My Leg Is Numb and Is Painful

Everything from my surgery went fine. However, something apparently happened during the surgery or right after the surgery that has left me with excrutiating pain that shoots down the left leg. The leg is also numb. (You know when you go to the dentist and he shoots novicane in the side of your cheek and it is numb? That is the same feeling.)

This has to do with the sciatic nerve. My doctor suggested physical therapy.

Anyone ever dealt with this and any suggestions?
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Ah yes, Sciatic nerve pain is no fun at all. :(
I had major problems with my sciatic nerve when Ryan was about 2 yrs old. Also I kept making it worse by carrying Ryan (Had no choice as he didn't walk until 3 1/2 yrs old).
Going to a chiropractor helped and time (because I kept aggrivating it). :roll: Physical therapy was not an option for me because of my Fibromyalgia, it just put me in more pain. :(
Hope you get some relief soon! :ghug:
Hi Wynn,

I'm sorry to hear you are going through so much pain and wish I knew what would help but don't know what to suggest. Just wanted to send you my love and support and that I'm thinking of you.

I'm so sorry :(

Just hope you start feeling better soon! ((hugs))
Hi Wyn. Sorry you are experiencing so much pain. If it is sciatica, massage therapy and chiro should help. From what I understand about sciatica, the sciatic nerve gets "trapped" in muscle and pressure from the muscle is what causes the pain. Massage and chiro should loosen the muscle and thus alleviate the pain. But as always, talk to your doctor (since I didn't go to medical school).
I know that feeling all TOO well, having had 3 disk surgeries. And be prepared because depending on the extent of the nerve damage, you may not totally get feeling back everywhere. I basically have no feeling in my right heel, the outside of my right foot, and my right ankle. Plus the big toe on my left foot is also numb.

Have they done an MRI to determine the specific cause? If it's sciatica, physical therapy would help. If it's a degenerative disk, nothing short of surgery will help, I'm afraid.

You poor thing!! You've been through SO much already. :oops: :ghug:
Poor Wyn!

I think my mom had something similar after she had her hysterectomy. I believe it took wearing those leg things (like ACE bandages but for circulation) and lots of stretching and just time for it to get better. She still has to wear those circulation things on a pretty regular basis. I'll ask her more details...

I hope you can find something to alleviate the pain.
I don't know what kind of surgery you had but the pain is most likely r/t you position on the OR table and how long you were there. In most cases it sets off a muscle spasm that compresses the nerve and can be treated with muscle relanants and anti inflmmatories til it passes.

Unfortunately, the longer the nerve is compressed the more chance there is of nerve damage so it is important to do everything you can to relax the muscle.
boy wyn, do i know how you ginny said, more than likely it was how you were positioned on the table during surgery...i still have no feeling in my thumb, inside of my left arm and arm pit....i

t hurt like hell at first, but keep moving it and massaging it. it will get better. you MUST desensitize the area. do stretches and light exercises for the will get regarding if you will get feeling back i dont doctor told me that it could take up to a i rub and wait patiently.. glad youre on the mend
:D Hi Wynn, I've found the folliwing helpful (not all at once!) but sort of in this order:

anti-inflammatory meds,
alternating hot and cold compresses and rest
physio, chioropractic and massage therapy as the acute pain decreased;
exercises as prescribed and walking

I looked to my physician, physio, chiropractor and massage therapist for help pretty much in that order.

I know that it feels as if the pain will never go away but it does.

Let us know how you are doing. :ghug:
Wyn, did they harvest any bone from your illiac crest? If so that is the source of your pain. When I had a herniated disc in my back repaired they took the bone from my hip and it hurt like h*ll for about six months. Prior to that surgery (and an allograft and plate in my neck) I went to PT an actual 50 times and it didn't help at all. The only thing that took my pain from an 8/10 to a level I could live with was robaxin and vicodin es. Good luck, I really do know your pain :(
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