Switching from paper trained to outside potty

I'm getting a new pup tomorrow (Yikes!), and have been told that he's partially trained to pee on papers inside. So I'm wondering, what is the best/easiest way to convert him from a paper pee-er to an outside pee-er? Should I lay out papers for just in case, and try to catch him before he does that deed? or should I just be vigilant about watching him, and taking him out every 2-3 hours and not lay out papers? Thanks for the advice! :lol:
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Congratulations on your new puppy!!!!

We crate trained our puppy and found it easier than the paper training
we did years ago withour first OES.
You will need to take them out often in the beginning,
when they awake, after meals, after playing etc.
With patience and consistancy, it doesn't take that long to
train them. We took our guy to the same place, and gave
him a key word which we repeated until he went to the BR.
There are some good solutions you can buy at the pet shop
to discourage him from going in the house if he makes a mistake.
When applied to the rug, it worked very well.

Good luck !!!
I agree crate training is the easiest way to go, however if you find your pup is seeking out paper to pee on, and you make no progress after a while of being vigilant with a routine, then perhaps try a small section of papers close to the door you will be taking him out, and make the papers smaller and smaller and gradually move the last square of paper outside, and then to no paper. It really is best to not use paper at all, and most pups with the breeder do use papers, but the pups still adjust fine to going outside.
Welcome!! Crate training is the way to go. Puppy pads were very useful when Lennon was allowed to roam free in the house, and they are easier to clean than newspapers, but make them an auxiliary tool or soo your puppy will not want to go anywhere else.

Crate training is really easy, and Willowsprite's advise on the paper is the one we used to help Lennon stop using the puppy pads.
Big Ben was started on the paper training when we got him. We immediately switched to crate training (it had worked for our prior dog) - but we did have some issues. I would try to remove all throw rugs in front of doors. Ben seemed to think they were meant for the same purpose as the paper.

We did kennel him when he was almost 2 (long after he was house trained) for a ski trip. It had snowed and the kennel was using newspaper between the inside and outside runs because they were getting very muddy from the snow melting and the dogs constantly running through. Apparently Ben regressed immediately and would only go potty in the newspaper area while he was staying there. I'm glad we were informed, as soon as we got home we knew to put up the throw rugs for a little while again. I can only assume it was the smell of the newsprint that reminded him it was once a potty area?
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