never does...). Either way she's totally fine now! Glad I stayed home with her though as she was trying to eat all sorts of stuff..
Funny...my Pooh does that also(my wheatable)
Somebody just told me to try honey when it
happens to stop the irritation.

I haven't tried it yet...need to put honey on
the shopping list
Sorry... late in posting but glad she's doing better! :D

She might be trying to push down whatever is causing the irritation
or just trying to relieve it. Like if a dog is chewing hair or some small
particle stuff, they swallow it but it doesn't go down well... I could see
something like that causing gagging.

Donner's Mom wrote:
Funny...my Pooh does that also(my wheatable)
Somebody just told me to try honey when it
happens to stop the irritation.

Honey and a little lemon juice is what I'd take for an irritated throat! :D
Welp, it's happening again. It happened a few weeks ago too. I think it's gas in her stomach. She was laying down then she got up and wretched a few times (nothing came up) and then started gagging non stop. She wanted to go outside to eat grass. She belched pretty loudly when we came back in, but she overall seems very miserable.

What's the best way to relieve gas/sour stomach in dogs? I gave her one tums (how many can you give a 35lb dog?) and am making her some rice so she has something to put in her belly.

Poor girl.
I would think 1 Tums would be good.
Hope she feels better soon.
The symptoms are dangerously close to bloat. It really scares me when this happens. Last time it took like 35 hours for her to be back to normal...
I'd be concerned about bloat too. I'm sure you know the symptoms
but here's info just in case-

Have you talked with the vet about it? Might video the episode
and share it to get their professional opinion even if this passes
again without incident.

We keep Gas-X on hand. I gave it to Panda a few weeks ago when
I saw some of the symptoms of bloat. Couldn't figure out if it was
bloat or back pain. We quickly got her to the on-call vet and it
turned out to be severe back pain. Oopsie.

Hoping she'll feel better soon...
I can rub her belly pretty hard and she doesn't care, kinda likes it I think. It doesn't seem distended or hard, but she's skinny so its hard to tell. The main symptom is that she's uncomfortable and gagging/belching. She ate rice and took a tums without a problem so I just don't know.

Dave is bringing hydrogen peroxide and mylanta gas home in an hour. Definitely going to be a sleepless night :/
I don't think she'd eat if she had bloat but I'm no expert on the subject. And it
seems like her stomach would be tight and she'd be roached up. It doesn't sound
like it's the case.

Assuming they hydrogen peroxide is to make her vomit? That stuff bubbles...
would it add to her gas problem?? Is there an on-call vet you can speak with?

Boy, do they make us worry!
How's your baby doing this morning? :crossed:
She's ok, but still gagging.

We gave hydrogen peroxide last night to make her vomit. It seemed to make her feel a bit better and wear her out because she plopped on her dog bed and went right to sleep after that. She came to our bed this morning, like usual, and curled up. She is still gagging fairly frequently but she doesn't seem like she's in the discomfort she was last night. Gave her a gas-x before I left, so hopefully that will help.

Dave is going to try to get it on video so we can show it to our vet. It's really the strangest thing!
This weekend I just read on another forum you can give a dog or a puppy Mylicon drops for infants.All that have used the Mylicon, said the medicine does work on canines.
Wanted to share this with you.
Thanks Robin. What is the medicine for?
Marley has to be miserable with all that gagging. Check for something stuck in her throat. My aunt and uncle's dog died after a week of gagging - she had a stick stuck sideways in her throat and it finally killed her. I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but it shocked all of us. I hope Marley finds relief and you find peace of mind soon.
Here is the explanation for Mylicon drops. Cannot hurt to try this.

MYLICON® - #1 choice of pediatricians and moms for infant
gas relief

Pediatricians choose Infants' MYLICON® Drops for safe and effective relief of infant gas. Infants' MYLICON® Drops work gently to break down gas bubbles in minutes and are safe because they are not absorbed into your baby’s system.

Infants' MYLICON® Drops contain no saccharin, no alcohol, and no artificial flavors. Infants' MYLICON® Drops Non-Staining Formula also contains no artificial colors

I don't think something is stuck in her throat. I've been rubbing her throat and haven't felt anything abnormal in there and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it. The loud belching makes me think its definitely gas of some sort.

She is reportedly still gagging, but much less.

Thanks for the info on Mylicon.
Poor baby :(

When possible, grab a camera to help show what's going on. Gait, puke, etc. :lol:
Words can only convey so much... a video or picture can help the vet see what
we're seeing at home so they have a better chance of helping our dog. It's
inevitable that you get to the vet and with all the excitement, they act more
normal. :roll:
I join in with the thought that this gagging has been going on a while now and could possibly be a bone or something caught....I would be at the vet immediately...
tonite my dog started gagging, almost like hickups she started chewing on the carpet which is not normal at all, we let her outside and she was eating grass like a horse does. she threw up alittle white foam with grass in it but she kept eating the grass, then we let her in and she is acting normal again, I thought maybe she had something caught in her throat but I dont know.
Spindy, that sounds exactly like what was happening with Marley.

We changed foods and the problem hasn't come back, but to be honest I'm not certain there is a correlation. Hope your baby feels better today!
That's so weird!! My friend's wheaten did the exact same thing few years ago. She took him to the vet and still gagged afterwards. I felt so bad looking at him - eventually it just stopped - after a week or so.
So this happened again 4 days ago and lasted 48 hours. It went away and then happened again today. I felt so bad for her I was in tears. She's also been having a ton of other problems including bad arthritis and a skin infection... I just feel awful for her.

