Would you believe. . . (BF story)

The dogs and I were away for about a week. The next morning after we came home, I woke to find my BF spooning with Maggie! Some of you will remember this is the guy that used to wash his hands if the dogs so much as brushed past him. Spooning! Maggie was curled up against his naked chest and licking his arm and his other arm was wrapped around her and he was loving it! He admits that the dogs and and his baby have really humanized him. This morning, he invited both dogs up on the bed for a cuddle before coffee. Henry and Maggie were as excited as little kids at Christmas. Amazing.
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Yeah! Love to hear how our sheepies get even the most stubborn of men into their hearts and let them spoon! :lol: :lol:

My husband said he would NEVER allow the dogs to sleep in the bed...Every morning after I get up and am in the shower, they jump in my spot and spoor too. I think my husband thinks its me being nice 8O :lol: :lol:
Oh I love it!! Sheepies do have a way about them. :wink:
I hope he leaves some room for you!
:lol: :lol: Got him!!!
Ron wrote:
I hope he leaves some room for you!

Luckily, they sleep on the floor because there would be no room in our Queen-size bed but I am completely shocked and delighted that he's started inviting them on the bed in the morning to cuddle. It is very cozy and sweet. Such a nice way to wake up. And it was HIS idea. I never asked for it thinking that would be completely off-limits for him. He loves them!
Isn't that the best, Val? When it's HIS idea?? Wonderful. :D

My mil always told me to make the guy always feel like it was "THEIR" idea when in reality.... you got your way by leading him some and letting him think it was his idea all along. ;) That's at least how Mr. J thinks he wears the pants.

Valerie, that's great to hear how much of an OES person he's becoming!!!
Joahaeyo wrote:
Valerie, that's great to hear how much of an OES person he's becoming!!!

He even oohs and ahhhs over all the fabulous Sheepdog Christmas cards we've been getting! It is just extraordinary the transformation a loving and persistent Sheepdog can make. I have to give the credit to Maggie. She's been steadily working on him, showering him with love and appreciation and drawing him out to play, and pet, and laugh. So if anyone secretly convinced him it was HIS idea, it was her, not me.
Awww, that's so sweet!
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