New Agility venue UKAI

Anyone planning on adding this new venue to your agility competitions?
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kerry wrote:
Anyone planning on adding this new venue to your agility competitions?

Not until some club actually offers it <snicker>

It sounds interesting, but we still haven't even seen a DOCNA trial here in the upper Midwest, so I'm not holding my breath! :wink:

wow - no DOCNA even? we have the DOCNA nationals in my backyard so to speak this year. Of course its the same time as OES Nationals :(, but if I am suffering from EWS :wink: it would make a good alternative :) :) :)
No DOCNA here either.
We have AKC, some NADAC (but not much lately), a few CPE (like 2/yr within a 2 hr drive :( ). That's it.
I had some spare time at work and I'm searching online for UKAI agility.
All I get are japanese sites.... :(

Are they online? or is this the correct abbreviation?
Still in search mode, I checked out DOCNA and they apparently have trials only in NY, CO and AZ - and one in PA. (This from scanning through their 2010 trial calendar). None are remotely near me. :(
I think 2010 is very preliminary on their site yet.
kerry wrote:
I think 2010 is very preliminary on their site yet.

But the member clubs are in those areas too (add in a couple in Canada). I doubt the outstate/outcountry people would care to come to MN to put on a trial.

Any more info on the UKAI group? website?

There's also a PDF file available at
Thanks - I'll check it out
Hey Kristine - they have a sanctioned match in Oconomowoc on Jan 23rd. ... tches.html
Dawn - it's not for us/OES and definitely NOT for green dogs exept that I think they talked something about a class called nursery or whatever which sounds like formalized run-thrus where you can train green dogs in the ring and even bring a toy with you.

Otherwise very technical courses without much flow. Treadles and wraps and turn, tight, turn, tight. OK challenges for here and there, but knock the stuffing out of our breed pretty quickly. They're not built for that kind of pounding and it's not all that much fun when you get right down to it. Higher than normal jump heights unless you go to the "special" classes or whatever this organization calls them. You can get all that in USDAA and still have better flowing courses. It's nice for the people aiming for the world team, which, generally speaking, probably isn't us ;-)

there is talk about changing the jump heights - I dismissed it when I say the initial heights actually.
Yeah, I read thru the site.
I was just so amazed to see one in WI that I felt I needed to mention it!
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