How much benadryl to give???

Doh!!! Emma just chewed a bloody spot on her back. I had noticed that she had been chewing her feet a lot the previous days since we got her. Now this. 8O So anyways here is my question. How much benadryl should you give a dog that is 65 pounds? When I was in at the vets last week (for Edgar) he told me how much but I didn't write it down. We had gotten Edgar's itching mostly under control by other means. Anybody know???
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For a 65 lb dog you can give 60 mg or up to 100 mg depending on how bad the situation is. since benadryl comes in either 25 or 50 mg tabs you can give 1 1/2 tabs of the 50 mg to start and do that twice a day. if that doesnt work then you can up the dose a bit or go see the vet.

Depending on what caused the itchy spot in the first place, whether it was a bug bite or just skin itchies or something else may depend on whether or not the benadryl will work.
THANKS!!!! I'm not sure what is the cause yet because of her being so new to our household. Pat said that when Emma came into the adoption place she had ticks. When we groomed Emma the first day home we found some scabs on her back. We thought maybe it was from the tick problem that she had. The place she made bloody was in the same place as the scabs. The leg chewing she has been doing from day one that we have had her.

I was going to start slowing changing things like the shampoo that we used and food to see if that would help. But if she is going to start chewing holes in herself then I need to do something right away.

Oh I just HATE HATE HATE allergies. It's taken us about a year and a half of trying different things for Edgar. :evil:
You can use Claritin as well, without the same groggy effect. I think someone just posted about Zyrtec with good results, too.
Here is a chart for antihistamine dosages for dogs.
Thanks Ron. Later today after I gave her the Benadryl I noticed that she was making good work on her upper legs. ARGG! They were looking a little raw and red too. What is this. Come to our house and break out in hives??? Maybe she is allergic to our cats. :?

She had the same food and pills that she was taking from Pat at the Southwest Rescue. Only thing I can think that is different is that we bathed her on Sunday. Maybe she doesn't like the shampoo? Took off her flee and tick collar and did a Frontline instead so she didn't have to wear the collar. And give her pills in cream cheese wrapping. She was getting them in Liverwurst at Pat's.
Could be the bath or the frontline....
Hope the benadryl helps...
We were told to give Barns 75 mg of Benedryl, but never really noticed any improvement on it. He weighs 90 pounds...
It's 1 capsule for every 25 lbs. So your guy would be 2 capsules.

Foz is 75 lbs, but takes 3 capsules twice a day. Vet says he could actually take 3 doses of 3. I think it helps take the edge off.
Do you by any chance use Frontline Plus on your dog? If yes, give your dog a bath in the original Dawn blue dish soap. The main ingredient in Frontline Plus is Fipronil which can cause some severe reactions in some dogs. The bath in Dawn will get rid of the oil that spreads the Fipronil thus taking away all the problems. You may need more than 1 bath but at least do that to see what happens.
Dawn blue dish soap is used on animals that are caught in oil spills and cleans them completely.
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