Dryer sheets?

Do any of your sheepies have a dryer sheet fettish? My parent's OES Merlin has always loved dryer sheets, so much so that he actually eats them.
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How funny, yes I have that problem with one of my cats. Berlioz will rub them all over himself and loves them, after he has rubbed it all over, then he will climb on our bed to chew on it for awhile. I have never seen either of my 2 sheepies have anything to do with the dryer sheets.
Stormi and co.
Sydney rubs all over a dryer sheet - as well as dirty dishtowels! She loves dirty clothes too! She'll take a dish towel off the counter and bring it into the other room and go wild! LOL My sister usually comments - WACKY is at it again! LOL

This was a topic of discussion on the OES List and I think someone mentioned their dog got sick or had an obstruction from eating one - so be careful.

My dogs go after dryer sheets too... one thing to keep in mind though is that they are very flammable... if you have a fireplace that the dog lays in front of or anything like that make sure the dog cannot get at dryer sheets ....
Rubbing the dryer sheets on their skin is one thing, but eating them?? Wouldn't the chemicals in the dryer sheet be harmful to them?
Soon after I got Callie (my sheepie) as a baby, she found a dryer sheet in the laundry I was folding and before I could get it from her, she swallowed it. I FREAKED out! I called the emergency vet, but she said that since she is a large breed dog, she would probably be fine. And since it had already been through the dryer, the chemicals were mostly gone. Sure enough, it came out the next day and all was fine. Ever since then, I have been in the habit of finding the dryer sheet and throwing it away as soon as I open the dryer. If I ever miss one, though, Callie will immediately find it for me.
Blue loves dryer sheets. Any time we do laundry, we have to watch him like a hawk or he'll grab a sheet, run off, and start chewing. He's never swallowed one (probably just for lack of opportunity), but he acts like it's bubblegum, just chomping away. We usually have to pry his mouth open and pull it out.
Bunkie eats them if she finds them
Not sure how I missed this post from last year, but since it has come around again...my cat Amy LOVES dryer sheets.

She plays with them, rubs on them and tries to eat them.
I came across this posting while searching for info on toxicity of dryer sheets. My kitten just had kidney failure after ingesting a piece of a dryer sheet... so while the big dogs may be able to handle them without having to go to the ER, it's probably safest to keep them away from your dogs. Just thought I'd let you know.
Oh, that's terrible! How is your kitty doing? Better I hope. :plead:
I am very sorry to hear about your kitty.

Thank you for passing the warning on to us.

Every sheepdog we've had has the dryer sheet fetish...it still remains a mystery... 8O
I was searching for info on this, becase my terror decided to eat a dryer sheet. I wanted to let everyone know that I did call a Vet Hospital near my house and they took it very serious. It was used and everything. We had to feed him 2 slices of bread and let that digest for 5 min and then have him drink 1/4 cup of Peroxide (I know, but the vet said they use it to induce vomiting)

All in all, he did his thing and we verified it was there...all is well.

Easier than worrying about it :P
Great info! Thanks.
Mine eats klenex ... ( tissues ) ... doesnt matter if they are clean or dirty ... she just feels the urge to eat them ...
it kinda reminds me of ELF ( the movie )
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