Mother of the Groom Attire

What are your opinions of the mother of the groom wearing a print dress to an afternoon wedding (3:00pm)? I am the mother of the groom this weekend and still looking for a dress. I found one that I absolutely love, but it is a pale blue, teal and green floral.
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wouldn't that depend on the print? Pictures?
Sorry I say no. I was the mother of the groom and this is the time to down play dress. This also was a afternoon wedding. The mom of the bride should stand out more than you. All though you can be very classy with out to much flare. After being MOM to 3 girl brides I liked this better.
I wore a nice gold dress with matching jacket. It was perfect as my grandson walked me down the isle. I think a print is to much. This is just my thoughts.
????????? That's why I'm asking the pros. :wink:
What does the bride think? If she likes it, then I would say go for it. If she is hesitant, I would find something more subdued. Good luck!
Yea I would ask the bride! As laid back as I am as a bride I have a lot of opinions about what people should wear haha...

I think a print would be fine though, especially if it's an afternoon wedding.
The bride is alot like her mother-in-law to be, just ready for this to be over with. :lol: The mother of the bride might wear a print also. The whole wedding is much less than a traditional wedding. Many years ago, I did weddings for the florist I worked for, and I have found that none of those things are considered the norm any more. I guess I'm older than I thought.
Betsy wrote:
The whole wedding is much less than a traditional wedding.

I think that is your answer - and it makes a print acceptable (if you can bear looking at it in the wedding photos - why not?)
My daughter married last June. The Grooms mom wore the same color and style as me. I was unaware until the wedding . At first I thought oh wow! But the photos were great with us all matching!I'm so glad we did dress alike!
Kerry has a good point. The photos. Think of those. Yes I am from a older gen. but I still stand by that the MIL should not out dress the MOM.
clydal wrote:
My daughter married last June. The Grooms mom wore the same color and style as me. I was unaware until the wedding . At first I thought oh wow! But the photos were great with us all matching!I'm so glad we did dress alike!

See, my SIL had the BIGGEST fit ever. Both mom and mil were wearing the same color and you would have guessed someone called off the wedding by how mad she was. Definitely just ask the bride. My mom and mil both told me what they were wearing before they did. ...but they weren't really asking, just letting me know. :lol:

FWIW, I'd be totally okay with what you were wearing.
both my MIL and mother didn't even wear dresses the wore pant sets.

my MIL wore a print to our wedding never bothered me it was navy pant suit but the top and jacket was a navy and white floral. sha also wore a hat (my mother doesn't do hats she wore a feather thingy)

the color of our wedding was cornflower blue, i refused to let my mum wear blue!!! she always wears blue so she picked a jade green pant suit that was a plain color.

it was a 4 o'clock wedding at disney world with 18 guests. i think my mum look great i told her to play it up it was florida (we all flew over from the uk)

i agree check with the bride i know a friend of mine was a bit upset that her mil wore almost the same as her mother. she thinks she did it on purpose as she didn't want her son to marry her.

zoe and einy
Does anyone really care about that stuff anymore? Like whose mom wears what kind of outfit? My major concern, if I were the bride, would be that you wear something that looks good and you're comfortable in. If it's appropriate for an afternoon wedding, it's fine.
wear something that
1. you love and will wear again.
2. coordinates with family but doesnt have to match...just has to ''go''
3. ask your future dil....she will be thrilled that you care enough to ask her opinion!
I would agree with everyone else, and ask the bride. I am of the same school of thought as both you and the bride, just can't wait for my wedding to get here and be done with all of it, I have to wait until October!
My fiance's Mom keeps asking me about what I want her to wear, I honestly don't care as long as she is comfortable and it isn't something she can never wear again. I say as long she doesn't care wear the floral dress, and it will be beautiful for a spring wedding. Good luck and have a great time!
Can't imagine why anyone would think a print in any way "out dresses" the Mom. And who judges what "outdress" is? What an odd notion.

I think pale green blue and teal sounds lovely.
I say wear it if you like it. An afternoon wedding isn't considered 'formal' so a print would be fine.
My hubby sent me out with my sister to get a nice dress to wear out to dinner for our anniversary. Come to find out he had secretly planned to have our vows renewed on our 25th.
I purchased an ivory suit. Got lucky when my son got married and that was the color they wanted us moms to wear so I wore my "suit'. I also wore it to my sisters wedding, and will probably wear it to her daughters wedding. (It'll never go out of style and still looks brand new)! I'm gonna get my $200 worth of use out of it! :lol:
I can't see buying something you'll only wear once, especially with today's economy........
Good luck and may God bless the union of your daughter and her soon to be husband!
Why is the Mother of the Bride more important then the grooms mother ? Isn't there a bride and a groom ?? She's not marring herself ???
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