Getting fixed

Hi everyone

Maggie is going to get fixed in the morning and I am panicking - I am sure it wont be a big deal but I am not sure what to expect when I bring her home - does anyone know how long it will be before she is back to her bouncing self again?
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Daisy was fixed last summer. She recovered within a few days and was able to resume her normal(barking, bossing,playing) life shortly after. Because she has 3 brothers I brought her up north to our cottage for quiet time and the first few days she laid around on the sofa watching TV and eating peanut butter and crackers. After the first week she was ready to go home and let the boys know when she wanted to be left alone.
Thank you for the encouragement - I just picked her up and she has thrown up 3 times and she can hardly lift her head of the floor - I am not sure who feels worse me or her. My baby looks so sad and there is no life in her at all - Is this normal?
It's just the knock out drugs that is making her so drowsy and vomit. She should be fine in a few hours or in the am. Keep an eye on her but she should be fine. I had a Irish Setter fixed and it was the same thing. They look so funny all druged up. But they are not feeling any pain either.
yes she does look pretty funny and drugged up but also sooo sad - you have a good point though about not feeling any pain - the vet didnt give me anything for pain - I assume that when the drugs wear off she shouldnt be to uncomfortable.
That was my experience with O'Mally, once the drugs wore off he was fine. She will be feeling good in the morning. I just always suggest keeping an eye on them after surgery, I would rather be safe than sorry.

Tyler had Bladder stones removed about 2 years ago and they didn't give me anything for the pain either. They have a reason for that too. As I understand it, that if a dog does not feel it's pain it will try to resume normal activity and could result in tearing stitches or what ever. So if they feel some discomfort, the chances are they will take it easy. In Tyelrs case it was wrong, the surgery was very painful and his recovery was long and difficult. He lost 5 pounds from not eating and still has never gained that five pounds back. Also the antibiotics were not working and he ended up with quite an infection. I'm glad that I am a little over protective and took him in when I thought things weren't right. That way we got the correct antibiotics and he began to recover and eat. He is still very wary of our vet and gives him a wide berth when he sees him. He loves the lady vet now and prefers her. He shyly walks up to her and kisses her and leans on her. But then again, he has always prefered women over men. He loves everyone, but his favorites are the ladies.

Good luck and keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't bother the incision.

Hope Maggie is feeling a little better...

When we had our male sheepie neutered, it took about a week to ten days
before he was himself. He was not in pain as the vet gave him
a pain med IV before he left.
He would go outside with us for a bathroom break and sit right
down. We had to carry him back to the house several times the first few
days. I learned from my vet (and groomer ), they don't like the
feeling of being shaved, and sometimes the sutures are placed
a little tight.

Please make sure she can not disturb the sutures, and check
for redness or swelling, or any drainage. Report this to the vet if

A E collar was helpful in keeping him from touching the suture line.

He really did well, but the recovery period initally concerned us.
Just follow your vets instructions and don't be afraid to call if

Our best to Maggie on her recovery, she will be back with full
Sheepie energy real soon !!!
If you can't get an E-collar, you can use a size large or XL t-shirt. Head through the head, front paws through the arms, then pull the t-shirt down and gather excess and tie knot over spine. If you have a tall person in the family, like I do, and my sheepie is small!!, you can cut two holes near the bottem hem and slip the legs through.......a sheepie romper!

By all means keep her off those stitches!! My Paige "worried" her stitches resulting in what I call "granulas", permanent lumps around the incisions. She was spay 8 years ago and still his a hard, golf ball size "granula" on her belly from licking...and numerous smaller ones.
Im glad I read this altho Mickey is a male and all my animals get fixed,I am still worried for him since he is my baby.he is going March 2nd to get fixed.I dont usually wait this long to get my boys fixed,but w/ us moving and such,I didnt want to add an extra strain on him.So March 2nd is his big date.I went into the bathroom to make the appointment just in case he was listening!!LOL!!Also Eddie is going for a dental that same day,his teeth get so nasty,and every 6months he goes under for his cleaning,so Ill have 2 of my boys knocked out.So please wish them good luck.Im glad your little girl is starting to act normal again,funny how we worry.
Hi Sheepish :)
I hope Maggie is feeling better by now :) Some dogs just take longer to metabolise the anesthetic than others.... but I'm sure she will be feeling better soon! :) Sky sends her sister slobbery puppy kisses!
Thank you all for the kind words - Maggie is still feeling terrible and yes, I agree I think the stitches may be pulling a bit because when she does get up she walks funny and sits down again as soon as she can - Preferrably in the snow! but we are trying to avoid the snow and sticking to cold magic bags from the freezer to offer comfort - she is really feeling sorry for herself but I am looking forward to her recovery because next Friday I am picking up another 14 month old pup to keep her company. Her name will be Molly and I cant wait for Maggie to see her and for her playmate to come home!
Things will get better soon !
Maggie will return to her sheepy self just in time for
Molly to join the family !

