hunched back

Last night Tony wouldnt sit still - kept walking around with a hunched back (as if he needed to go to the bathroom) so we took him outside and he did go #2 but his back was still hunched afterwards.. and he was shaking, sweating, panting. It was so frustrating because we couldnt hear (we're deaf) if he was whimpering or making any noise. We didnt want to wait until morning and took him to the emergency vet. They did several xrays - ruling out bloat (our biggest concern), cancer, etc. Vitals looked good, bloodwork - good.

They dont know what is wrong with him- Tony was diagnosed with severe Hip Dyplasia in the past and last month his hip specialist doesnt think he's ready for a THR and suggested us to wait as THR do wear out. Doesnt think it's spinal injury... Theyre thinking that the hunched back is because he's feeling sore... He went home with a tab of rimadyl and fluids.

question is - has anyone experienced this with their dog? if so, what was the utcome?
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I recall only one time seeing this in my Asterisk. It was during the week she was recovering from her spay. She walked for the first week, while her sutures were in, with her back in an arch. Once the stitches were removed and she wasn't so sore, she got back to normal.

Does he have any cuts/sores/wounds? Just an idea.
Our last OES foster walked that way. Turned out he had a major UTI going on. He was fine after the antibiotics kicked in. Did they do a UA?
Some years ago my Dalmo did this, out vet ruled out UTI/kidney stones and then discovered a mild disc injury in the low back.
Maybe some arthritis in the spine? That can make them hunch up.
Thanks everyone for the reply.

Hmm, definitely not an UTI.. They're pretty sure that he slipped at some point and strained his hips.. but shouldnt that be the other way? refusing to get up opposed to refusing to lie down?

he seems to be doing better today - still sore in the back area but less hunched. I'm a bit nervous though because both London and Tony will be travelling with us to Los Angeles next week for the holidays. If Tony isnt better by Wednesday then my husband will stay in New York with the dogs. I rather lose an airfare ticket than taking risks in another state.
Lying down can hurt their hips too.

A short course of anti inflammatories worked wonders for my Dalmo. He was a lot better in about 5 days.
It did take ages for it to really settle though.

Good luck, hope you all make the Christmas trip. :crossed:
Hunched usually indicates belly pain and would worry me a great deal. Since you've been to the vet and ruled out the obvious (bloat, intestinal obstruction etc) I guess hip/back pain would be the next logical conclusion.... instead of losing your airfare though why not see if he can be boarded at the vet while you are away?
My dog before Patch one time hunched her back almost like a cat; I rushed her to the vet and it turned out she had a horrible infection from a bad spay (different vet than mine) - she had minor surgery to repair the problem and was fine. Arching, in my mind, could be something internal. I hope your husband can join to LA - couldn't a relative or friend dog sit? Please keep us updated.
I agree with Willowsprite. Hunched back, especially staying that way after a movement, is a classic sign of an obstruction. I don't remember reading you went to the Vet but if not, I would get him there immediately. A blockage could be extremely serious, life threatening.

Hope he is better...
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