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Hi all,

Been looking for a while for an OES. I found a litter on and spoke with the lady today about her pups. They have both parents onsite as pets. This dog would be a pet for us. They are in Dora, Mo. and the lady's name is Diane Darvis. Just wanting to know if anyone on here has had any dealings with her good or bad. I haven't had an OES before and I'd like to get off on the right foot as far as a pup goes. The pup pics look cute but just wanting some feedback if possible. We are in Kansas if anyone knows of a breeder here.

Happy Holidays,

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PLEASE DO NOT buy a puppy from that woman!!! She is running a puppymill.... anyone on that website is bad news in my opinion, it is a site that promotes and supports puppymills, dogs being abused and neglected, spending their lives in cages, filthy and sick and infested with parasites. Neurotic dogs, who know nothing but fear and neglect and abuse.
Diane Darvis is one of the worst culprits, she often has 40 or more puppies listed EVERY month! Please, please, please, look elsewhere! Perhaps consider rescue, there are lots of OES who are in need of loving homes. Or, contact a breeder referal service, or the Old English Sheepdog Club of America. Also, please research carefully before getting an OES. They are a huge time, money, effort and especially love committment. They are a needy breed, and deserve every bit. They are an extremely high maintanence breed, requiring many hours of grooming each week, and lots of daily attention and training. They are the most smart, loving and beautiful breed in the world, in my opinion, but definitely not something to be taken on lightly.
I hope I'm not offending you, I just don't want to see you end up with the heartache of buying a puppymill dog, and I REALLY don't want to see one of those disgusting horrible things supported. Choose wisely, it is a big decision, one you hopefully will happily live with for 15 years or more.
Welcome to the forum! :) You will find it is a wonderful place to learn, and plenty of advice and funny stories, and pictures.

Thanks for the post.. I appreciate your concerns. I saw in some other posts about a breeder in Missouri and also the fact that Missouri doesn't have a very good reputation for puppy mills so I had to ask and get some feeedback from people who would the members on this site. Anyone else who knows about her, please post... I need all the info I can get!!! Thanks for the PM Stormi, I'll follow up on the breeder you mentioned.


She is a puppy mill breeder - producing several DEAF puppies (actually was using a deaf dog as breeding stock). The dogs on are mostly white - which clearly indicates they are most likely deaf! She has no concern over the health and temperment of the dogs. Someone rescued the deaf dog she used in her breeding program - she said the conditions at this kennel were deplorable and the dog was emaciated and in horrific condition! They filed a complaint with the AKC and the Missouri Humane Society but noone has done anything about it. Don't give this woman your money! She needs to be put out of business!

Hi Joe! If the breeder Stormi mentioned doesn't work out, try going to a local oes club for a referral, there should be links on the AKC website, or try searching our site for a link, I'll bet it's posted in here somewhere! They'll be able to direct you to a nice, reputable breeder- make sure to check out our various posts on what to look for in a breeder, so you don't get yourself into a puppymill mess, and end up with a broken heart! Good luck with your search and keep us updated!

Karen :)
Hey, Joe - Welcome to a fellow Kansan. We're in Wichita, where are you?
Yes, I directed him to a woman that I have talked with several times, that is a member of the OESCA and does do testing on her parents. She is an active shower, but I don't know to what degree. I let him know that I can't vouch for her, because I dont' know her well enough, but that he could speak with her and see how he felt. At least it is a start for him. I hope he is able to find someone, and we are rooting for you. :D

Stormi and co.
Hi Deskwench!!!

I'm in El Dorado!!

Got any good OES leads around here?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, Joe - Not much in the way of OES related activity around here. In fact, I've only seen other OES 3 times since we've had Truman (about a year and a half). My husband and I saw another OES at Pet Smart here in town about a year ago. That dog was gigantic - 100+ lbs.! We both thought "holy *#@!@* is that how big they get"!! That dog was huge and he had a short haircut too! Anyway, Truman is almost 2 years old now and he's about 70 lb. Tell us more about your dog!
Hi all. Ali here with Sophie.
I am hoping someone will want to give this girl a forever home. She is a sweetie pie, but needs to be in a only doggie home with no kitties!

Yes, she is 7 years old, BUT she is a very ACTIVE 7 year old and acts more like 7 months! She doesn't like kitties either.

She has all health clearances, and is spade. Please contact me if you think you could open your home and heart for this girl!

Hi Ali!!
You and Norm know that I coveted (okay, tried to get her in my van when you weren't looking which was RARE!!!) your beautiful Molly puppy when we met at the Nationals in WI. If I didn't have THREE BIG reasons and one little (meow) reason, I would snatch this girl up so fast your head would be spinning!! I wish you the best in finding a great home for Sophie!
Cathy and the Wigglebottoms aka the 3 big reasons and 1 little... : )
Dear Joe,
I bought two OES from Diane Darvis. I paid for them in full. One of them was deaf, so she replaced it with another OES. I paid $800 for a male puppy in May 2005. She never brought me a puppy. I spoke to her many times on the phone about her paying me back. It is now January 2006 and I have not heard anything from her. She does not answer the phone but, I have left phone messages on her cell phone (417-372-1128)
Last I heard, she was moving to Gainesville Missouri, 65655. I do not know her address. I want my money back. I found out she has complaints as far away as CA. I would like to get the FBI involved. Please contact me at
There has just been a rescue in Canada. I know there are dogs needing homes. If you are interested please contact Diane Buckland (of Tarawood Fame). Her email address is:

I know this response is 15 years late, however, I have something to say about Diane Darvis, based on my personal experience. I purchased an OES puppy from Diane on-line. He was an all white puppy and my very first OES. My experience with Diane was wonderful. She was professional, helpful and very accommodating. My puppy, which I named Kody grew into the most wonderful dog a person could ever ask for. He had the perfect temperament and the most gentle nature I have ever known in an OES. We loved him more than words can say and he lived until he was almost 15!! I think Diane may have passed away but not all her customers were dissatisfied. Thanks to Diane we had the most wonderful dog in the world. THank you Diane, whereever you are!!!!
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