How do you bake fish?

I've baked fish before in aluminum foil with veggies butter and seasonings.

I'm always confused. How do you know what's the best temperature and how long to cook it?

I'm thinking about picking up a filet of salmon from Costco. It's a pretty big quantity because I might be serving about 8 people. I'd also consider orange roughy or snapper.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I also had salmon baked before in a dish with diced canned tomatoes and carrots but I've never made it that way and could use a recipe and how to season it.

Thanks all of you good cooks out there!
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I have the easiest time cooking fish by frying it. Then you can occasionally take a fork towards one of the ends and see if you can cut a piece and it "flake" off. That's the key and you do the same thing for when it's in the oven. If it doesn't flake, it needs to stay in longer.

I tried this recipe the other week, and I became a fan of salmon. It was m y first time cooking it, and I don't think I'll ever lose this recipe. Definitely restaurant worthy. I could have eaten 2lbs of it myself. :D

* 1/4C melted butter
* 3T Dijon
* 1 1/2T honey
* 1/4C seasoned bread crumbs
* 1/4C finely chopped pecans (i put mine through food processor)
* 4t parsley (i used dry)
* 4 (4oz) fillets salmon
* salt & pepper to taste (i didn't do either)
oven 400

mix butter, mustard & honey

in different bowl: mix bread crumbs, pecans, and parsley (i like to double coat mine, so i use more than normal).

dip tops of each salmon fillet in dijon mixture. then dip fillets with the bread crumb mixture (don't forget the sides but of course don't do the bottom)!

Bake salmon 12 to 15 minutes

Season with salt and pepper

note: i did have to bake mine longer. oh, and cook side down and keep the skin on while baking.
That sounds really good, Joah. I like baked salmon, but I've never tried it this way. I like cooking fish on the grill, too.
Salmon's a great fish to start with, too, since it's pretty forgiving. Since it has all that fat in it, it can handle being overcooked a little more than some other fish can.

I usually just put the oven on 350 and season the fish how I want, and then plop it in for 15-20 minutes, depending on how thick it is.
HOT oven..........425-450.

Wash fish, pat dry. Place in shallow pan that's been sprayed. Add a wee bit of oil and season as desired....problem is fresh herbs burn. I often skip the seasoning in favor of a little post cooking sauce....lemon, tomato base whatever. Skin side down. Cook 5-10 min per inch thickness. (if you've wrapped it in foil, add 5 min total time)* Learn how fish bounces when lightly touched. It should still a wee bounce when you remove from oven--you can cover for a few minutes, say 2-3, with foil while you finish any sauce or keep covered as you bring it to the table. I find if it flakes too easily in the oven, it will be over cooked at the table........sorry Jo.

* if you put the fish into individual serving pieces and individual foil pouches you can add all manner of veggies and herbs, a dab of oil or (butter.......shhhhh), wrap up, grill or bake. Yum.
I like the advice about the fish bouncing!
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