my dog pees on my bed

I have a 17 month old maltese puppy. She is trained to the wee wee pad but a few months ago she started peeing on my bed when I am at work. Crating didn't help and I can't block her from my bed because I live in a guest house so now I have to put a shower curtain on my bed with a blanket on top everyday before I go to work!! This is the most frustrating thing I've ever dealt with. I've tryed to contact local dog trainers and got no responses. I don't know what to do and I'm afraid that because the problem has gone on so long it's going to be near impossable to break. If anyone out there has any ideas or suggestions or knows of a good dor trainer in the Orange County, CA area please let me know.
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Please tell us more about "crating didn't help". If she's crated while you're at work, she cannot pee on your bed. Right? :?
Sorry...I don't understand this either:

so now I have to put a shower curtain on my bed with a blanket on top everyday before I go to work!!

Why would you put a shower curtain and THEN a blanket??? That would entice her to pee...IMO....I would put a shower curtain on the bed with some noisy tin foil on top or big bells so if she jumps on the bed, it will either scare her or be very uncomfortable for her to she will be more apt to get off the bed and stay on the floor.
Puppies, even 17 month old puppies need to know their place....Maybe not being allowed on the bed until she is totally housebroken?
I agree with Tammy and Val and because I don't know much about the situation I would suggests you to practice the Leadership Exercise with your dog and read General Rules for Dogs - to me it seems she is marking her territory.

For trainers go to

Association of Pet Dog Trainers


Animal Behavior College

I hope this helps, if not don't hesitate to contact me through the forum's email or PM systems.
Let me clarify. I also have a cat in the room and when I tryed putting just the shower curtain on the bed (as a barrier) my cat went crazy, like he was chasing a hundred mice all at once and almost tore the pup apart with excitement. Crating her won't work now and didn't work much when she was a baby fro a couple different reasons. I'm assuming at this point that it's half marking and half anxiety that she's by herself. The bells sound like a good idea except she's has no fear of things like loud noises or falling off things for that matter. Some of the people I talk to say it might just be something she has to grow out of and for the time being I'd rather make the clean up as easy as possable when I get home at the end of the day to keep my sanity. At least she doesn't do it when I'm home anymore.
I am not expert, but here are things I would try to do.....

I would get her to the vet to make sure there is no medical reason she is doing this.

If everything is ok.........

How long is she alone? Maybe someone could come over and take her for a walk in the middle of the day. It would tire her out and a tired puppy is less anxious.

I think if you reintroduce the crate to her, that would solve the problem.

Or maybe place her in a bathroom with a baby gate to limit her to a small

Or a puppy pen.

At the very least, I would try to sabotage the bed...

When Pearl was younger, she would always get on the couch when we left the house...I would put chairs on it so she COULDN'T get on it. Eventually, she learned the couch is not her bed.

I am sure there are many trainers in Orange County..Have you tried contacting your vet or your breeder to get the name of a good trainer? How about the Humane Society?

Good Luck!!!!!!

If she is not taught not to pee on your bed, how can she "grow" out of it? She will think this is what she is suppose to do if you don't retrain her.
I'm still not sure what you mean about "crating won't work".


I have a maltese, who is always in crate when I am not home. If by "not work" you mean she barks and is unhappy. TOO BAD. A dog that pees on your bed should not be allowed the freedom to do so.

You must confine her in some way, crate or pen or you will never get control of the behavior.

And yes, if this is new behavior you should take her to the vet to make sure she doesn't have a UTI. If it is seperation anxiety you may need to get medications.

Maltese are HISTORICALLY hard to house break. You must use confinement until she show she can be trusted.
Where is her Wee Wee pad placed? In your bedroom?
Perhaps she's finding some similarities between the weewee pad and your bed? Also if she peed once and the smell remains whe'll do it again.

If your Wee Wee pad is placed in the bathroom, I'd confine her to the bathroom, with a dog fence if you don't want to close the door, while you are out.
All my puppies have weed on a bed in their life. So we have a baby gate at foot of stairs now! As she is a maltese can you confine her somewhere. let the cat in your room, but with a gate in the doorway your maltese wont be able to go in. Do you need to go through paper training again with the dog? I always used to leave paper down for our little dogs if we were to be away for more than a few hours. Let us know how you get on.
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