Poop Eater's Anonymous

Bert is a recovering poop eater. Just when you think he leaves his own poop alone he comes to the door with poop covering his front teeth and poop particules on the beard.

Well, we are back to strictly monitering potty breaks and a super clean backyard...the pumpkin in his food (Bert loves it, both times!!).....eating meals more slowly.... perhaps I will pick up some "deter" today.

He is too cute to think he would do such a thing....but I have to face reality. His breath smells like poop.

"No kisses Bert. But thank you for the thought."

Anybody with me?
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There are lots of poop eaters on the forum.... 2 out of my five oes are poop eaters.... it's disgusting, but I've found the only way to stop it is to pick it up right away if you can.
Pumpkin works for some, I think others have tried a meat tenderizer on their food too and had some success...
all i can say is yuk !!!!! 8O and glad mine are not.
Summer is terrible, you think she is cured. and then! I pick the spade up as soon as I see her getting ready to go. Unfortunately hubby isn't as fast as me! It makes her tum upset as well but she doesn't learn. Did someone say pineapple will stop them?
Portage is a chronic offender. I supervise him fully and won't let him even stop to sniff one (we have a service that comes once a week, so I don't have to scoop, but I do have to supervise).

My husband swears he watches, but he doesn't. A few hours later Portage has an upset tummy and the worst gas you can imagine. There's a distinct aroma to a recycled poofart.

And my husband just sits there, insisting he has no idea why Portage is under the weather.
Jack is poop eater too. Thankfully not every day or even every week. But when I smell his actions on his breath, he's immediately marched to the sink, paper towel and a dab of soap and water and he's swabbed out. I say nothing or show emotion. Several plain water rinses until his mouth/tongue/paletteteeth come up non-yellow and then he's released. He doesn't fight it as I'm not rough.

Ditto pumpkin, twice is always better. Have also tried Lowry's Meat Tenderizer as the enzymes are suppose to further digest the food so it's not so "enticing." And yes, I've considered papaya or pineapple, but can't afford it for us, let alone Jack. Maybe something at health food store?

Somebody wrote here or on the other blog it may be an early indication of pancreatitis.......so I'm watching his diet carefully. I may have to go to a lower fat diet?

Plus he has another habit or blessing :oops: :cry: He cleans his own anal glands. Yep, he is saving me the trouble of cleaning his glands by chewing/licking until that wonderful stuff is released. Now there's another smell and dog breath you don't want to be near.
please dont say it is an early indication of pancreatis that is how I lost my last dog. The vet told me it is a throw back from being the smallest puppy, or a maternal instinct or just eating too fast and still feeling hungry. I have frozen pineapple, how would I use that?
He cleans his own anal glands.

There's a distinct aroma to a recycled poofart.

:lol: That struck me as soo funny I almost choked on my coffee!!! LOL

I have also heard of the pineapple trick. I have no clue if it works or not. I am thankful Baloo has not picked up this trait. Good luck to everyone and I hope that you find what works for you.
There's a distinct aroma to a recycled poofart.

That is funny... I was blaming the pumpkin for Berts new stinky odors but you are probably right about recycled poofarts.
Ellie (6months old) has just started this gross habit as well. I talked to my vet and they suggested a product call For-bid. I bought several packets. My vet said that I would see results in 2 days which I did but after reading the product info, it suggests using it for 6 days. My vet was charging me $3.50/packet which was getting a little pricey as I was giving it to all 3 of my dogs. They suggested that I give it to all of my dogs if I wasn't sure whose poop she is eating. You give each dog a 1/2 packet mixed in with their food twice a day. I was able to find For-bid on the internet for $11.95 for 12 packets which is about $1.00/packet for PetVetDirect. I have ordered 24 packets or enough for 8 days of treatment.

I'll will post the outcome after we have used For-bid for the recommended timeframe. My vet said this product works great for some dogs but doesn't work for others. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. Nothing is more digusting that picking up regurgitated poop!

.... is not very nice. Oliver started it at about three months and we used a product called "Deter" from a pet shop. A pill in his food for a week or so and it stopped completely and that was nearly a year ago.

