What the heck is yellow hominy?!?!

I got it thinking it was just corn and just opened it to give to joshee and it's the most disgusting thing I've ever tried. It says it's just corn, but this... is just absolute ick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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total deja vu!!! 8O :lol:

We were just talking about corn vs hominy in school (my homecare client is 15 and we go to school with her) last week. None of us knew the answer either. :roll:

I was going to research it, but I forgot.

from answers.com :

Food Lover's Companion: hominy
Top Home > Library > Food & Cooking > Food Lover's CompanionOne of the first food gifts the American Indians gave to the colonists, hominy is dried white or yellow corn kernels from which the hull and germ have been removed. This process is done either mechanically or chemically by soaking the corn in slaked lime or lye. Hominy is sold canned, ready-to-eat or dried (which must be reconstituted before using). It's commonly served as a side dish or as part of a casserole. When dried hominy is broken or very coarsely ground it's called samp. When ground, it's called hominy grits-or simply grits-and usually comes in three grinds-fine, medium and coarse. Hominy grits are generally simmered with water or milk until very thick. The mixture can be served in this mushlike form or chilled, cut into squares and fried. In the South, grits are served as a side dish for breakfast or dinner.
I believe it has more starch - it is the corn used to make grits and flour , not sweet corn.
YUCK :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
eeeeuuwwww (where's the vomit emoticon when you need it!?!)
Grits is OK :)
Ron wrote:
Grits is OK :)

That was my thought too. I really like grits. :D

I was introduced to them properly too - as a teen I was on a 4-H exchange trip in Georgia - lived with a family outside Atlanta for a week.
I loved the grits and the fresh peaches. Everything else made me decide (at the age of 13) that I NEVER wanted to live there!
I guess it's what you are used to. I grew up eating hominy and grits and I love them. I suppose if you were expecting sweet corn you would be disappointed.
Mmmmmm, I love hominy. I used to eat it straight from the can when I was a kid. My brother hates it. Soooo good. I can't remember what we did with it other than eat it from the can, but I'm sure we did something.

And I was going to be a smart!@# and say that yellow hominy is the same thing as white hominy, just yellow 8)
We had a contest to see who could eat the most.

We both could barely stomach one kernel. :twisted:
HAHA. I didn't know what it was either until about a month ago. I had a recipe that called for it and I was like "What is Hominy :lmt: " It was in a soup and was actually very good.
No way would I eat it out of the can!

Here hominy is made into posole which at least makes it edible. Usually we use frozen hominy which hasn't "popped" like the can stuff. There is also a dried hominy which must be soak over nite, rubbed to remove the cutin layer, etc. Oh bother.

Posole is a pork based stew. Start with a pork shoulder and simmer, maybe with aromatics, maybe not. Depends on the cook. Then the hominy is added & cooked to the pop stage. Red chile is used for flavoring, either mixed into the broth or served along side of the stew.

If you use canned instead of the dried or frozen, it is added near the end of cooking so as not to fall apart.
The secret is good broth and chile, then it is tolerable.

Hominy by itself......there isn't enough butter in the world for me to get it down. That said, there's a nice sweet hominy dish that I run across from time to time that is really quite nice. No clue how it's made.
I'm glad you asked. I have a can of hominy in my pantry because it looked and sounded yummy but I have no idea what to do with it.
Make a nice stew or soup and put it in, in place of potatoes.
Here is the link to the soup I made. My husband and brother-in-law liked it. Sounds odd with the butternut squash and hominy in it but it was quite good. That and the chili was quick to make. I used a different meat in it though. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Butternut-Squash-and-Turkey-Chili/Detail.aspx
Hominy is a regular thing here in small resteraunts in Missouri. I agree it is GROSS!
I just saw this post today and it made me laugh...

My parents are from the south and I grew up on lots of southern food that most people I know here in NY have never tried. HA HA

We ate hominy but we always COOKED it. I doubt I could stomach it out of the can.Oh.. and only the white. Never the yellow. Even my mom who grew up on it won't eat the yellow. Here 's how my mom and g'ma made it when I was growing up:
Use g'mas old cast iron skillet, drizzle some olive oil in it. Heat to med. Drain the can of hominy well. Put in the skillet. sprinkle with salt pepper and garlic to taste. fry it till it's as hot and cooked as you want. then eat it.

Now that I actually think about it... I have not had this in YEARS. I can't remember the last time I had it. I would say the kids were probably small. I'd eat it again though. Maybe when I visit mom this summer... :lol: :lol:
Yep - hominy hot cakes. Yum! :D

Grits are delicious when properly prepared. If not, you could spackle your walls with them. :lol:
Well, I tried it straight out of the can. I have to confess that I was intrigued after Joahaeyo talking about how awful it was. And, :D , it was HORRID and disgusting. Then I went ahead and made that soup again that had hominy in it and it tasted good. So what gives? Straight from the can makes you want to puke but make it into something and it tastes good?

Good thing I didn't taste it straight out of the can the first time. I would have never wanted to cook with it. :twisted:
See, I was inspired to buy a can too!

I still love it straight from the can. Even just sprinkling a little salt and pepper on top and mmmmmmm :lol:
They're like fresh corn nuts... (to me, at least!)
barney1 wrote:
They're like fresh corn nuts... (to me, at least!)

Maybe really nasty corn nuts :twisted: LOL No I didn't think that when I tasted it fresh from the can.

Yellow Hominy from the can has Sodium Bisulfite in it. Look it up. Not good stuff to be putting into your body. My husband just ate some and now has a skin rash. I ate some too but am okay, so far. I ate white hominy my mom made when I was kid. Wasn't real crazy about it then, either. My dad didn't like hominy, either. Won't eat anymore after today.
We only use the white. Our favorite way to use it is to fry a ham steak, keeping the drippings and frying the hominy in the drippings. I love hominy but do not like the texture of grits.
Fun to see this thread again. I did end up making posole and I love the hominy in it. It tastes like corn tortillas to me. Yum!
sodium bisulfide is a preservative found in many foods, but fortunately usually rinsed off first. It is used to lower pH of foods to prevent spoilage. It is found in beverages, over meats, canned goods, etc.

Remember hominy is NOT sweet corn, more like field corn, more starch less sugar.
opened a can for dinner smelled like a cleaner through it out
What is it ?
It's field corn (really starchy corn, not sweet corn) soaked in lye until it swells, then you rinse it really good and scrub off the hulls too. It is good fried in meat drippings but I like it best in soups. I always thought it was a just southern thing in the USA but I lived in Costa Rica for a while and they make/ eat it there too.. my friend's family who owned a farm made it a lot. (pozol) it's country food in many different countries apparently. I always buy the canned stuff here but in Costa Rica they made it fresh.. she was appalled I was going to used canned hominy, lol
Fairly common here especially in the winter when pork stews are made for family gatherings. Lots of chile peppers, red or green, onions and posole.......hominy. Describe it?? Shaped a bit like popped popcorn, denser (since it withstand cooking), good bits of carbohydrates in your stew.
Parwaz wrote:
What is it ?

Disgusting :)
Canned for sure. Frozen and cooked is edible. You can actually pick up the corn flavor.....not sweet unless cooked separately and sweetened. Then you begin to think "soggy Cracker Jacks???"
I am amazed at the people from regions that eat things like scrapple and head cheese think hominy is gross! 8O
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