Home Alone

Gus will be 5 years old in March. We’ve had him since the day before his first birthday and never, in all those years, has he been left in the house alone. Until last Saturday.

Usually we take Gus with us, arrange for doggy daycare, or, weather permitting, leave him in the fenced and padlocked back yard with plenty of water, shade, and shelter. But on Saturday we had been invited to a Christmas party at a neighbor’s. The daycare schedule didn’t work (because of the late hour, Gus would have had to have spent the night at the kennel -- no pickups allowed after 10:00 pm), it seemed silly to have him stay in the back of the SUV (and we would have had to leave the party periodically to “warm up” the car), and it was way too frigid to leave him outside. So we left him with the lights and a radio on and free run of the house.

OK, so even though Gus is a GREAT OES and has NEVER jumped on any furniture, counter surfed, or chewed anything that wasn’t specifically given him as a toy, I was a little apprehensive about leaving him home alone. We were gone a little over three hours and when we got back … not even a piece of tinsel was out of place on the Christmas tree! Gus either slept the entire time or, more likely, kept watch at the atrium doors where he can watch the neighbor’s horses and the road. I am SO proud of him!!!!!

So now that we know he’s OK staying home alone, we have another option when we need to go into town. But we’ll still take him with us most of the time as he loves to ride in the car, and a town trip usually ends with a walk around the town lake and those doggy smells he finds so fascinating.

I :hearts: my Gus!
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Good boy, Gus!!!

Next time let your camcorder run in the house :lol:
Good boy Gus! I'm sure it was a relief to you that you can now trust him to be left a lone for short times.
Such a good boy :kiss: :kiss:
Ahhh way to go Guseeeeee boy :lol:

what a lucky dog!!
Good boy, Gus!!!
Good boy Gus. You know you are already where the uprights will be, no use getting excited.
Gus is a good boy!! You underestimated his "goodness". :wink:
Wow. I don't think I'll EVER be able to do that with Lola. Lily yes, Lola, not so much.
You GO Gus!
Good boy Gus! I knew he could do it, Kirby usually just sits and wait by the glass doors and keeps watch.
What a good boy!! :D
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