Do you tip the AAA guy?

Today was one of those days... I sat on Interstate 270 this morning-- -in a snow storm-- with a flat tire. I won't get into all the names that I called my husband. Why it was his fault - I still don't know, but, I had to be mad at someone for missing a very important meeting. So -- anyway, I called AAA. The gentleman that rescued me was very pleasant-- and had the tire changed in minutes once he arrived. ( 1 hour and 10 minutes after the call)

So my question is-- should I have tipped him?? I did -- my sister says she wouldn't have. John says he wouldn't have either.

Thoughts on tipping protocal????
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I think that's nice that you did. What a nice person!!

I totally wouldn't have nor would I imagine he gets a lot of them outside of verbal compliments.

Not sure why, but that's the last thing I'm thinking about when the locksmith or AAA or anything of that nature comes to get me out of a jam.

BTW, sorry to hear about your crappy morning! That's a huge fear of mine.
If I have had cash on me, (which is not always the case) I do tip them a couple of bucks.
OMG!! One of my worst problems in a snow storm! I feel for you and glad you were able to get hold of the AAA fellow.

I feel kinda bad as I never thought to tip someone in this capacity but makes sense I guess. I'm not sure what the usual protocol is, as some work places discourage employees from taking tips other than the service industry. I still think it's nice to offer, however and if they follow their work protocol they can always thank you but refuse.

Hmmm, I never thought about it before. I don't think I would, though, as it is their job to come out and save you, but I could be totally wrong!

Sorry you got a flat tire...
Funny that you mention this. My husband is a locksmith that is a service provider for AAA. AAA pays the locksmith about half of what he would normally charge for a lock out service. Many times it is cold and the customer wants their car unlocked yesterday. Prompt service is expected at any time day or night. According to my husband, he gets tipped by full paying customers considerably more often than AAA customers. He thinks a tip would be nice, especially since the AAA member doesn't have to pay for the lock out service.
I would if I had cash and he arrived on the scene in :twisted: under 4 hours
I am something of a curmudgeon when it comes to tipping. I believe a tip is reserved for 1) low paid service people-waitress', bell boys, housekeepers in the motel of 2) someone who has REALLY gone above and beyond the call of suty.

I find it very annoying that people who are already getting well paid for a service "expect" a tip.

I don't know about the AAA guy..... I MIGHT tip if the weather was unusually bad, he got there VERY quickly or did a really cracker jack job. I am sorry if the contracted amount is not as good as the direct amount but I don't think I should have to make up for that.

Last year I was horrified when I found out that the guys who delivered my couch "expected" a tip (they made it pretty clear). I had pad over $2000 for the couch, paid $100 to have it delievered and then gave each of the two delivery boys a $20.00 tip. I pretty much felt "strong" armed into the tip and resented it.
WCLARKE wrote:
Funny that you mention this.

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