chewing on vines and trees


So I just had a scare.

Frankie wanted outside, so I let him out and did a few things in the kitchen. When I called him to come he did not respond. So I went outside to look for him. I have a completely fenced in yard so I wasnt too concerned. Where do I find him, but under the Trumpet Vines munching away on the wood.

So we play soccer for awhile, then come inside. Frankie walks right into his crate and lays down. Frankie would never do that without being asked. So I get to thinking. Oh my gosh...... Trumpet vines are poisonus.

I get online and look it up and get even more concerned. So I call the 24 hour vet, and they have me call the ASPCA poison control hot line. The vet there has me look up pictures on line to identify the correct trumpet vine. Once we did they said they had good news. The plant isn't highly toxic in Michigan. They figure he got a really bad tummy ache from eating it. Told me to give him 1/2 a cup lowfat milk and if he was going to vomit it would happen in an hour or so..

My question is
How do I get him to stop chewing on trees, bark, vines etc.
Other than watching him constantly which I know I should be doing that anyway. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Lisa and Frankie
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I dont think you can stop him chewing. So its a matter of supervision and giving him lots of appropriate, safe chew toys.

I wont bore everyone (again) with the long list of expensive things that Tiggy chewed. She still has a big, cleaned bone, a rope toy that is safe to chew and an old peanut butter tub lying around the gated kitchen/living area where she sleeps. These give her something to chew when she's in the mood rather than her looking for and finding something I dont want her to chew.

Good luck :crossed:
I know.....

He has been pretty good in the house (knock on wood) He goes thru soooo
many toys with just one nibble :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bully sticks are the only chew thing that lasts him for awhile.
Before I decided on the Sheepdog, I remember reading somewhere a Bored sheepie is a destructive sheepie. As is true with any breed I'm sure.

Can you put a barrier around the dangerous plants or items? Having a puppy or even a mature dog, we need to child proof their enviroment. It is unrealistic to believe you can keep them on your sight 24/7.
Bally has taken to chewing (just snapping bits off and spitting them out) bits of the Wisteria that grows around the veranda at our place. He doesn't seem to even realise he's doing it, it's sort of absent minded as he sits there watching cats, birds, etc. so I've just been clipping it back so it's not dangling in front of his nose all the time and he has since stopped.
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