So when is a cyst something that is concerning?

The vet didn't say anything when we mentioned it to her, but since we went seems to of gotten a little b igger. Like it looks like one of those pimples you're dying to pop b/c you know it'll be a good one.

Makes me wonder if this is why she is always eating at her butt? Anyone have a dog obsessed with eating at their cysts?? ...or is her eating probably just habit like we originally thought (if you've followed the other posts through the years about her obsession)

I can't get a good pic no matter how I try to take it, but you can kinda see a white dot on her tail. Her whole tail looks scabbed at times depending on how much she has gone at it.

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Can you change the setting on your camera for closeups?

I'd take a warm compress to it and see if changes-- kind of comes to a head? Then I'd squeeze or do a quick lance to drain it if it's that kind of cyst. If you touch it and doesn't feel like there's fluid in there, it could just be a skin tag or a wart. Even if it's a wart, sometimes if it gets scratched or someone opened, an infection can occur on top of the wart and it makes it look like the original cyst is growing. I've done a squeeze on this kind of thing with excellent results but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a cyst specialist like myself.
Can you change the setting on your camera for closeups?

Mine has a "tulip" icon for closeups. What kind of camera are you using?

It's not related to her anal glands? A friend's dog had one burst (ouchie) and the symptoms were licking... both ends. Dogs will nip or lick their bottom or scoot because the full glands are irritating them.

For pete's sake... can't tell exactly where it is from the picture.
I need a landmark! :lol:
For pete's sake... can't tell exactly where it is from the picture.
I need a landmark! Laughing

Oh sorry I know it isnt funny but I couldnt tell what was what. It could be a serbaceous cyst if so it should come to a head. Bathing it with warm water wont hurt in any case..
I guess I lied and could do better. Maybe there was too much light in the bathroom b/c i had better luck in another room. Still can't tell that it "looks" like there's puss inside of it but I'll talk to the husband when he gets home about giving yuksters a warm bath.

towards the far right of her stub, you can tell it's just black (scabbed)


better pic of cyst (far left ...white bump)

I was laughing because I had revised my post 4 times... only then did I decide I couldn't tell where the boo-boo is actually located.

* We have a licker/scooter that we've just started using panalog cream on last week and it looks like we've finally stopped the problem. Fingers crossed!

* I was told by a friend who had the dog who's anal glad burst that licking both ends can be sign that the glands need to be
expressed. Our vet confirmed so we now express this particular girl's glands every 2 weeks.

* We've also had one with a small bump on the tip of her vulva. It went away on it's own.

* We've also another that had a cyst by her anus... we had it removed.

* Another has allergies and licking will occur with allergies. ... rgies.html
She also has a small cyst by her anus.

* It can also be a yeast problem... one of our vets said to use the Malaseb pledgets "there".

I didn't mean to be disrespectful... just couldn't figure out which story to share! :wink:
Very good pictures.
Looks like a cyst to me but I'm NOT a vet.
Give them a quick call... they might just tell you to keep an eye on it.
Aspirating would tell for sure what it is.

You might just try warm compresses rather than a bath.
Might be easier.
Thanks for all the suggestions/stories. Sounds like this is probably no biggie, but the vet just said to keep an eye on it and to let them know if it gets worse (which is what they said last time we asked) :lol:

Every time she has issues w/her rear, they check her anal glands and they say they're fine. She does scoot (very rare) and all kinds of other things but I swear it's like a nervous thing. Although it could be allergies.. if you view her when she does it, it's always after something out of "her schedule" happens. I think it just "started" from allergies which may not be related at all to this cyst ...just sharing.
With the new pictures, it's very familiar looking. Clyde has almost the exact same thing in about the same place. If it is the same thing, as it appears to be, it's a wart and, unfortunately, not really squeezable. Clyde did get an infection on top of his once from a scratch and, being so close to the hole that grossness comes out. Warm compress it though. It can't hurt and you might get lucky.
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