I just got 4 feet of hair cut off

Yep! I did it! I went and got my hair cut, finally!

I measured the tails she cut off at just under 4 feet.
I think I like it, but I think I need a couple days to
be sure. I may go and get more trimmed off.
I can't believe how much that hair weighed. When she
cut the bulk of it off it was amazing how much lighter I
felt. All over lighter! No more catching it on doorknobs,
or in car doors or in the vacuum, or flushing it in the
toilet. (that was worse than getting it caught in the vacuum)
and no more hair falling in my face when I bend down.

I was so ready for this. The problem now is, I look exactly
like every other fat housewife. Maybe I'll color it some
really weird shade.

Oh well, at least I'll save $$ on shampoo!

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You do know that you can't offer up that kind of info without a before and after picture! Come on, cough one up!

4 feet. Wow! 8O
OMG, 4 Feet! 8O How long is now?
I need to see pictures too. :D
If I could figure a way to post a pic without showing my
face and all 17 chins - I'd do it.

Its about 2 inches all around, a little longer on the top.

And I just finished coloring it too- Ginger Twist. I will admit I
freaked a little just before the mad dash to rinse. It was an
awful shade of deep carrot with a dash of eggplant. But the end
result isn't too different from my real color. It's a little more
auburn with copper highlights.

Locks of Love?

Alright Shellie! Welcome to the no hair club!!!!!!
Don't be surprised when I show up at your house today to check it out!!!!

If you need help coloring it next time, let me know!!!
What a big, brave step! I bet it looks great. People often hide under long hair, and we never get to see their beauty amongst the hair!


That is incredible. 8O 8O
Now Kristine must have the longest hair here for sure!

What, no pictures :evil: . Just lay the hair along a measuring tape :)

I cannot even bvegin to imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ButtersStotch wrote:
You do know that you can't offer up that kind of info without a before and after picture! Come on, cough one up!

4 feet. Wow! 8O

YEP , That's what I was thinking ..lol :D

I have thought of cutting mine also but I am a chicken..... :roll:

Ditto to the no fair w/o a pic for a thread like this!!!! We want to see!!! That's a LOT of hair!
I agree

Pictures please and no excuses!
WOW! Yes, pictures pictures!
Oh shell,

how can you be such a horrible TEASE?????? come on, give up a hair pic.....if you show yours, in a few days....ill show mine :wink:
ok ok ok here's the pic!


Impressive!! I can well imagine the time it took to wash and dry!!

Mine is so fine, at four feet I'd probably have all of 12 strands. Now it's about 14 inches long and thin....but enough to make into a button.......not a bun.......just a little button.

I look at my chemo friend and her hair growing back.....it's thick, curly and I wonder.......if I shave mine off would it come back thick? I doubt it.
A friend of mine who had been through chemo many times
(over about 35 yrs) always wondered what color her hair
would come in as. Seemed like every time she started
growing hair back is was a different color.

My hair was very very straight till I got pregnant the first time.
Then is started getting really wavy, and you can kinda see it in
the picture. I had very long loose corkscrews. Now that it's
short and has had a day without the weight of the length pulling
it straight, I have lots and lots of wave. I wonder how much
curlier it will get. I wonder if I let it grow a little will I have more
curls than waves? I get curls around my face and neck when it's
really humid.

The hair in that picture is only about 4-5 yrs worth. I had Vic
lop off about 15 inches every other year. The last time I had
my hair above my shoulders was about 11 years ago, but it
wasn't quite this short then.

Did I miss it? What will you be doin' with all that hair?

Any buyers out there?
I don't think anyone would pay for it.

I am donating it. I guess I didn't say that before :oops:

Wow, that is a LOT of hair! 8O
I can't imagine how much weight that takes off!! I'd feel so light in the head after all that was cut off!! :lol:
That's a lot of hair! I bet you look absolutely lovely even without it :D
Wow that is one long pony tail. OK where is the piccys of you and your new shorter hair, we WANNA see the new you :wink: :D
got sheep wrote:
That is incredible. 8O 8O
Now Kristine must have the longest hair here for sure!


Hmmmmm....I dunno, I think K. and I need to both post picks of the back of our heads....I can sit on mine, but then, I'm so short that isn't saying all that much! :lol: :oops:
I bet you 2 are pretty close in length. Time to get out the yard sticks... :D
That's a lot of love you are donating! Bless you for doing so. You will certainly help someone.......

i've never had a lot of hair. always joked my dogs and cats had more than me..... i always wanted long hair........... oh well...........

now let us see a pic of you with your new hair!
Congratulations - My wife in 1979 had grown her hair from waist length in 72 to 9'3" long. She was trying to compete with Dianna Witt and have a Guinness World record. She was pregnant and asked could she cut it short? She was the talk of the town that day as she had it all cut off to a 3" Pixie cut. Love long hair but was so nice to cut it off to a short easy to care for Pixie cut.
I have long hair also and just got called out...I travel with my daughter often for her dance. We stay with the same mom and daughter in hotels and hang out with the same group of people. One mom asked me in the bathroom why and this might be tooooo much info but after you have had 3 kids you don't mind who watches you go potty - why I always lean to one side when I go to the bathroom. Thanks for watching that close and I didn't realize I looked that stupid but I have been doing it for so long I didn't even realize I did it! Well, if I don't my hair goes in the toilet! The post about the car door and door knobs UGH! I'm a messy bun wearer for the most part because getting your neck snapped by a door knob or turning to talk to someone and realizing you have shut your hair in the door is no fun. I keep it because on occasion I do style it and leave my house with actual make up on and clothes on with no dog hair and everything and at that point I feel pretty. I often fantasize of exactly what you just did!
Wow.. That's a brave thing to do! Mine is mid lower back length. Totally get the whole 'hair everywhere' saying lol :lol:
Oh yes.. you can't post that without a pic!!! :D
I'm gobsmacked someone could have 4 feet of hair cut off! I'm short so having hair that long would have come down to my calves. I love long hair but think the last time I even had waist length hair was when I was 12. Your hair is luxurious and beautiful and what a wonderful thing you are doing by donating. I can't wait to see pics with your shorter do!
I have actually had many cuts since then - that is almost 9 years old... but fyi I am short too and
it hung to my calves - although I very rarely let it loose at that length. It was much handier to
twist it and roll it into a knot in the back. Its hard to tell but it was extremely thick as well. It was
cut off in several sections because it was just too much to saw off in one go.
Funny to see this pop up again now that it's growing out again.

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