Lotion for dogs?

Can I put lotion on Barney? He has some crazy-dry spots and I was thinking that putting lotion on them might help? He doesn't have any hair in those spots, so I don't need to worry about that...Is human lotion okay?
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I would worry about a reaction to a lotion - bag balm might be an option depending on why there is no hair on him in those spots.
I know people who do put human lotion on their dogs but I think I remember my vet saying that dog's skin has a different pH to humans, so it might not be that helpful.

I'd ask my vet, maybe you can use vitamin E oil or something.
Is the lotion a type you would use to heal a skin lesion or just plain lotion?

A hot spot is usually a skin infection with bacteria so it requires special products. I wash it with an antibacterial soap 1-2 times a day, then dry it thoroughly. I've had success with Neopredef Powder and once with Panalog Cream. Darby's funky tail dock (an indentation in the center) got a bad hot spot after swimming this summer. I've got pictures... 8) :lol:
There's no lotion in particular at the moment. It was just a thought I had.

He doesn't have hair in those spots because of licking/chewing in the past and it just hasn't grown back.

No active hotspots, just VERY scaly-looking skin at the moment, which I know will lead to chewing in an instant, so I was thinking that since the only thing so far that has stopped his chewing is steroids, that maybe adding a lotion into the mix might prevent the need for steroids.
I've never tried . . . but bag balm is an almost-cure for everything! I love that stuff!
I was also thinking A&D ointment?
Maybe seborrhea? Grrr.
I learned today that it can be a secondary with allergies.
Is it white flaky stuff or brown scaly?
hmmm, I'd say more white scaly than not.
I use virgin coconut oil on dry patchy skin on our scottie. it works great and if he licks it it wont hurt him at all.
I would wonder if the scaly skin is due to allergies or some underlying problem - thryoid or something. Bag balm is great except I read somewhere the vaseline in that lotion can be toxic if the dogs licks it...I wouldn't use anything for humans either for the same reason...Your vet should be able to give you suggestions as to what is causing it and what's the best thing to do.

If nothing medical, a little oil in the diet helps dry skin.
You could try Chris Christensen's "Peace and Kindness". It's worked for us on various problems from dry skin to hot spots. http://www.chrissystems.com/peace.htm

Dogs with low thyroid or cushing's usually have scaly, dry skin so a blood test may be in order as well.
Hmm. I don't think he's been tested for low thyroid yet. I'll have to mention that at his next appt. The vet has just been operating under the assumption it's allergies.

Ashley--yes, the scaly skin is due to an underlying condition, but so far we have been unable to figure it out or what will cure it (aside from steroids).
Get the big thyroid test. We just put Glacier on meds after going years with "borderline low" results. Low thryoid affects all systems and is particularly hard on their hearts.
SheepieBoss wrote:
Get the big thyroid test. We just put Glacier on meds after going years with "borderline low" results. Low thryoid affects all systems and is particularly hard on their hearts.

Our vet wants the dog at mid level normal. Wmorgan tested below normala nd we adjusted his meds to get him into the mid level range (just saying in case your dog tests "low normal"
Could try Aloe-Vera Gel if he licks it no harm to him as not toxic.

Soothes & moisturisers scaly dry skin areas if not anything to do with a Hot spot. :wink:
My dog has been "low" since he was a pup. He continued to gain weight and have all sort of other problems - but never had the hair loss or skin problems. We just put him on a low dose of thrypid meds and was tested again and the numbers came up but not quite the mid range so we are increasing the dose slightly.

Meanwhile, in the three week test period I have noticed a tremendous difference in him...more alert, more active, more "happy". I suggest if your dog is "borderline low" do the three week test. Give the meds for three weeks and then do blood again to see if it helps and adjust the meds accordingly. I believe Dr. Dobbs also recommeds three week trial with retesting.
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