Where can you buy coq10 (CoEnzime Q10) cheaply?

Hi All,

Just an update on my CoQ10 experience. As some of you know, I had fallen ill with a mystery illness of muscle weakness. In my web surfing to figure out what might be wrong with me, I found a couple of sites that suggested that I might have a CoEnzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) deficiency.

My Primary doctor didn't think much of it.
My neurologists poo pooed me.

Well I tried it. I started on 50mg a day and started to feel a bit better right away. I increased the dose to 100mg and started feeling even better. Gradually over the course of more than a year I have increased my dosage to 450mg per day. That would be 9 50mg pills, but I have found it in larger 150 mg pills. Also I have used Costco! The price is almost half of what it is almost anywhere else.

About a month ago, give or take I ran out of CoQ10 and finally decided to bite the bullet and try going off the CoQ10 to see if it made a difference. About 2 or 3 weeks later I started to have a few heart palpitations but I didn't think anything of it, I get those once in a while, and I didn't attribute it to the CoQ10. I didn't even think of it! After a few days of palpitation which is VERY unusual they started to become fairly frequent and they just weren't going away. Now I made a connection and decided to carry on for a bit to see if they'd calm down. They didn't. In addition, I started to have muscle twitches in my arms. Now I've had those off and on for my entire life, but I haven't had any in a long time.

Then I also started to feel a little like I did way back in the beginning of problems, with some neck and other muscle weakness. So Joan ran down to Costco for me (she's an angel, I tell ya!) and picked up the CoQ10. The palpitations continued frequently for one day, the second day they slowed and about halfway through the day they stopped. And the twitches stopped. That was more than a week ago and I haven't had a single palpitation since.

So whatever mystery illness I may have had or still have, it SEEMS that CoQ10 deficiency might be a cause. Now it's time to tell the doctor and get pooh pooed again.

Bottom line? Check out online where you can buy CoQ10 inexpensively, but I'll bet you can't do better than going to Costco. If you can, please let me know!
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CoQ10 is recommended as a supplement for dogs with certain heart conditions, I forget which, perhaps cardiomyopathies? based on its use in humans (I don't think its efficacy been proven in dogs, or conclusively in humans for that matter - more of a "seems to work in humans, can't hurt to try" kind of thing)

Sorry, haven't had to shop for it so can't help you there, but you'd think your doctors would pay attention to you noting that it appears to work for you..! :?:

Can they measure CoQ10 levels like they can taurine plasma concentrations etc? If they know levels produced may decrease with age/certain concurrent medical conditions, they must have a way of measuring levels, yes?

Just curious. You'd think that would be one way of convincing them to take you seriously.

As a complete digression, there are a couple of documented cases in OES of taurine deficiencies (same household, not sure if the dogs are related, suggested dietary deficiency) that responded well to supplementation. I'm not even sure if their concentrations came back low, but owner opted to supplement and the underlying cardiac conditions were reversed. I haven't had a chance to talk to her about it first hand, but it too sounded like, well, sheesh, if it works....

There are a couple of breeds with a known genetic basis for taurine deficiencies (and carnitine as well, may not be same breeds), but OES are not one of them. I think whatever research there is has been soley concentrated on cardiac issues, but generalized muscle weakness makes sense given what the heart is - a muscle. I wonder if it could have a positive effect on dogs with conditions such as myasthenia gravis? :lmt:

Hm - Ron the guinea pig :wink: Best of luck. From what I've seen it's one of the pricier supplements. Not sure why.

Did you have palpitations before you started the CoQ10? I'm hoping they are not somehow making you worse as you seem to be dependant on taking them to stop the palpitations, could they be causing underlying damage?

I'm interested in the muscle weakness thing, as you know I have similar problems. I've been having an arthritis flare up this week and my muscles are all pulled and painful now (I think caused by the joint inflammation?) I feel like I have flu without the head cold and my legs are back to giving way. This is not the time of year for muscle weakness!

