My dog urinated in her sleep!

I came home from work the other day to a wet spot on the couch which inevitably turned out to be urine. As unfortunate as this is, I am not completely surprised because my 2 1/2 year old OES occasionally has accidents in the house (another issue i'm concerned about because I would think she should be completely house trained by now.) She is home alone most days for 4-8 hours. 90% of the time she is able to hold her urine with no difficulty, but every month or so she will have an accident or two. These accidents are always by the door, so I'm assuming she just can't hold it. On RARE occasions in the past year, she has squatted right in front of me and peed right in the middle of the floor without any request to go outside. I summed it up to behavior issues. She had one UTI about 6 months ago that was treated. About 2 months ago, peeing had increased to about 4-5 times in one month, which at her age I feel is abnormal. I took her to the vet, and she passed the urinalysis w/ flying colors. Other interesting side note, she does have a recessed vulva so the urethra is tucked inside a bit and is surrounded by hair that holds moisture and bacteria, so she could be at greater risk for UTI.

Anyway, back to the topic I posted! I came home the other day and saw the urine on the couch which is a very abnormal place, but just figured it was a fluke, maybe a behavior thing because she doesn't like being left alone. Well, the very next day after a LONG run, my exhausted sheepie was sleeping on the couch and right in front of my eyes....I look over and she's peeing a full bladder right there on the couch...same exact spot as the day before....sleeping as deeply as ever! I was SHOCKED! I've never heard of such a thing! I had to wake her up with quite a bit of effort she was sleeping so deeply she didn't even realize what she had done! My first thought was she's so exhausted from her run that she is too tired to wake up and doesn't even know she just peed! 2nd thought is that she has a UTI, but she's not really exhibiting other signs (usual amount of licking, no excessive urgency or frequency). I could take her in to get another urinalysis but the vet is going to think i'm crazy for testing my dogs urine every 2 months!

I just think this is SO bizarre....any input on this?

Also, does anyone else have adult dogs that pee in the house occasionally? Sometimes she'll go 3-4 months with NO accidents, then other times she'll have 3 or 4 in a 2 week period. I don't know if this is normal. My mom has 2 adult labs and the female pee's every now and then, but the male never does, he'll hold it unitil he distends his bladder! I know she is trained to go outside because she will adamently let me know when its time to pee.....its just so bizzare to me that she has these occasional urine issues!
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Also, she has peed in the house 2 times at my mothers and 2 times at my in-laws, and once at a friend's. Both times at the in-laws she was left home alone and peed. Both times at my mom's and the one time at my friends, several people were there (these I think were excited pees).

Never the less, its is very embarrasing when my dog pees at someone else's house, even family. You would expect this from a puppy, but she will be 3 this year!
Another thing I just remembered - she has not done this in almost a year....but, from the day we brought her home at 7 months of age she used to have a major pooping issue in the basement. Any time she would EVER go on cold hard cement in my baseement or anyone else's she would poop....without FAIL....every single time like it was a conditioned response! It became a MAJOR issue and we could not let her in the basement at all.

She was a rescue sheepie and was locked up in a cage at the humane society for TWO WEEKS before we got her. At that facility she would poop and pee on the hard floor because that was all she had. I assumed that was why she pooped in the basements. We moved out of our house with the basement over a year ago and she has not pooped in a basement since, and we visit the in-laws often where she went several times in theirs...she just stopped doing it eventually, which is a very good thing.

She has had a small handful of pooping accidents on living room floors since we adopted her, but they were pretty much all diarreah incidents where she just could not hold it. Its been a good year since she's had a pooping accident.

Never though I could write soo much about poop and pee :)
Most likely this is a spay incontinence issue but you should take a urine sample to your vet to rule out any infection. Usually the vet can remedy the incontinence issues with a prescribed medicine called Proin which isn't too expensive. We have the same issue with our 8 y.o. Usually the dosage is one pill a day but I find giving once or twice a week does the trick for us.
Maggie has a similar problem of peeing in her sleep. Vet put her on Proin 50. I giver her 1 pil 3 times a week. No problem. If I skip a week the problem comes back. However she never pees in the house while awake; so this may not be the same situation as your's. Worth a try.
I have no advice, but just wanted to say I'm in Richmond too! :D
I just went through this same problem about a year ago. Rheba did that a few times on my bed. She didn't realize that she did it. I didn't even realize that she did it all the time because typically it was at night and by morning, the blankets absorbed the urine...YUCK! I ahve stripped my bed and scrubbed my mattress so many times.
I took Rheba to the vet and they prescribed D.E.S (I don't remember what it stands for). Rheba takes it 2 times a week and we only had one accident within the past year or so. It works wonders. I think you can search "incontinence D.E.S" and it should provide more information about this issue. Let me know how it works out.
They also used to use PPA for spay incontinence. My mother had it with her female Dobermans. That is (SP) phenopropenalamine.
thanks for the input, i will look into some of these things! i'm glad to know mine is not the only sheepie that has peed in her sleep. Still, very weird.
my dog is 13 years old. female doberman pincher. she is spayed and its a combo of old age & spaying. love my dog and will put up the the problem. i put a large garbage bag on the sofa cushion and over the bag with a thick bath towel.
Chowder did this a few times. No infections were found and before assuming spay incontinence the vet had has measure how much water she was drinking. IT WAS A LOT! I'm talking more than 8 cups before dinner. Now we just fill it at meals and it's a BIG bowl. She was much younger when it was happening but she doesn't pee in her sleep in anymore.
My Suzy has incontinence. She is on DES every three days. It is working.
My female also is on DES. One pill, twice a week. We haven't had any problems with urinating or UTI since starting it. before she had constant UTI's and at one point they were talking about surgery. She would "leak" every now and then and urinate alot. The DES has stopped all that.

However, if she is having alot of accidents in the house and wasn't before, I would look at medical issues first. But if you already know there is a problem with the bacteria and the shape of her vulva, etc, ask the Vet about DES. it is a hormone and can not be given at high doses but low doses are okay. Also, I use a baby wipe after urinating, from back up. Not after every pee but when I can, at least at night and in the morning.
Thanks for all the input. Rosie 3 yrs old has wet our bed three times in the last couple of weeks. I will take a specimen to our vet today and go from there.
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