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We are getting a new puppy this coming weekend. the puppy is now seven weeks old and has considerable pink still on it's nose. Will this go away and will the nose turn completely black, and how long does it take?
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Congratulations on your new puppy !
Our experience is that the pink color on
the nose filled in fairly quickly. We got our pup at
8 weeks and a few weeks later we realized it had changed
to black !
I had no idea about their noses turning all black, we got Max at a little over 7 weeks and he had a pink line through his nose, now at 11 weeks it is filling in, my kids noticed it, I thought his nose would stay the way it was!
They are all different, some are totally black at a couple of months age
and some take longer, but it will turn all black. Tucker still had bits of pink at almost a year! It took forever, but I never really noticed much of the change since I kissed it every day and it was so gradual.
It will change though. Ihave to admit, I thought it was kind of cute when
he was little and it was so pink!

(in PA)
we are at 15 months and still have some pink.
Congrads on your puppy! Post pictures as soon as you can. :D
Dancer's nose took a year to completely fill in.... Sky's was filled in by the time she was 5 or 6 weeks old. Dancer's was almost pure pink at birth though, and Sky had more black when she was born to begin with.....
Hi everyone,

We helped a friend find a oes pup a few years back. This show breeder wouldn't let her pups go until around 14 weeks because she was trying to pick out what she wanted to keep. When our friend finally did receive a puppy she called us very upset to tell us that she thought the only reason she sold this puppy was because of the amount of pink on it's nose. I was in stitches. I never thought that folks don't realize that they turn black.

I've got 7 weelk old puppies with solid black noses and a two year old that is still filling in. Go figure huh? I do know that I hate when they do finally turn solid black. It means they aren't those young babies anymore.

Be sure both parents noses are all black. Although it is still unusual for the nose to stay pink.
Roger has a point, it is rare for an oes to have pink as an adult, and as a pet I suppose it wouldn't matter, but it is a disqualification in the show ring.
Jacks took a little over a year to fill in, he was left with a little pink dot that just finally disappeared one day. :) Annabelle was around 5-6 months old when hers filled in. I think it might have to do with the dog having a white head or not, jack being a white head had less pigment so it took longer to reach his nose all of the way, Annie has plenty of black on her head so it didn't take as long. Not fact, but just my theory. :wink:

Stormi and co.
It was the opposite with my two though, Sky is a whitehead with one blue eye, and yet she has excellent pigment on her nose and lips and absolutely none around her eyes. Dancer has good pigment around her eyes, and a black ear, but her nose and lips took a lot longer and are not as deep black.... who
awww...I bet a pink nose is cute. Jasper came to us with a solid black nose.
Norman's pink nose kept him out of confirmation. As soon as we got him fixed it turned black. :roll:
Just kiss it lots :D and it will go black
A partially pink nose should not keep a dog out of confirmation. I have seen several dogs do well in shows that have had some pink. Now a majority of the nose pink may be another issue.

I have also seen a dog's nose "touched up" with black to cover up the pink prior to enetering the ring (product was like eye black that baseball players and football players wear under their eys).
It is strictly against the regulations to do any cosmetic touch ups such as the nose. The standard is pretty flexible on coloring of the dog, however it does state the nose should ALWAYS be completely black (in all countries). I may be wrong about it being a disqualification, you would have to ask a judge, and it may vary from judge to judge as well.
Hi Maxmm,

Just a couple of curious questions. Did a judge dis-qualify you in the ring? If so who was it? Also, what age was Norman's nose when this happened and at what age did it fill in after he was fixed? The standard does say solid black but doesn't state at what age this needs to be.

Sorry for so many questions!

Just love Bullshot's picture and expression!!!!

A reputable breeder and show person (who's name I can't recal but I do know that she is no longer with us) said that if his nose isn't totally black by 6 months he would be out. He was fixed at I believe 7 months and from the moment he came home from the vet it started filling in.
I've come to find out now that 6 months was not a good age limit as their noses keep filling in for quite a while after!
The following is a quote from the OESCA website about sheepdog noses:
"Most OES are born with incompletely-pigmented noses, almost all of which quickly fill with black. At maturity, the nose must be as the standard states: always black, large, and capacious. In the mature OES a dudley nose, flesh-colored or spotted, is most objectionable."
They do not however explicitly state what they are considering maturity but I would believe that once you are past the age for the puppy classes it should be filled in.
Hi Maxmm,

Thanks for getting back with that info. Your boy looks cute as a bug!!! I like his nose. I'm so sorry you were given that info. It's amazing what you hear ringside sometimes also from what I used to think of as icons in this breed. Many still are to me and I thank them daily for the advice and wisdom they provide. But a few have their tung ten feet in front of them and it gets old. They make non-sense comments and don't realize the impact it may have such as it did with you and your wonderful boy. I've watched and heard judges do the same thing and mocking entries ringside. It really makes one appreciate the ones who are professional and actually judge to improve a breed, not win the politics of the day. Fortunately most are that way.

I'm showing my boy Nelson and his nose isn't filled completely in yet and he just turned two. I won't consider him mature until he's about 3 1/2 years old. Their chests sometimes don't totally drop until 2 1/2 to 3. I can't believe that I may be dis-qualified for his nose at this point but who knows. I know his nose will totally turn black eventually but you are right, they need to define this a little more I believe.

Thanks again for sharing this.

my pup had a black nose when we got him now he pink nose why is this?
Maybe a little more info would help someone answer this but maybe contacting the breeder could help. I have no idea why a nose can go from black to pink.

How is the general health of your pup? Has your pup been checked at the vet? What did they say?

How old was your pup when you got him? How old is it now?

There is a fungal infection, known as "snow nose" that can damage a dogs nose and pigment.
Great info - thanks Stacy
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