Our one sheepie keeps us very busy, I'm trying to
imagine two !!

Congratulations on your new puppy,
and best wishes to Maggie...
Blue Star is getting spayed in March. She will be six months old. What I want to ask anyone if they have heard that the anethesia (sp?) makes the coat thin out after the operation. I've heard this happens and if it does, what can I do to off set the effects? Blue Star has a beautiful coat that is gradually changing into her adult coat. I would hate to see it full of thin patches. Anyone have any info?

Hi May !

When Bogart was neutered his coat remained the same
in texture and length. A few months after we had the
puppy to adult coat transition. He was very sleepy and no
appetite the first night as expected after the surgery.
The area that was shaved for surgery came back fairly
quickly. Maybe we were lucky, but I did not note a change
in his coat thickness after surgery.

I don't remember a change in our first OES coat after the
surgery either.

Best Wishes to Blue Star, please update us after the surgery.

Merlin, Panda and Blue wanted to send Maggie sloppy sheepie kisses her way. We all hope she's feeling better.

Maggie now has a slight infection. I took her back to the vet this morning and they gave me the collar - oh my, what a treat that is! she hates it and once I finally got it on her I put her in her cage so she could get used to it and an hour later my husband came home and the rascal has taken it off!!!!! it was on tight enough (so I thought) lol - I think I may need to try the romper idea because the collar is just not an option. I cant wait until this is over - she is so sad and my heart is broken. I hope she is well enough by Friday so we can pick up our new adopted OES Molly! this whole surgery thing has become a much bigger ordeal than I thought and Maggie is just not very good with this kind of thing obviously - so lets home it is a very long time before she has to experience anything like this again!
Hi Sheepish-

How is Maggie doing???
Jules (JuJu-B) is going in on Thursday morning to get spayed. She is 13 months old. This might sound silly but do females lose any of their female mothering/nanny behavior? I understand the uterus and the ovaries are removed. Jules is very in tune to peoples emotions. I no this all sounds silly. What kind of changes have any of you seen in your female sheepies after they had this operation? Thanks
I think the only changes were for the better after Mic got fixed. She was calmer, quieter, more loving. She got fat though.... but other than that, nothing. I'm sure everything will be fine! :)
Ok, here's a dumb question. I could look it up on the web, but I'm feeling lazy (and busy) right now.

Why such a radical hysterectomy + double oophorecotmy (sp?) when spaying a dog? why not just remove the uterus? Why not just "tie or clip the tubes" (assuming dogs have fallopian tubes)?

I know the dog would still have seasons, but would the side effect of incontinence and probably other would be eliminated. I understand that there woudl be an increased risk of cancer.

Anybody know?
Ron, I was thinking the same thing. If they just removed the uterus, but left the ovaries intact would they still receive their beneficial hormones? I know many woman whose ovaries remain for this reason. This would stop the cycles though. I will have to ask my vet neighbor. Better yet...Thursday morning when I go in to take Jules I will ask for a rundown.
Actually, those hormones are not really beneficial in a dog. A dog doesn't care if it grows a
I think the spay removes the uterus to avoid uterine cancer, and the risk of infection. Removing the ovaries reduces or eliminates the risk of other cancers, and the dog no longer has to go through a heat cycle, which IS a big deal for a dog. It is not at all like a menstrual cycle in a human. It is an almost insane drive to procreate, anxiety, discomfort, confusion. The mental discomfort would not be the same in wild canid species, because, if they are in season, they mate. No confusion, no lack of fullfilling that drive. The hormones a dog produces each and every heat cycle last for approximately two months, the same as if she were pregnant. It is needless for a dog who is not going to be bred to go through that.
Spaying and neutering is primarily to curb over population, however, there are also many benefits for a dog who is not going to be bred.
I have no idea why incontinence is such a huge issue in female OES, but from my years working at the vet I did not see even one case of urinary incontinence in a young female dog, spayed or not.During my years there we did not treat a single OES either though.
I'm sure there are other breeds where this is a problem, but OES is the only breed I know of where incontinence after spaying happens with such alarming regularity.
I wonder if the anatomy is slightly different? Perhaps the vets are performing the surgery by rote and not noticing something is different, one nerve is a quarter inch closer to something than in other breeds, and being damaged? If it was as simple as nicking the bladder, that would heal. A muscle would also heal, to me it sounds like nerve damage.
I know that a lack ofhormones can weaken the muscles, and that they treat with medication successfully in most cases, but why does it happen at all?
Thanks Willowsprite for the info. I will be more informed going in. I guess I am somewhat worried for my furry child! I just want her to stay the same and not change at all. I will ask the vet about the female OES spaying and the incontinence. We do have a couple of sheepies around here. I think they take care of around 3 or 4 at our vet's office. I guess it is better to just go ahead and get this over with. I hate it for her though!
Hi to all. It was really helpful to read about Maggie. And forgive me, but my dog isn't an OES, he's a Border Mix, but I didn't know where else to go. He just had surgery today (neutering) and he is SOO sad! He's still not totally out of the drug effect, but since he started 'aiming' for his stitches, I had to put on the e-collar. He just stands there, with it touching the ground and not moving much. I've never seen a dog act this way (then again, he's only the second dog I've had :oops: ) Is this normal? Will he get better soon? I'm just worried, the 'depression' will hinder his ability to get well.