So we went to the vet and they x-rayed her stomach. Her stomach was bloated with gas, the vet was surprised by how much was in there. He suggested we handle things like we would with a dog that gets "bloat", by feeding her 3 small meals and elevating her food bowls. He also suggested feeding a bland diet and gave us canned iams i/d which I am not at all thrilled about. We got an anti-nausea an antacid shot and she is relaxed now.

He also saw something that he thought could be a minor blockage, but I am not worried about it. I really think it is just that she is swallowing a lot of air and that is causing her extreme irritation. I don't know if it's how she's eating or what she's eating, but we are going to get to the bottom of it!
Issue came back again today when feeding dinner. We were doing 1/4 can of bland food each meal. She was fine at breakfast, but she stopped mid meal and started wretching/gagging/burping again. Vet said so long as she is burping she is ok and not going to bloat, but the danger is certainly there.

I'm at a loss and in tears as I write this. She gets so uncomfortable and stressed when this happens and I can't figure out how to relieve or prevent it. Vet said he can use a needle to get the gas out of her stomach, but that sounds awful (and expensive).

Options are to wait these bouts out and hope that gas-x (or any product with simithicone) used as a preventative will help. Other option is to get an endoscopy, which is very pricey and may not tell us anything.

I just feel awful for her and it's hard to feel stressed all the time because you are constantly checking to see if your dog is bloating or if they are eating something they shouldn't (she ate a sleeve of a shirt once and a rug another time when having this problem).

Please keep Marley in your thoughts.
I'm so sorry Heather. I didn't see your post yesterday. :(

HeatherRWM wrote:
Her stomach was bloated with gas, the vet was surprised by how much was in there... He also saw something that he thought could be a minor blockage, but I am not worried about it.

I would do the endoscopy since this has not cleared up and she's definitely heading in a very bad direction with possible bloat due to the build up of gas. The test might give you some clues... especially if the vet feels there might be an even a small obstruction. It could be preventing the passing of food at a normal rate resulting in a build up of gas as the food sits in one place too long as it digests. You had mentioned... "Last time at my in-laws she ate about 4 feet of string from a rug." Maybe there's still something inside that's causing her symptoms.

Panda had an endoscopy done twice... of course she's one of the two dogs here that don't qualify for health insurance. All that was found when Panda was scoped was excessive mucus both times but it was a piece of the puzzle that later helped me understand the symptoms I was seeing and figure out what to do. She's now doing really good.

I hope Marley will be ok.
Thanks for the thoughts... I'm really grasping at straws so it helps to hear others' experiences.

We saw a different vet than usual last night, he was the one that thought there might be an obstruction. Our regular vet looked at the xrays today and says he doesn't think there is one. I also don't think there is one because it's a monthly/bi monthly occurrence and she has never vomited or had diarrhea in conjunction.

I want to do the endoscopy but I'm not sure it's the right direction to head, and the $1,000 estimate is a hard number to swallow, especially considering we spent that on her this week. I hate for money to be an issue, but it is :/

She is moderately relaxed right now, so it certainly didn't come back as bad as it has before. I'm also worried because she hasn't eaten more than half a can of food in the last day. I don't want to limit her food because it worsens the symptoms, but I also want to wait it out before we try feeding again.

Sending good thoughts your way. Hope you get to the bottom of this mystery. Perhaps you can work out a payment plan with your Vet if you feel the scope will help...
I don't think it was that much for Panda's endoscopy. I can't locate the bills... I'm not as good at keeping track of hers
because I can't send them in for reimbursement. :oops: Maybe that's the cost though where you're located. It might
not hurt to check a couple other vets if you know they're qualified.
Panda's stomach endoscopy in January of this year was
$464.44. We always have the port put in along with fluids
when a dog is anesthetized. But maybe the vet was going
to need to do more than just look with Marley.

Hoping Marley is feeling better today. :hearts:
Poor Marley. :(

Oscar's endoscopy was $680.00, but that was six years ago, so I'm sure it's pricier now. Plus, it probably depends upon what they do once they are in there.

All of Oscar's specialists (internist, dermatologist) are at Veterinary Medical Specialty in Buffalo Grove, which I think is probably pretty close to where your parents live. The doc who did his endoscopy (Dr. Harrington) is no longer there, but Oscar's internist, Dr. Mimi Noonan, is excellent.

Based upon the fact that this is a recurring problem, a scope would at least be a definitive answer on many potential diagnoses. Looking back, Oscar had a million tests before we scoped him, and doing that one thing earlier would have saved us months of time, energy, worry, and money.

I PM'd you with my phone number, so please give me a call anytime.

Laurie and Oscar
Thank you so much Laurie!! I often refer adopters from my rescue to the vet specialty center in BG if their dog needs surgery. We've also seen their vet behaviorist for some dogs with issues in our adoption program. I've only been there once with a personal dog, when Walter needed stitches on his tongue. :roll: I'm not sure who my vet is going to recommend, but I will talk to both and compare pricing.

She was fine through the night, a few hiccupy moments this morning, but Dave reports she ate most of her food and took her pills and has been fine. I think the combination of the anti-nausea and the gas-x is really helping make her more comfortable.

If the symptoms continue, or reoccur in the coming weeks, we're going to proceed with the endoscopy and anything else we need to do.

Also, in case anyone else has been keeping track, I believe Marley has regained the lead as the most costly dog in our house. I fear Rudie is planning a comeback... :evil:
I hope the new meds do the trick. :crossed:

Laurie and Oscar
I hope you are still there, much time has passed since your last post on this topic. What happened with Marley? I am asking because my dog has the exact same gagging symptoms and I have no idea what it is. Please help!!!
Marley dead
Kevin gates bootyhole wrote:
Marley dead

I hope not, but Marley's mommy doesn't visit here much anymore.
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