What is a dew claw?

What is a dew claw and can I tell by looking at the pup if the dew claw has been removed? Thanks
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The dew claws are a claw higher up on the leg, usually only fastened by loose tissue at birth, however, if left on they can cause many problems
Our puppy's dew claws were not removed.
At the first vet visit (at 8 wks) we were advised not to have them
removed. Our vet stated the dew claws should be removed soon
after birth when they are like fingernails and easy to remove.

After that time, he explained they are like appendages and more
difficult to remove. He advised us to wait and if problems then
readdress the issue of removing them.

So far, we have not had any problems...
It seems the only time dogs really have a problem is if you have a chain link fence and the dog likes to dig. They will sometimes reach thru the fence and break the dew claw bone (Not all dew claws have bones.)
Thank you so much for the picture... I thought that was what it was but I wasnt sure.... Thanks everyone for your help I thought it was a major concern. Anyone know whether insurance covers issues with dew claws?

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