TruMinerals vs Bare Minerals

I cannot believe I am asking a makeup question. Me, who never wears makeup (the last time I wore makeup was for my son's wedding two years ago) made an impulse purchse on ebay this weekend. I had been watching an infomercial on "Bare Minerals" and it must be because my 52nd B'Day is looming close but it peaked my interest and I thought hmmmmm, maybe I COULD look a little younger :roll: . But the price was pretty silly so my immediate thought was EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I rushed to the computer entered "Bare Minerals" and discovered that there was a "starter kit" at a very reasonable cost that was ending in just a few minutes. I bid and bought it then realized OOOOOOOOOOOPS, it was TRU Minerals not Bare Minerals.

I look on the internet and the web sites are very similar. Does anyone have "experience" with either or both products and can tell me what you think??? I didn't spend alot of money but for me ANY money spent on makeup is a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't know about that....... but I have experienced many companies PRETENDING to be Bare Escentuals/Minerals by selling their DVD "How To..." with their fake product (just a warning).

I DO know that people who are concerned about price love Everyday Minerals....

BTW, if you use the liquid powder, please use the mineral veil (powder) with it!! The combination (a little of each mixed together) is so much better imho!! big difference on how it comes on to me. I get excited putting on makeup EVERY DAY now. I love this stuff!!!!
Likely not-- at least not so much that you'd notice. I bought some myself, just for fun, since everyone on here seemed to like it and I was really disappointed. The foundation-like powder (as all powders do) settles into your lines and pores and gives you a really cakey appearance if you aren't really careful. I think to avoid that look, you have to use so little that you may as well just use tinted moisturizer and be done with it. The other stuff seemed okay (like the blush and eye stuff) but nothing to write home about.
I started with Bare Minerals years ago and was a die-hard customer until I discovered Everyday Minerals and I like them better. So I think there are probably several companies that make comparable products, but I don't have any experience with Tru Minerals. I've bought Bare Minerals on ebay but you do have to be careful with those sellers and really read their ads - there are several who are just re-selling products they break down into tiny jars. I always look for new, unopened, etc.

The only Bare Minerals items I still use are their "warmth" blush/bronzer and their "Big Tease" mascara. Otherwise I'm a total convert to everyday minerals. Their mineral veil is really nice too - but the finishing dust from EDM is comparable.
I have never tried Bare Minerals, but I have purchased the "true minerals" starter packs from ebay. I have been happy with them. However, just be forwarned that the powder itself is "true" minerals, not the "tru" minerals (which has it's own website). But, the ebay seller includes brushes from "tru" minerals, which is how they trick a lot of people. I'm sure they hope most people do not realize that. But, I've been happy with the product itself, so I don't really care what name is on it.

I've been told Avon carries the mineral powders and that their's are good. However, they are more expensive that what I've been buying off of ebay, so I've not tried them.
Joahaeyo wrote:
BTW, if you use the liquid powder, please use the mineral veil (powder) with it!! The combination (a little of each mixed together) is so much better imho!! big difference on how it comes on to me. I get excited putting on makeup EVERY DAY now. I love this stuff!!!!

Agree with Jo. The mineral veil is wonderful alone too. It gives a nice perk to the skin on casual days.

The only time I have had a problem with "caking" and showing lines is when I forget to moisturize or I get a little heavy handed in application.
I just bought the mabelline version of this stuff and hate it.
cheyennebuford wrote:
I just bought the mabelline version of this stuff and hate it.

All of the imposters I have tried are awful. I will stick to my Estee Lauder foundation.
Imagine that.... an anonymous poster from Russia posting like this. (Note: I decided to remove the spammy post altogether. Note to other spammers: Stop! :D )

Anyone think it's a paid spammer? Anyone NOT think it's a paid spammer?
I started using Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals about 5-6 years ago and Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I watched the informercials for aprx. 2 years then saw it on QVC. I oreders the starter kit then I went to the OVC store at Mall of America and bought other items. It was a little trickey at first to use because of the 'buffing' vs 'smearing'. I never feel like I am wearing a mask like other foundations. It has actually helped my skin. The real tip is, the longer you buff the better the coverage. If you are close to a mall, Nordstrom sells it and does free make unders. Sephora and Ulta alsio have it. Bare Escentuals also has Boutiques in many malls. QVC is also a great place to order from. Also, I am over 50 and do not have problems with it settling into the lines and wrinkles. Less is more.
My OES Gracie thinks she has to have her's on every morning, alittle brush of foundation, blush and mineral veil. Then I kiss her on the lip area with lipstick. She is so happy, she wiggles and prances because she thinks she's such a hot little number.
I use powder make up- Bare Esentuals and LOVE it. I've tried the knock-offs, and they're ok, but don't have the lasting soft texture and finish.

I have very sensitive skin, and all their products work for me, cleanser, lotion, primer... I can't live wiithout it now..
A mineral makeup option which is a little more
in cost, but well worth it, is Jane Iredale cosmetics.

It is used a lot by makeup artists for photo sessions
for weddings or modeling. It is excellent for day
or evening use. I learned about it when I was
in school for aesthetics and so far I have not
found another professional line that compares to
this one...
I have used bare minerals forever. Decided to try truminerals love it!! It is so affordable. I use the meduim, the color is right on. They also have skincare I love that, brushes are actually not to bad. It is so nice to find a company that is not out to take advantage of women. Every week I order something new. Also my hairdresser said my skin is so beautiful the other day. And my co-workers at work never say I look tired. I do not want to go back to bare minerals .
I wondered if anyone else used Jane Iredale cosmetics. :D

I found out about them during a visit to the dermatologist and really like the stuff. Not that I wear a lot of makeup or anything but I'm happy with the results when I do.
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