Let us know how you get on.
Walmart, my husband is on it :)

I hope you feel better soon :D
Ron what do you think of these?

Qunol: Dietary Supplement 100 Mg Ultra Coq10, 1 ct

Dietary Supplement 100 Mg

Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Gelatin, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Purified Water, Polysorbate 80, Hydroxylated Soy Lecithin, Medium Chain Tridlgyerides, Annatto Seed Extract and Soybean Oil (Traces from Natural Sources).

Product Details:
Up to 300% More Effective
1 Month Supply
New 100% Soluble Coq10
When It Comes to Coenzyme Q10, It's Not What You Take - It's What You Absorb That Matters. 7 Separate Peer-Reviewed and Published Clinical Studies Have Shown The New Patented Technology In Qunol Gives It The Highest Absorption of All Coq10 Supplements Tested - ...

http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product. ... d=10317403

Take 1 Qunol Soft Gel, Once Per Day With Food.

Quten Research Inst.

Contains Soy. Keep Out of Reach of Children. If You Are Pregnant Or Nursing A Baby, Seek The Advice of A Health Professional Before Using This Product. The Bottle Cap of This Product Is Secured With An Imprinted Plastic Seal. Do Not Use This Product If Seal Is Cut, Torn, Broken Or Missing. Keep Bottle Tightly Closed.Store Between 59°-86°F. Do Not Refrigerate.

Up to 300% More Effective
1 Month Supply
New 100% Soluble Coq10
When It Comes to Coenzyme Q10, It's Not What You Take - It's What You Absorb That Matters. 7 Separate Peer-Reviewed and Published Clinical Studies Have Shown The New Patented Technology In Qunol Gives It The Highest Absorption of All Coq10 Supplements Tested - Up to 300% Greater Than Competing Brands! The Difference Is In Qunol's Advanced Solubility. Qunol Is The Original Coq10 Supplement That Is Proven to Be Both 100% Lipid and Hydro Soluble. Most Competing Brands Are Lipid Soluble Only, Which Limits Their Absorption. Qunol Provides Complete Solubility That Gives You Best Absorption. What Does This Mean For You? By Simply Taking Qunol As Directed, You Can Achieve The Recommended Coq10 Blood Concentration In Just Weeks, While Competing Brands May Take Several Months to Reach The Same Levels. Qunol Will Also Cost You Much Less Than Other Coq10 Supplements Per Mg Absorbed, Making It The Best Value Coq10 Supplement Available.
Landmark Research and Dozens of Clinical Studies Have Proven Coq10 to Be One of The Most Remarkable Natural Supplements In Existence. In Addition to Supporting Heart Health, Boosting Cellular Energy and Its Role As A Powerful Antioxidant That Fits Free Radicals, Research Has Shown That Supplementing With Coq10 Is Essential to Restoring Optimum Coq10 Levels In People Who Take Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs. Several Classes of Prescription Drugs Had Been Shown to Deplete Coenzyme Q10 Levels In The Bdoy. Supplementing With A Highly Absorbable Form of Coq10 (Qunol) May Be Appropriate In Such Cases.
Qunol Is Made With The Highest Quality All-Natural Coenzyme Q10, Not Synthetic Like Many Competing Brands; This Guarantees Best Absorption and Highest Bio-Availability. The Solubilized Coq10 In Qunol Is The Choice Many Physicians, Pharmacists, Nutritionists and Health Care Practitioners.
I dunno! What's the price?
Walmart, my husband is on it

Your husband is named after a store? :lol:

Sorry- it is the silly season
My husband saw a cardiologist earlier this year for a heart murmur... he also takes a Statin drug for high cholesterol. The doctor recommended he take Co Q-10 from Sam's Club along with Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals.

Member's Mark Co Q-10 (a Sam's Club brand) comes in
200mg softgels... a bottle of 75 softgels is $29.88.

Not sure how this compares to Costco...
Costco.com carries Nature Made 200mg CoQ10 140 count for $29.99. That is a little more than half price.

But costco.com and costco stores carry different merchandise.
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