Can you teach a dog to "dig" on command?

Meandering thoughts....

I was laying outside on a swing in the backyard, getting my Vitamin D treatment (sunning) this afternoon, when China came running up and under the swing. I watched her start to dig...well, not really, I was laying on my back with my eyes closed basking in the warmth and I could hear her digging..I did eventually peak open one eye and take a look and sure enough the dirt was flying, she dug herself out a nice bed. So I started thinking about dogs and their digging and how to put it to good use.

They are definatly built for it. They have nice strong nails and paws that don't break as they dig. Have you ever tried to dig with your hands? All you get for your efforts are broken and split nails. The dogs, on the other hand, dig quickly and usually don't break their nails. They dig at the speed of light. It is amazing.

So I was thinking, if I could teach China how to dig on command, alot of work would fall off my shoulders. Think about it, no digging out shovels and rakes or need to store them in the garage or shed (think of all the space you will have). The dogs come equiped, with paws, nails, and determination. They usually work so fast, they don't even stop for breaks. Just some water and a few good pats and they are good to go.

China was able to dig her "bed" under the swing, leaving enough space so she wouldn't get knocked over or into while I she has great eye paw measuring coordination. So no rulers or measuring tape needed! She was very intense in her digging, so will get a lot done in a very short time, very industrious. She was done in a wink.

With all the landscaping we've been doing, I have over looked the best tool, my dogs! So, if I can figure out exactly how to train her, when the flowers come in for the three planting seasons we have might go alot faster and alot easier for me! Since Violet LOVES to supervise China, there is a job for her also.

Think about it, for all of you who need to turn over your garden in the Spring and Fall.... dogs love to dig, they love to get dirty, they love to roll in animal fertilizer. It will be a game for them and will get nice and tuckered out, and use up that extra energy they all have. For those who have more then one dog...the more the better. Now if I could figure out how to use Pearl the cat.....hmmmm..

Just a thought.....
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You probably could but get them to quit when you don't could be hard
My husband would LOVE if Yuki could dig on command and help in the garden. I'm just not sure if I would enjoy the dirty nails and dog. :lol:

My maltese digs on command. It's one of her tricks and we get her to do it on our back all the time. :twisted: We also tell her to dig when we want something that isn't too heavy for her.
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