Clippers-What blade size do I use for the longest coat?

I have a clipper BUT if I want a long as possilbe coat what size blades do I use. Took Sami to the groomers and NOT good :x When some spots grow out I want to do it again to even out largerest size I have is 4, but I would like it longer. And to have those nice fluffy feet looks like tubes are they sissored or clipped?
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I have a 3F blade... it's so nice, it leaves 1/2 inch and it takes forever to get warm.

You can get combs to extend the length of the coat, but I never had much luck with them, but I think that was the comb's and my fault. A better set of combs or some instruction might have had better results.
SOMETIMES when I clip the girls I use a #10 blade with a comb attachment
for up to a 1 1/4" length. I like the Oster ones because they have a metal
spring-type hook...

You can purchase them individually or by the set- ...

I go against the "grain" and usually have to hold the hair I'm taking off. It
takes longer for me to clip a dog with a comb compared to a just blade.
Also, I think if you go with the grain, you leave the hair longer.

Here's an Oster reference chart of blades and hair length- ... _chart.pdf
So Sami cut is bad all different lenghts from shaved to I would say 2" in areas and long tuffs. Long tuffs I cuts off she left a beard I cut it off. Legs are real short... Should I just run the clippers over her... before bath or after... last time I did the legs I had a hard time do you run the clippers down her legs or up??? I am hoping once it is ecen to grow out a bit longer then a puppy cut but keep the belly and inside legs short. I have to say she does like it short.
I am not a professional groomer so I can't tell you the "right" way... only the
way that I do it :lol:

I brush the dog out completely first. I like to use the attachable combs for
the legs if I want a longer length and I run the clipper UP the dog's legs. I
always bathe my girls after the haircut rather than before. I think this is
opposite of what the pros do.

I shave the belly, chest and underarms short... with 6 dogs I want them to
stay mat-free so this is just easier for me. You can take time and blend the
areas so it's not so drastic.
sounds good I am going to try it when Sami hair grows out. Blue is much easier to brush, his fur is not near as thick as Sami's even as pups. And he zones right out when I brush him, so hopfully he can have a longer coat. Sami liking chasing the brush if she is not in the mood to be brushed.
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