I'm retiring from Weight Watchers (as an employee)

I have loved being a leader, so much...there aren't words to express it. But with my new job (which takes up a ton of time) I've decided to retired from being a leader...NOT FROM BEING A MEMBER.

It's been a difficult decision. My members don't know, and will find out this Saturday. Saturday's meetings will be my last.

All the people I've met there have really touched my heart. I'm so thrilled that I have been able to help so many.

But being almost 60, and having to get up early all week, I look forward to not getting up at 5 on Saturday, and not getting up at 6 on Sunday, so I can prepare my upcoming meeting. I don't have the energy I used to.

And! I will have more time to be active here again...which I've really missed.

Each week I leave my members with a thought for the week. I'm looking for some good suggestions. Right now I'm thinking of going with a quote from Robert Frost, "I can tell you everything I've learned about life in three words...it goes on." What do you think?

So, I'm excited, but sad. Ok...that's my news.... :wink:
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And we've missed you too!
Well, as long as we get more you time... we are happy about your decision. Being someone who gets up early every morning due to kids and misses being able to sleep to even 6 a.m. ...I hear ya on wanting to sleep in at least 2 days out of the week!
It's bittersweet. I know you have loved being a leader and have inspired many, yet it does take a huge amount of time and energy out of your life. But I think you made the right decision and you'll still be part of the organization, just in a different role.
Finding a balance in your life is difficult and when we enjoy doing something it is hard to let it go. But you are smart to make yourself a priority. You should be proud of the fact that you were able to help people in your capacity as a leader.

Enjoy this time in your life - you deserve it.
I agree with the need for sleep. If you are always losing a bit of sleep every day - that's not healthy in the long run.
Good luck!
I'm thrilled with whatever makes you happy and reduces stress in your life!
Tough decision.
I was hired by WW for Leader two months ago. Trained a little then my my life took some turns and now I don't have the time. it is sad, I was a Leader in NY and was looking forward to doing it again. But had to resign. But I will always be a member.
Oh Deb! I know this was a bittersweet decision. You've really enjoyed being a WW leader, but you are wise to know when enough is enough. Too often we keep going long after the energy runs out and we're no good to ourselves or anyone else. Bravo for doing the right thing for you. :clappurple:
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