Biting & growling when eating

We have a 6 month old Basset Hound. Everytime we feed him and we walk by him he growls and barks and he has bitten my husband for standing by him while he was eating. We don't know what to do. Any suggestions.
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This can be......and must be........stopped right now. The dog is not treating your husband as a higher memeber of the pack.

Have your husband feed the dog this way: Hubbie holds the bowl so the dog and then the dog must sit each time it receives ONE kibble. If the dog snaps, no food but a firm NO or what ever term you use. Try again. If after a few snaps, no food for that meal. Let the dog get hungry. Hunger is good motivation. Try again. Eventually the dog will learn he must earn each kibble by proper behavior.

After a day or so of good behavior (by dog.....and hubbie), start having hubbie put the food bowl down and then take it away. If doggie growls, reprimand (never hit). Try again. Eventually doggie will let you take the bowl away, move it, be near him, etc It takes training. Human training is often more difficult as they try to rush it or rationalize.

In the future, both you and your husband will be able to give this dog treats without fear of missing fingers.........but first the dog must learn his position in the pack and you will not tolerate aggressive behavior.

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I have a similar problem with my 4 month old max. He has mellowed down a bit when it comes to protecting his food. He still gets tense and growls when I try petting him during his feeding. He doesn't seem to get as aggressive as he use too when I would put my hand in his food, but still is bothered by any contact to him while his is eating. There has been some improvement with using the hand feeding and food removal technique, but his rate of improvement has been very slow. I am kind of worried because there are small children around the house. Does this kind of traing take while? or my dog is beyond help?
Yes, this type of training does take awhile, and especially if there are small children in the house, it is most important that you keep up with it. Sheepies are very intelligent and headstrong, and like to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. You have got to let them know who's boss, and it ain't them! Keep working at it - you'll be rewarded with a loving, gentle dog. And please consider taking him to obedience class, too.
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