When is an OES full grown

At what age are OES's considered full grown?
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I will let the more experienced sheepie owners give thir opinion on this but I believe by about 2 years old they are full grown yet still need to do some filling out. I think at 2 years their growth plates are closed but they still ned to fill into them selves...Do I make sense? Maybe someone else can explain better....

Of course, their mental state does not mature until about 3 at least...From what I saw of my first OES, he didn't mature mentally until, well, like ten! 8O Acted like a puppy his whole entire life :roll:
They're bones are fully grown about 2-3, my vet said that I should start in Agility when Aska is 2... then her bones are ready :)
If you want to know more... google Old English Sheepdog. Google knows everything ! ;) hehe
http://www.google.is/search?hl=is&sourc ... oogle+leit

Hope it helps :) !
Ok, so if Bentley is 45lbs now at 5.5 months is it safe to say that his weight will double before he is full grown?
Thats right for sure √ :-)
Just more to love! :D
O My. Chowder hit 50 lbs at 9 months. I thought she was slightly small but thank you for the comparison.
OMG!! You guys are scaring me now! Maybe I'm feeding him too much, he's not fat though, I can still feel his ribs. Time will tell guess!
gigi will be 2 at the end of January. Bogey will be 2 the end of April. So I still have puppies? They have matured a lot but.... hahahahaha
Kgjames wrote:
Ok, so if Bentley is 45lbs now at 5.5 months is it safe to say that his weight will double before he is full grown?

Not neccessarily. :?
Most accurate is to talk to your breeder (assuming they are a reputable breeder who monitors such things) and get info on the dam, and sire they bred to. Knowing if your dog is from big lines, or smaller lines gives you somewhat better prediction ability. The more linebred or tightly bred also helps in prediction. An outcross with great variability can give you small and large pups in the same litter.

For some comparison, Chewie was 46 pounds at 20 weeks (5 months), and adult weight at 4 years is 70 pounds. So definitely not doubled at what he would have been at 5.5 months. :wink:
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