Who brags about being 41?

I feel sort of silly asking.. :oops: Is this just birthday brags for our pups? I'm not bragging but I will be 41 tomorrow. Most of my life I had an idea of what a lady of my age should look like. Big bee-hive hairdo, sleeve-less shirts (don't ask me why) and red lipstick...... Now that I think about it that exactly describes my great-aunt Maxine!!! (at my age) So far so good no bee-hive going on here....I have 2 grown sons (21 & 20) and their friends have confused me as being one of their girlfriends. I must say I was very flattered!!! But then I got to thinking about it...Older women are hooking up with much younger men these days....I do not think Demi looks the same age as Ashton. So maybe I don't look younger than my age, I just look like a cougar!! (an older woman dating a much youger man) Oh Great!!! My husband will love this! :roll: Maybe I won't mention it!! I have nothing against women who date younger guys, more power to them, it's just not my thing, especially because of the whole husband thing. :wink:
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Happy Birthday.............Wendy..............!!!!!!!!

:bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: X10

:bdcake: (one to grow on...............)
Have a great b.day weekend.....................I think a Cosmo is in order....after all it is a drink for us women over 40 !!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Wendy! Of course we should celebrate your birthday!! I've met you and you look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40-somethings now, don't look like 40-somethings of the past!

As for cougars...I'm one :wink: ! You've met me and my hubby Tony. He's 13 years younger than me! Woo hoo!!! Move over Demi and Ashton!

Have a wonderfully happy magical birthday!!!!!!!
:clappurple: :go: :bdcake: :cheer: :banana: :bdcake: :yay: :kiss:
Happy birthday Wendy! I think 41 is young!
Happy 41 from another 41 y.o.! :D
Happy birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would most definately BRAG about being 41, but then I turned 52 last weeks so being 41 would definately be something to brag about :roll:
Beehive and sleevless blouse and a ciggy hanging from the lips ended in the late 60's, then the tank top with the Farah hair. You are in the 21 century now, baby, age is relative. Isn't that what Einstein said? Oh, no, time is relative.......same deal :wink:

Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!! Age is just a number

...you just won't see me believing that when my bday comes around
Happy birthday! I'll be 55 soon but tell everyone I'm 60 so they think I look good for my age :D
Your hubby ought to be very proud of his cougar/trophy wife.
bestdogs wrote:
Happy birthday! I'll be 55 soon but tell everyone I'm 60 so they think I look good for my age :D

HEY, what a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday! :D
Awwww thanks you guys!!!!! :D I do agree a cosmo is in order!!! Maybe even a mojito...or 2 8) . I have tried telling people I was older, I think I said 50, and I got no response!!! 8O None of the 'you look good for your age' I was fishing for. I was 35!!! So I'll never try that again. :lol: :lol:

So, 40 is the new 30. I can live with that!!! Hey, if I can get hubby to color that snow on the roof people will think I'm a cougar!!! :wink: Otherwise I'll have to remain in my position as a trophy wife--ho-hum--Life goes on!!! :lol:

I love reading all the posts everyday and getting to know my fellow sheepie lovers.
Thanks again for all the Happy B-Day wishes and the compliments!!!
its just a number...i just turned 40....i feel great and look great (with a wig on).....

fluff your hair and go to town birthday girl!!!
41 has come and gone at my house :lol: :lol: - have a great day!!!
Happy Birthday Wendy!! :D :D :D
Hope you have a wonderful day!

bestdogs wrote:
Happy birthday! I'll be 55 soon but tell everyone I'm 60 so they think I look good for my age :D

Haaa! That is hilarious!! :lol: Great idea too!
Happy Belated! and yes you should brag about your birthday!
I'm 45 and my s.o. is 32....so um....guess I am a cougar? 8O
Big WAY TO GO!!!!! :bow: :cheer: :high5: to all the cougars out there!!!! I love it!!!
I guess 41 isn't so bad. I sure wouldn't want to be 20 again. It's funny to me...I remember when I was a teen or in my early 20's I really thought I was brilliant!! I did!! And now that I'm older (supossed to be wiser) I feel like I really have a lot to learn!! Maybe that realization is the wisdom kicking in!! :wink:

My sister's b-day (she is 2 yrs younger and a cougar!!!) is on the 4th, we always celebrate together. Tonights plans include a very delicious filet mignon some dancing and Oh yeah!! the cosmo and the mojito too!!! :wink:
Enjoy your celebration tonight! :)
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