bringing puppy over Canadian border into Ontario

I need to know what the requirements are to bring a puppy from the U.S. into Canada. The puppy is under 8 wks of age and is too young for shots. If anyone knows...please reply...thank you
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There are a couple of people here that will probably respond with advice, but I have to ask, is there a reason why you can't wait until it gets all of it's vaccinations at 8 weeks? Not sure if you were planning on separating a puppy, litter mates & mother, but anything earlier than 8 weeks is very critical bonding development time with it's siblings. Plus a puppy's immune system is not fully developed, even at 8 weeks, and you have to really be protective about what environments you are exposing it to.
The pups are weaned and the problem is that he is a little rescue and his adoptive dad will be in Ontario close to the border in a week and transport is difficult...we tried to get a puppy to him last year but couldn't do it because of transport the puppy will be very close to 8 wks...maybe actually just...
I found this info about importing dogs into CN. ... ogse.shtml

Perhaps since you have special circumstances you can get some kind of waiver or maybe your vet can help. Hope you can get him through.
Thanks for that info...according to it, we don't need anything since the puppy is too all should be well...many blessings...

I've brought two dogs into Canada and just on Saturday brought a recue cat from the US over the border.

Dog #1 was an 8 wk old pup, (they are exempt from rabies under the age of 3 months but need a vet certificate issued within 5 days of travel stating they are in good health. Drove to the US and back to Canada.

Dog #2 age 3 years, Flown on airplane from Hong Kong into Canada (no quarantine with certain countries) Dog needed vet certificate that he was in good health and current rabies shot.

Cat -, age 15 months, Just picked up the cat this Saturday in the US and drove back into Canada. The border guard did check his papers which included vet certificate that cat was in good health and had current rabies shot. Vet certificate issued within 5 days of travel.

Hope that helped and good luck!

Remember animals under the age of 3 months are exempt from rabies shots as they are too young. Over the age of 3 months any animal entering into Canada must have rabies innoculation. It is not enough they wear their need to have paper work stating it. In your case you don't need rabies certification for a pup of 8 wks.
With dog #1, I was not even asked, but with the cat the border quard did question me and ask for the papers. You do need the VET CERTIFICATE however that the pup is in good health, issued within 5 days of travel to bring it into Canada.

Do not take the chance and not have the paperwork from the vet as border guards can apon this discretion seize the animal at the border, and refuse it's entry. It would be then apon yourself to pay for a vet to visit the animal in order to have the paperwork done. Not only would it be horrible for you but the pet may be stuck at the border for a few days in some cases I've heard in order for it to be seen by a vet. They don't usually ask but as in my case this past Saturday - they did ask and luckily I had insisted on having the proper paperwork before I picked up the cat.

They will also question you on monetary transactions for the pet. Perhaps a note from the rescue would be helpful too. In my case, the border quard seemed a bit suspicious that I had not paid for the cat as it was also a rescue. It was only when I said kitty had one eye did he believe I had not paid any money. :?

Lastly, I should mention that many people said they've brought numerous pets over the border and were never questioned about them. I'm glad I insisted that kitty have the paper work, as even tho I too have taken many animals back and forth over the border they DID ask this one time, so glad I had the paperwork. it's not worth taking a chance.

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