Anyone have any Oster A2 blades for clippers

I was given a pair of working clippers, but they were discontinued in 1974. My blades are available. If I could find some I could get them sharpened, but I have a feeling I may just be looking for a deal on new clippers eventually. Just thought I would check and see if anyone has any laying around.
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Some of these look pretty rough but maybe someone could sharpen them and clean them up for you?

This one looks nicest- ... 2308138cd1 ... 23082c863c ... 23080c3c54

Wondering if you could check with someone who sharpens blades...
I am the bidder on the #7 blade. I was just wondereing if there were any more out there. :D
:lol: Ok.
Good luck with the bidding!
Send a note to our member Richard ("SouthernSharpeners")!

Link to member SouthernSharpeners.

I'll betchya he would have some good advice.
Lost the ebay auction, but Ali scored an A2 size 4 blade at a show in Oklahoma for me today. I also spoke with a sharpener who has the A2 blades at home. It's looking good. Now all I need is help on what sizes I need. :D
good scavenging!! :D
OK...Ali got me a #4 at a show, and I just got a #5 and a #10 on ebay. I have a #40 on the clipper. I could use a #7, but I am good to go with what I have. Now the learning curve soon as my back stops hurting it's bath time for Bella.
If anyone has any Oster A2 blades, please contact me, I would love to buy some, I have been searching Ebay and cant find the sizes I need
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