Crappy Managers

Does anyone else consistently take job opportunites only for his/her wonderful hiring manager to move on within 6 months and then you get stuck with brand new crappy manager who has a not so hidden agenda, doesn't protect his employees and kisses up to upper management?

Well, this has happened to me now for the second time at two different companies within the past few years. I've take jobs and really liked the hiring manager which is one of the primary reasons why I accept the job in the first place. The fantastic manager who knows exactly what type of work you are doing and knows all the political games and nonsense that go on in corporate.

I've had a really bad and busy last month trying to fix up a mess that wasn't of my own creation. I've had very little assistance from my team as they've been on vacation (lots of vacation time in Europe). Therefore, I've basically been flying solo and I've been a Scrooge in every other aspect of life. I have no holiday motivation whatsoever as I'm focused on work. To top it off this week, because the new manager is preparing for like a 3 week vacation, he gives me my review which was subpar from any I've ever received.

I've been trapped on another division's project since I started, so I haven't been able to really learn about my division's business and procedures; I know all about the other division now. Therefore, my review was based on how I'm not contributing at the level I was hired for and "should my job description be revised?". :evil: Of course it was put back on me as to what I want to do about it :evil:

I discussed with my "old" manager and she was shocked when I told her about this review. She lifted my spirits up for a bit and told me I was doing a great job with what I've been working on. Yes, they have further plans for me but I need to do the job that's been given to me for now and that's not my fault. Why can't she manage me :( :( :(

I'm so upset and defeated that I just can't find satisfaction in employment. I've about had it and I'm just a inch close to packing it all in and figuring out how to live on one salary and benefits and then go volunteer at a library and a vet clinic. I'm so tired of fighting and the pressure and the responsibility that it's just now worth it anymore. :(

Happy holidays to me! Thank you for once again listening to my pity party.
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Poor Stacy, that really sucks!
:ghug: Dear Stacy, Take heart! For every decent manager out there (and I know that I'm one!) there are at least a dozen idiots who have been promoted beyond their level of competence by people above them who are equally if not more incompetent! I've moved around a lot on contract work and have had both good and bad experiences. Try not to let this spoil your Christmas: out there, I'm sure you will find the right place. Put it on hold and resolve to find a better job in the new year! :hearts:
That does really suck, hopefully you can weather this
storm, and some management changes will happen
for the better for you.
Willoughby's mom wrote:
Put it on hold and resolve to find a better job in the new year! :hearts:

Unfortunately, this was my "better" job for 2007...maybe I should look into contracting instead of permanent positions. My salary is so good at the moment, that it would be hard to turn away.
Stacy, I have to tell you this story because I still can't believe a professional would do something like this. I had been with my old company for 10 years when the head of sales for my current company started recruiting me. It took 4 months for him to convince me to take this new job. I gave my old employer three weeks notice so I could get everything wrapped up. During that three weeks, I was getting hassled by an HR type at the new company about some procedural stuff. I said "let me give New Manager a call and discuss this with him". And the HR guy said - "He doesn't work here anymore - he resigned last week". WHAT!!!! He resigned and never had the courtesy to mention that to me! I hadn't even started yet! I was furious. I came really close to backing out of the whole deal. But, they convinced me to go anyway and I've been here for 8 years now, so it all worked out in the end.
I'm so sorry this happened, Stacy.
I think you should talk to the new manager and figure out what it is that is expected of you. I hope things improve for you.
Some Managers always try to abuse their workers and treat them like dirt.
It is sad but true. They try to test you and see how much you can put up with and yet keeping your cool.
Hang in there and just ignore the negitive you have received.
I am sure everything will work out for the best.


I am sorry you are having to go through this. Hang in there.
If you're miserable, why not switch careers where that kind of environment isn't so prevalent? A library and information science degree is only a 2 year master's program and it's a really easy degree. Then you could work in a library and get paid for it. It's not exactly a job you'll get rich off of but it pays decent and it's not a for profit environment (or doesn't have to be depending on what you choose your specialty to be).

I'm always less concerned with money than I am about my sanity. I was offered a job making over 15k more than I make now but I didn't want it because I like where I am now. I'm starting a PhD program next month so I don't have any plans to move until I'm done with that!
I can't recall, Jill, do you work in a library? I'm so concerned that all work enviroments would be the same. Also worry that we'd be broke or have crappy health insurance. I don't think I could mentally go to school and work at the same time. What if I don't like it any better? Maybe I want to have a kid instead to get away from corporate world and totally go the other direction.

I've actually looked into the Library Science degree several times over the years; since high school actually, but it seemed like a "nerdy" thing to do at the time and a lot of school for such a low salary.

I need to call Paula to talk more specifically as she is a Med Librarian. I have two friends from my past company who are corporate medical librarians and I need to talk to them some more. There is a program at Dominican University that I could finish in a year which is less expensive than a Univ of IL has an online program where you go to the school several times a year.

Now that Steve is in a better position at work with a little more money maybe I should do this now.
I think you should be a stay-at-home-sheepie-snuggler. It doesn't pay well, but think of how stress-free it is :hearts:

Ah, to dream :ghug:
Amanda P wrote:
I think you should be a stay-at-home-sheepie-snuggler. It doesn't pay well, but think of how stress-free it is :hearts:

Ah, to dream :ghug:

That's what I'd like to do...
I know you weren't wild about the craft fair circuit, but at least there are no "managers"! :twisted: Are you sure you don't want to give Altered Art another try?? :wink:

That way you & I can bitch about incompetent show organizers, rude customers, and irritating gallery owners, together! :lol: :high5:
Stacy I am so sorry that you are having a tough time. Finding the right work environment is hard. I quit my job to take a new one in 2006. I stayed at the new one for 6 weeks. It was not want I thought it was going to be and I has really unhappy. My old employer had not filled my job and I went back. There are days I think I can back for this? But then I try to focus on the things I like about the job.

Also I have 2 friends that got there masters in Lib. Science. Both love their new jobs. If that is what you want maybe you can hang in on the current job and go to school at the same time. That way you don't have the big pay cut while in school and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel

Good luck.

Becky (Monster Mom) I forgot to log in
I work for the library system of Wayne State University doing marketing and communications. I am not a librarian nor do I wish to be! I like what I do much better. :)

If it's something you like, why would you care if it was nerdy anyway? I don't know about the public library sector, but some corporate librarians do pretty well and in an academic environment, we have some librarians that make six figures plus, you can't beat the benefits at a university-- and the time off. Just make sure you get a degree from an accredited library school, not just a program that is offered as a concentration. An accredited degree will open a lot of doors.

You're going to have crappy managers no matter where you go and in every environment. I think it's a lot easier to go into a job knowing it's going to happen and relish the good days instead. It sounds like you may be more interested in having a kid so you can get out of the corporate world than you are in being a mom. Whatever you do, find your place in life before you move on to motherhood. You definitely don't want to spend your life wondering what could've been or feeling dissatisfied in yourself. Stuff like that passes right through you and into your kids if you're feeling it.

Don't be scared of breaking away and trying new things. School can be fun and master's programs go easy on you, especially at commuter schools because they know you usually have a life outside of school. There's no reason to live your life dreading work and being miserable for a few lousy bucks. Happiness is a lot more important, as cliched as that sounds.
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