Need prayers for hubby (Richard) in hosiptal

Had to take him to Emergency this morning 5AM. He has had a sore on his right leg that has gotten out of controll. The infection is very bad and the Dr. was afraid it could get to his heart. He is on IV,s with antibio. in it... He has has 6 so far today and the 7th was underway when I left tonight
I have gone back and forth 3 times today so the dogs don't feel left out.
We only live about 8 miles from the hosiptal. I hope he will be home for Xmas.

So if you can spare a prayer please say one for him.

Thanks, Deana
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Our prayers are with you and your husband

he is in my thoughts and I wish for a speedy recovery.
Prayers for you and Richard :ghug:
Prayers for your Richard and you! Hang in there. My husband was in the ER last Christmas and had emergency surgery New years Eve. he is fine now. It did wear me out running back and forth to the hopsital and not wanting to leave the doggys for too long. Don't worry. The dogs will be fine without you a few hours. Your hubby will be fine too and we are sending our thoughts and prayers out to you! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
Prayers for Richard and hugs to you Deana. :ghug:
Thoughts and prayers for Richard :plead: and hugs for you, Deanna! :ghug:
Our Prayers are with you and Richard for a speedy recovery
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband!!!!!
Sending prayers to you both
Hope he gets well soon!
Prayers to you and Richard...please keep us posted when you can....
My prayers are with you & your hubby :ghug:
Prayers are with you and your husband. Hope all goes well...xx
I hope he's alright as well. I know how much you need him to be.. Here's to a fast recovery!
Our prayers are with Richard and you. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself.
Positive thoughts & prayers coming your way for all of you!
Thinking of u and your husband
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.
Hope he is home for Christmas.
Thinking of you and your husband, try to hang in there!
Sending prayers and positive energy to you and your husband. Take care of yourself during this stressful time.
My prayers are with you and Richard.
Good luck, Richard!

Any news?
How scary, thinking of you both
Sending positive thoughts your way.
they are waiting for blood work now. The surgon will let us know then if he will need surgery to clean it out. It does look better today if thats at all possible. Still looks to me as if something ate his leg and took a chunk out (YUCK!)

The nurse told him tonight that the antibodies he is on is the strongest the hosiptal has to offer. (IV)
That scard me to death. I had to leave today my own legs were swelling fast from being on them so much.
What a pair we make. :?
Fingers crossed that the report concurrs with the improvement you are seeing.

We've had many patients receive IV antibiotics at home, with a visiting nurse coming by to give the meds. They just insert a PICC line for the meds.
Another option is to have him go into the ER for the antibiotics. some of our ERs are set up to offer this service - and being just 8 minutes from the hospital... It might get him home for Christmas.
Thoughts and prayers for both of you.
Prayers for you and your hubby.
Thinking of you guys. And take care of yourself, Deanna...
Keeping fingers crossed for a quick, complete recovery, even if he needs surgery. What's the cause, Deanna? Diabetes, MRSA?
DH lit a candle and added you to his prayer list. Fingers crossed for Christmas at home.
Best wishes ...............Kathy
I hope all is well with Richard...
Any update?
Last night hey tol him that the MIR looked good. The infection had NOT gotten into the bone. They had said if it had he could lose that part of his knee on down. SIGH we feel better.
Some crazy diet they have him on.
First it was counting carb. NOW its no salt, surar ect and 2000 cal.

They also put him on insulian shot!!!!!
DAMN. At first his surar was 97-107

It started to go up and now 130-155. They don't want his body fighting anything else.

More news I hope today.

Thank You all for your well wished~!!!!!!!!!
I just saw this post Sorry to hear Richard has not been well Deana I hope he is feeling a little better and will be home soon.

He will not be home for Xmas.. Bummer but the infection is so bad that he has to stay on IV meds only.
Maybe 1 more week.
I am just happy he will keep his leg and live.
That is was is important to me.

Merry Xmas to all!
I know it will hurt to not have him home for Christmas but the more important thing is to heal properly and to be able to come home in good health. About 12 years ago I was facing possible amputation of my leg after having cut a callous off the bottom of my foot with a nail clipper. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I did not know I was diabetic and the resultant infection almost took my leg from just above the knee. Through the grace of God and a team of fine doctors as well as all the Cipro and other super antibiotics at the time I was able to make it home 2 days before Christmas after a month long hospital stay. I did have to do a home infusion protocal for 6 weeks and wasn't able to go outside until March, but the important thing is I healed and now I'm able to walk Bailee about 4 miles a day. I want to wish your husband well and hope that you find comfort at this time. Remember, it is the long haul that is important. The time will pass and when he is fully healed things will certainly get better.
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