Thanks for any help,
Greenlee (grandma of 4)(too old to be worrying about these things : )
He just stands there, with it touching the ground and not moving much.

Ya, my boy did this, too. But only for the first day or so. Then he was OK, and used to terrorize my other dogs with the cone, and bang into us all the time with it. I think he liked having it so he could bug us!
It is most likely just the anesthetic.... he may be metabolising it slower than expected.
I would keep a close eye on him though just in case, if you are worried I would call the vet just to be safe.
I agree with Willowsprite, it may just be the effects of the drugs still had not worn off. Even after the anesthesia has worn off, he may still act "depressed" with the collar for a little while. I've had a couple of males neutered (both my own and foster dogs) and they acted that way at first with the e-collar too. Then, like Bosely's Mom said, they get used to it and begin running around the house just like always. He'll probably bang into you quite a few times, too, so be ready for bruises! :D
Thank you all SO much for the encouragement!'s doing MUCH better today...and he IS using the collar to knock us out of the way now! Thanks so much. I just never had a pet act like that...and was worried. But I think he's gonna be just fine now.

take care,
Glad to hear he's feeling better :)
Hello! This is really helping me to read all of your replys. My Daisy is getting fixed in the morning. I am sooooo scared. I had my best friend loose his cat when she was fixed and I have been paranoid! She died overnight at the vet. Daisy is coming home with us tomorrow afternoon and I am not sure what to expect. She usually sleeps with me & my boyfriend at night - should I let her sleep in her crate or with us? Will she be able to walk? Thanks!
I would crate her if she is used to it, it's better to limit her activity for a few days. She should be able to walk just fine, though she will be sore and maybe groggy as well at first. She may feel a little sick to her tummy from the anesthetic as well.
It is scary to hear about someone losing a pet during surgery, and it is a risk, but it happens rarely. There is a simple bloodtest that can be done before surgery to make sure the dog will be able to metabolise the anesthetic properly, it's no guarantee but it may give you additional peace of mind.
hi, i am Laura, my puppy's name is Maggie also but she is a maltipoo, she is 4 1/2 months old and maybe is at 5 pounds, she was just spayed on the 18th (today is the 22) and had a hurnea (sp?) removed where her umbilical cord was and she has stopped darting around and then just landing to lay there for a while, now she runs and walks normal and eats and drinks but all she does is lay down and shake, just runs to bark at ppl at the door now too again, we keep her in a blanket and try to give her as much love as we can but she wont play any more, she used to play alllll dayyyy the most happy dog i ever seen but now she is just so sad, is she going to ever be playful again?? we miss her and our hearts brake when we see how sad she is... and do all dogs get like puckered stitches? :cry: please some one e mail me @ with the subject saying DND about Maggie (or it will go to spam and i wont get it....)
One of mine had an umbilical hernia too... it was repaired when she was spayed.

Have you spoken to the vet that did the surgery or had her examined again? Depression or sadness, shaking and not wanting to play can all be signs of pain or illness. Please call your vet and have her checked over as soon as you can. I've had 6 dogs spayed and they were back to their usual selves by the next day.

Best wishes to you and Maggie.
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