How did boys in the 50's dress?

Lil J has to dress like he's from the 50's tomorrow, and I'm not sure how to dress him. Is Grease the right time frame? Should I slick his hair back, put him in jeans, etc?

Anything would help but I don't have time to go to the store. The school always tells us the day before. They have a themed day almost every day (kinda annoying to be honest, but I always participate).

Shirts tucked in or out?
pants rolled up/down

any details!
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maybe jeans - I seem to think more likely black pants, white shirt, slicked back hair and a pocket protector (if you just happen to have one laying around) :)

I guess you could go Buddy Holly or hollywood grease version.
I say jeans-- rolled up-- white shirt- out if I recall ( this is only from pictures I have seen--ha-- a little before my "time)

Does he have any loafers? If not - a plain sneaker --

And hair slicked back with a little curl haging down on his forhead woud be appropriate and adorable.

Another idea would be a button up sweater--- Think Happy Days and Fonzie ;)

Of course, if you want to dress him like a little boy in the 50's he will need a Buster Brown ensamble--- Stripped shirt with little brown or green pants and little brown tie shoes....

I just took a look at my "Dick and Jane" calendar--- Dick looks just like the little boy I described above :)
think of leave it to beaver....striped tshirt, jeans cuffed, keds....
that is the first thing I think of too cuffed jeans. Oh you could do the whole rebel with out a cause look.
Ditto, cuffed jeans, undershirt showing under his shirt....except it's Houston. Hair cut in a butch.....OK, let's not go to extremes. The slick back hair was for older high school kids. Is it long enough to comb back into a DA? Button shirt, not an over the head shirt, often white shirt though light, even pink, would work.

Yeah, Keds or high tops. Buster Browns for younger. Saddle shoes not for the boys.

Do not put a package of Lucky Strikes rolled up in his T-shirt sleeve.

Geez, sorry I remember this.
Shirts and pants were tight compared to now.
Shirts tucked in, belts.
Plain white T-shirts or with horizontal stripes, plaid shirts with buttons down the front.
Chuck Taylor hightops or Keds. White socks.
Iron-on patches on the knees, if needed.
Greasy kid's stuff to slick back the hair, though buzz cuts and flat tops were more common for kids.

Boys also dressed up like cowboys, if you want to go that route.
the 50's was my time :lol: and the fellows we all swooned over wore jeans, rolled cuffs, plain black sneakers, white t shirts , duck tails or crew cuts and the guys always had a pack of cigs in their t shirts sleeve :D
Thanks everyone! Mr. J is upset I made him look more like leave it to beaver than james dean. :lol: He's my LITTLE BOY!!!!! ;)

He is wearing jeans rolled up (an inch too high), white socks, blue plain ked looking sneakers, hair is slicked forward with one big curl hanging down (his hair is very curly, so this took LOTS of gel), a belt and a fitted tucked in striped collar shirt. We were tempted (very shortly) to put a deck of Disney cards in his pocket to represent cigarettes and get a laugh, but we can't imagine how many people we'd offend, so instead he has a black comb.

His school has video cameras, so I'll have to watch to see which girls come his way today. 8)

ETA: We didn't have a white t-shirt his size or we would have just done that! I think at this age, you normally avoid all white due to meal time.
sounds very cute :lol:
sounds fun - you got a picture, right???
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