It was such a good idea. After six hours on the innerspring mattress, my arthritic joints screamed for relief on the Select Comfort. DH was up eating breakfast so I knew I had a 50:50 chance MO would NOT be sleeping across the king size SC and I could find a place to reset my bones.

Ah Ha! She was longways on one side. With my comforter tucked under my arm I gently stretched out on the right side, threw the comforter over myself, wiggled a bit more and ignored the dog's grumbles, "Stay on your side."

Suddenly the grumbles grew louder and I knew they were not directed at me. Harry had come into the room and was coming around to my side of the bed. Immediately the two front paws were on the bed and it would be a moment before he would be stepping over or on me looking for a place to rest. I scooted towards Mo. She grumbled and Harry slid down my back and atop the comforter edge. The SC setting is now shot with the additional 80 lb dog. We are back to firm mattress.

I drift off to sleep to awake with the morning's first light and the realization, I am trapped! Jack has joined the party...all 110+ lbs of him across the bottom of the bed sealing the comforter down there and Mo has rolled towards me, sealing that side. Granted my spine was warm with Harry plastered down it, my tummy and chest with MO and Jack had my feet covered, but one part of my body was signaling it was time to get up NOW! Unfortunately it doesn't speak to the K9 Komforter Kapturers.

I literally was stuck, warm, but stuck. It took several foot thrusts to wake Jack and push him off the bed end and garner several growls. Now which was to go? Any side movement and I get a face lick, "Quit moving Mom." I don't want doggie kisses, I want out. Jack is now pacing back and forth at the end of the bed, "I gotta go!" Me too Jack but how?? Scooting down wasn't working...for reasons best left unsaid. Finally the only recourse is to bellow, "Get outta my bed!" Like Moses parting the Red Sea, Mo and Harry begin pulling away and eventually climb off the bed. Jack is whimpering, "I really gotta go......" as I stumble off the bed and down the hall. We all head to our respective relief stations and begin our day.

Remind me, after all that extra K9 weight to reset the air level in the mattress.
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lol, sounds like a good trap. :wink:

For that exact reason (OK, others too) we gate our bedroom and ONLY the 15 pound cat sleeps and traps me in the bed. He lays between my legs at knee level on top of the covers and pins me down. At least now he is older and doesn't bite when I make him move......that didn't go over well!
I would love to be stuck like that!!!!! But no one is allowed on our bed...except Dino and me!!!!!! :cry:
knee level on top of the covers and pins me down. At least now he is older and doesn't bite when I make him move......that didn't go over well!

Noooo, and fortunately ATOP the covers!
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