home again vs 24 hr watch microchip

I have a question I am thinking of microchipping my guys. I have a mobile vet and she does not microchip. I called 5 vets the 4 that use home again cost 45 to 49 bucks with an office visit thrown in. I called a local vet (I know from getting prescription food from) and they will charge me 28 for the 24 hr pet watch microchip and no office visit. I googled both and they offer the same service etc. Is there really a difference??
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My vet uses HomeAgain and charges way, way, way more than that. And then we have to pay the registration fee. :evil:

Before I decided to use HomeAgain, I called the local Animal Control Shelter and those of the surrounding towns to see what chip they could read. They all will know there is a chip no matter what brand, but the majority read HomeAgain immediately. I just figured the faster I could find out where they are, the better.
One thing to do is to call your local humane society and see what chip it is they usually see the most, and what scanner they use. I would also see if they have chips to put in..... when i want a chip and i don't have them myself (I buy and insert myself from vet supplies why pay them when i can do it cheaper), i usually get them from my local Humane society for 20.00............
You just made me so glad ours is so cheap. Since I live on post and all pets are required to be microchipped, ours is much cheaper. To the tune of $15 per pet. I've never heard of 24 watch, we have homeagain in both our furbabies. Good luck with your search. Maybe they will do a chipping drive and offer the chips at a reduced rate like they do with rabies vaccines.....
I miss not being able to visit a vet on base~ yes, things are much cheaper!!!
I don't recall which chip we have, but it was $12 including registration at a clinic sponsored by a local pet supplies store.
Time is everything when they are lost. I called the local shelters and the surrounding vets and all used HomeAgain. For me, it was a no-brainer. It came down to who could identify her the quickest and give me a call. I am embarrassed to say that I didn't compare any other company.

You might see one more prevalent, than the other, in your area.
Geez! I think it was $70.00 to microchip Nigel with home again. The shelter uses avid, and no annual registration fee. They were chippingfor free for a while.
Our rescue uses Avid - so that is what Simon has. Chewie came with Avid. Our vet uses Home Again, but I always have them check mine whenever they are there. It always comes up Avid with the number displayed. I love technology!!
All of mine have Avid.
Mine all have 24 Petwatch. It is supported by Petfinder. Most vets/shelters have universal scanners that will scan the chips and tell what kind they are.
My dogs travel with me so I really wanted a chip that will be scanned just about anywhere. I thought that (now I am thinking :? ) won't most scanners pick up any chip or are the scanners that specific???? I am so confused. One example is being in St Louis for sheepiepalooza (of course if he got away there would be sheepies everywhere after him!!) Thanks for all the info. I still don't know what I am doing. I will call our shelters and see what they use.
4dognight wrote:
My dogs travel with me so I really wanted a chip that will be scanned just about anywhere. I thought that (now I am thinking :? ) won't most scanners pick up any chip or are the scanners that specific???? I am so confused.

ditto :?
Oliver has HomeAgain as well. He was microchipped during a shot visit as a puppy, so no special office visit fee. I don't know if there is a difference, but one reason we really liked HomeAgain is because we can change the address as much as we want, and we don't have to pay any special fees. So, if we go on vacation to San Diego, and take Oliver, we can change our address to the hotel.

We were so anal about making sure his chip worked, we took him to a different vet and had him scanned. :wink:
I had the vet scan mine when they had their hips xrayed - in front of me just to prove they worked. I may need to update my phone number now that I think about it.....
Well.....my vet just called she now microchips!! She uses the new AKC one. I will have to look it up she said after research she really likes it. I will research too and she charges 28 I just can't figure out why there is such a price difference. Just wanted what was best ....still a little confused but what is new Thanks everyone for the Input :D
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