Gathering buyers of OES from Sue St.Louis NY were Agressive

I have been speaking to Madeline which she has been a wonderful help and can't wait to speak to her on the phone.Ahh Dog Talk.. :)

I too am a purchaser of a puppy from her.This puppy is so warm and cuddle then wham- a underlying personality has seemed to appear.

Maddy knows the real story behind this puppy...

But I would like ANYONE who has had to

1. Euthanize ANY of her dogs for any reason.(Severe hip/dysp)ETC

2. Obtain a Agression Trainer for dogs

3. Has refused refunding your money.

4. If you puppy or dog does not meet AKC standard of this breed


I do not consider myself as the "know it all" of dog training,but I am not the worst.But I do believe Agressiveness can be a Hereditary gene that can be past on.

Please understand I have been looking for a OES for 3yrs stumbled upon a resale puppy,Spent my whole Christmas Bonus check buying him.and have had a rough time mentally knowing that eventually this puppy will grow into an agressive dog.My window of oppertunity has been thrown out the window.He is 16 weeks,Joey AKA Cuddlebug Killer

Thanks to all -

Jodi is off brainstorming>>>>
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Could you please clarify who the breeder of this dog is? "Sue from St. Louis, NY" isn't much information.
Maggie McGee IV wrote:
Could you please clarify who the breeder of this dog is? "Sue from St. Louis, NY" isn't much information.

The Breeders name is:

Susan Randall AKA Susan St.Louis

From Cazenovia NY

Madaline is NOT the Breeder I am speaking about -she (Mad) has been helping me out tremedously concerning the history of the puppy I purchased & OES in general.

Just to clarify my former post.

I don't know the breeder but do know Madeline and am sure she will help you find a good trainer. A 16 week puppy can still be trained. That is a young age. What makes you say the puppy is so agressive? 16 weeks is an age where the mouthing and teething can get a bit "tough". And if you mean your window of opportunity was lost because most books claim you have betwwen 8 weeks and 16 weeks to socialize, etc, that is not necessarily true. If you find a good trainer in your area and start socializing your pup and provide lots and lots of exercise at this time, you may be happy with the result.

Are you upstate NY? There are some good people up there to help you. I hope you don't give up on your pup just yet. But if you feel he is too much, perhaps Madeline can assit you in rehoming him now before hegets any older.

Good Luck and keep us posted.
My girls began to show aggression at about 20 or 24 weeks old. They were fighting in what looked like a very vicious fashion with one another. We sought out a trainer that worked with aggressive dogs, and learned alot. Most importantly, we learned that our dogs weren't actually aggressive, but due to the rivalry between them, they had many aggressive dog traits. She taught us how to train to work with these traits, and eliminate the ones that could be eliminated, and develop commands to help the ones that couldn't.

Don't give up hope; find a good trainer that can help you. Or a behaviorist. I know we sought out a behaviorist first, and it wasn't what we were looking for ultimately. The aggression specific trainer has been a god-send! My girls are now over 2 years old, and doing great!
While I completely understand your frustration, I would like to repeat what others have said...head for an obedience trainer ASAP. We've had four sheepies in our lives, and all of them have been the sweetest, most loving gentle creatures. No one ever considered using their teeth as an adult dog (ok, one had bad knees, and would snarl and snap at the air if someone hurt him, but who could blame him for that?)

ALL four of our dogs went through a short period where they tried out the aggressive behaviour. None were extreme, but all gave it a shot. If yours went through that period, and wasn't corrected, it's possible it just became habit, and can be corrected.

I wouldn't give up on a sixteen week old puppy just yet. There's still all kinds of interventions.

I never thought our evil puppy would stop eating walls. Now that he's 21 months he's over it (knock wood).

Lots can change.

I wish you both all the best...
traciels28 is so right! I thought Luna a crazed vicious killer back then. :oops: When I described what we were going through to our vet, she warned us to be prepared to have to euthanize her if things did not improve!!! But then she then handed us information about an aggression specific dog trainer in our area. Today Tonks and Luna, like traciels28's dogs would never use thier teeth as adult dogs. Heck, if I even try and play tug with Luna, she releases the toy rather than fight for it. And my vet says time and again how great it was that we took that difficult path; the one the required some dedication and work. She says we are some of the best owners she sees come through, and that Tonks and Luna are among her best behaved clients!

We went from being afraid of having vicious dogs to being some of the proudest "parents" around. Its SO rewarding working through these things, and getting to look back from the other side of the difficulties!
Don't rename your puppy Cujo just yet. Joey is still in the cute, rotten, loveable, rotten stage. These guys are mouthy little nippers and need lots of re-enforcements. They also remain puppy like for at least 2 years.
Find a good trainer, your vet should be able to recommend on in your area, also talk with friends & neighbor's in your area for recommendations. Maybe you could describe his behavior a bit more ( no pun intended ).
Can you describe the behaviors that you're seeing in a 16 week old that would lead anyone to think that he'd be aggressive? At that age, they're such spazzes, I don't know how you'd tell anything.
ButtersStotch wrote:
Can you describe the behaviors that you're seeing in a 16 week old that would lead anyone to think that he'd be aggressive? At that age, they're such spazzes, I don't know how you'd tell anything.

thats a good point. The reason we thought our girls were aggressive was that they were fighting with one another, and it looked scary and serious. But if we hadn't had two dogs, I wouldn't have known what to look for...
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