Nasty Burrs

I am going crazy removing burrs from my 1 yr. old OES.
He still has his baby fur (Is this normal?) and is covered with burrs.
We have 6 acres and there is just no way to keep him out of them.
Does anyone have a magic answer? I spend at least 2 hours every night hand-picking them. I have him scizzor cut to about 1/2 inch but he still managing to cover himself with them.
Thanks, Kim
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No, we went thru that too. I found it easier to eliminate the burs from the fields by changing management practices. OK, we only have 2 acres, not 6.

Does this mean we are bur free, no we still have sandburs and puncture vine but recognize the young plants and pull them out. The burdock we eliminated by mowing more often.

A year is still the time frame for puppy coat, but should be ending.
Burrs even stick to the adult coat so unless you can get rid of the burrs or keep your dog out of the field you have 2 choices.....shave your dog to the skin, or spend the time de-burring him....
WizardMerlin wrote:
Burrs even stick to the adult coat so unless you can get rid of the burrs or keep your dog out of the field you have 2 choices.....shave your dog to the skin, or spend the time de-burring him....

Ditto :(

We live on a farm, so we have way more than 6 acres to deal with. We really limit any pesticides, etc.
BUT - Roundup in my hand sprayer is my self defense against burrs. It has to be used when they are actively growing. It doesn't work after the plant in mature and the little buggars are already formed. Trust me on this one :twisted: .

Otherwise, mowing/chopping them down works. Also, burning them in the fall also works (trust me again!).
we don't even live on a farm, and burrs are a problem. Our dog park has a wooded area, and Tonks LOVES to run through the same patch of burrs when we visit.

I just try to settle into a good tv show or 4, and remove them while watching.
Thanks you guys.
I'm going to grab the round-up and start looking.
I'm like the Green Acres people. I didn't know they were just on one type bush. I thought they came from everything out there.
Plus, I know they do stick to adult coats, too, but my adult OES doesn't get them like the kid. His are matted in right to the skin.
It is much safer to hand dig up the burrdock plants or mow them, than to use Roundup. The farmer that rented our field had wanted to use roundup and I did reasearch on it. I cant remember exactly what I found but its scary stuff. I know that it could kill all life in the pond we had and it was also dangerous to humans. I chose to deal with the burrs.
we have just been for a walk round the streets, and Summer managed to stick her fat nose and her front feet in a patch of dried grass. She came out of the grass and hit the pavement. There was me picking them out of her feet and her face. She came home and I still got another 4 out. Those grass dart things!
Correct me if I am wrong someone...but I think it is 2-3 yrs before the adult coat is fully grown in.
:wink: dunno Wendy sorry. I am just pleased my hubby likes trimming my sheepie....
Wow Sue...sounds like Summer hit some stinging nettles...those are painful.
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