Growth above my OES's anus

I noticed a growth last night about my dog's anus. I just had him at the groomer on Sunday and they didn't say anything about it and he was boarded 2 weeks ago at my Vet's and they didn't notice anything so I'm guessing it "just popped up????" I have pictures, but don't know how to post them??? Does anyone know what this could be?
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It may be a cyst. Is it large or causing your dog discomfort? My mantra is, if it's suspicious, go to the vet.
* Capt. Obvious Danger wrote:
It may be a cyst. Is it large or causing your dog discomfort? My mantra is, if it's suspicious, go to the vet.

Do you know how to attach a pic? I took pictures of it.
Here's the link on how to post photos!
when Dexter had and infected anal gland it swelled up but looked more like a bump. when you say growth I assume it projects outward like a mushroom more than a bump???
sheepiegail wrote:
when Dexter had and infected anal gland it swelled up but looked more like a bump. when you say growth I assume it projects outward like a mushroom more than a bump???

yes, it projects outward. it looks like the size of a grape with a pimple on it. I'm trying to upload a pic, but I guess I have to wait to admins approval. I can email it if you want me to
Pics have been approved. Here they are:


Interesting. If that was on my dog, I'd be going in to see my vet to get it checked out. If it sprang up that quickly, I would be concerned and be hoofing it into my vet. :(
8O 8O

Youch! That looks terrible! I agree, take your baby to the vet. Hopefully it is something that they can treat easily and will heal quickly!
someone had posted earlier about a hernia which was occuring in that same location. I think that a diagram was uploaded and if you search under hernias perianal it should come up. A trip to the vets is in order. that is alot bigger than what I was imagining.
Could be an infected anal gland but it doesnt look really red. It could also be a perinel hernia.
Both need vet attention.
I agree... get him to the vet to be checked. Something so close to the anal sphincter may need to be addressed before it gets bigger to help ensure the dog maintains bowel control.

Kathy has an ol' rescue girl that has a mass near there too. Going to find her to see if she can maybe share info about Lulu's mass...
Definately a vet check, trying to work out the photo is it the lump under the base of the tail? If it is then could be anything from a cyst to maybe a grass seed in there or even just a fatty growth of some sort but needs a vet consult. The vet can feel and if need be just needle biopsy into it too see cells and wether any further action is needed. Less invasive to get any idea what the bump is made up off then you can take it from there. :wink:

FYI diagram of where a perenel hernia is located can be one side or both. You can see the location of that on the side of the anus in the 2nd diagram.

I have a 12y/o furever foster gal that had a lump bigger than what you have posted..
The vet said he would not remove it due to maybe having to cut into the spinchter muscle
and would cause fecal incontinence.
Two years now it has grown, still not bothering her too much but, I am sure it will.. :cry:
I would RUN to the vet if I were you...even if the whole lump can't be removed try to get
on top of the growth!
I wish I had seeked a second opinion on Lulu... :(
At her age now, I really don't want to put her in to an extensive surgery
Good Luck!!!!
Yeah, you at least have to get it looked at. My oldest boy has two giant warts on either side of his anus. They don't bother him and they're benign so the vet just wants to leave them alone since, as others have mentioned, it could weaken the muscle. They're incredibly unsightly but as long as they don't hurt him, they're not going anywhere!
I think what people are thinking about is anal prolapse where the inside tissue pushes out. Our first girl had that and the cowboy vet such sutured it back in. No problem. The bump above looks like a skin tag or fatty tumor.
well, I went to my vet yesterday and she's 95% sure it's just a polyp (not sure of spelling) that can be easily removed. Its above the anal glands so she ruled out that it had anything to do with them. She also said it is far enough above the anus that the surgery should be easy. And easy for her is an estimate of $724.91 and if I want a biopsy of it, add another $152. OH MY!!!!!
Yipes! Sure easy surgery for her, devastating to the pocketbook.
well, that's mostly good news. :D Expensive vet though! egads.... 8O

When I had a mass removed on Simon's back along his spine and pathology done, it was something like $300+ and that included pathology.
That reminds me of when my cat had his mega colon surgery. I thought, it was probably going to cost all of $500. Boy was I wrong! It was $2,000!

The things we go through for our pets :)
that seems pretty expensive. To do major surgery on my horses joint it was $1200 and that included everything from the meds, surgery and anesthesia. It might be worth a call to your local vet school plus they would have more experience with the surgery. My local horse and dog vet are good (two separate vets) but for surgery I always go to Cornell University vets.
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