Good luck!
I was the person who posted that it could be an early sign of pancreatitis. My boy who was an awful poop eater developed some pancreatitis issue s(not chronic).

he stopped eating poop when we switched him to a raw diet. i don't know if there was a connection.
Could you give pumpkin or pineapple to the cat so that the dogs aren't interested in their poop as well?
Yuck, I am glad his sister isn't taking after him. Jenny hasn't ever done that fortunately. Good luck with breaking him of doing that.
DandAbi wrote:
Could you give pumpkin or pineapple to the cat so that the dogs aren't interested in their poop as well?

No way my cat would eat pumpkin or pineapple...
poofarts......you all make me laugh
Thank goodness Foz got out of this stage. He would wait for Annie's soft serve!

That is soooooooooooooooo gross
soft serve.........that's so wrong :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh my, my ribs hurt and I have tears rolling!!!!
Chauncey doesn't have a taste for poo, but our Lab ( OTB ) loved an occasional cat nugget slightly coated in litter.
Our labradoodle is crazy about duck poop.We were living in a suburb until 2 months ago where the only dogwalking space was the local park with a duckpond and Summer must have thought "treat time" every day when we walked her there,she grossed out my 14 year old daughter so badly!Now we live by the sea in a duck free zone thank goodness.
Bert Update....

It has been about a week and Bert has not touched his poop. :banana:

The results are- he has less gas, does not poop as much, and obviously his mouth hygene is better. :D

How can you get these same results????

Well I started by not letting him off his leash even in the fenced in backyard. Because Bert would play the wait game and it just takes one second for him to sneak a "snack." Then the important thing is that every time he goes he gets a treat. So unstead of looking at the poop Bert finds me with a bag of his favorite treats. I then clean it up while Bert enjoys the treats.

I will still supervise closely for the next month.... hopefully one day I will be able to trust him on his own??
Good job.... :)
Willowsprite wrote:
Good job.... :)

ditto that one!
Oh gosh, poop eating... I've been fighting this for the last year.

We had to drop Dodger at a kennel for the weekend, so we left him at our vet's office figuring that was where he would be cared for best. He came home eating his own poop - one week of For-bid later, he had stopped.

Then we adopted a Bichon, Brady, who was a stray. He eats everything he can find on the ground, including poop. So, we tried Forbid in both the dogs food with no luck this time. We've tried pineapple, no luck. The only thing that has stopped him has been snow - apparently he doesn't like eating snow, so he has also stopped eating anything sitting on it. Right after the snow began to fly, I think he ate a poop popsicle then came inside and threw up. Throwing up may also have helped deter him...
We have marsh rabbits that frequently visit our back yard and have discovered that Nelson likes bunny poop. Yuck!!! It is a lot harder to find bunny poop to clean it up because it is so small!
I think he ate a poop popsicle

That is even funnier than poofart especially for someone like me who doesnt get snow.

My sister in law lives in the country and her lab loves rabbit poo, apparently possum and kangaroo poo is even better. But wombat poo is the truffle of poo. Its harder to come by but he savours every bit. 8O

It drives her nuts, there is no way she can keep all the bush beasties out of the property.
Mim wrote:

But wombat poo is the truffle of poo.

I think you've beat us all with this one!
Wow and I was worried about bunny poop! How big is kangaroo poop?
Depends if its a big or small species of kangaroo.
The wombat poo can be pretty big though. Up to golf ball size.
I am glad to hear that you are having success with Bert.
I just saw Walter eat his own poop for the first time ever. I am so bummed out :cry:

He's 5 and I've never seen him eat his own or another dogs, so I'm hoping it's not an indication of something being wrong.

edit- haha, my mom just informed me that she threw some stale bread out in the yard... which was what i actually saw walter eating. so nevermind!
My 2 beagls eat their poop :cry: I am going to prt smart tomarrow to get EXCEL by DETER. It is worth a try. $12.99 for 120 tabs. Let you know how it works.
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