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So... my 3 year old sheepie will not stop licking & biting her butt. The last time she was at the vet they told me her anal glands were very full and they expressed them, but it seemed like no time and she was back at it. Her stools are always pretty firm and she only eats natural balance. she is groomed about every 6-8 weeks because the smell is just killing all of us! Needless to say, her breath stinks, too. I've never had a dog do this before-is it just compulsive behavior? or is something wrong? help!
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So... my 3 year old sheepie will not stop licking & biting her butt.

I would guess that her fanny is irritated or uncomfortable and needs attention. These nasty little glands can become simply filled... or impacted, infected or abscessed. ... icleid=510

Some dogs never have any problems while others require frequent attention. I asked a vet tech to show me how to express anal glads a couple of weeks ago :oops: While it wasn't at the top of my "Fun Things To Do" list, it's a very necessary part of owning a dog. We either need to do it ourselves or pay someone to do it when the scooting or licking/biting begins. Better yet, on a schedule so they're emptied before irritation becomes obvious. She may simply require more frequent attention back there... like every 3 or 4 weeks rather than every 6 to 8 weeks.

her breath stinks, too

Has she been check by a vet recently? Bad breath can be caused by anything from tartar build up or a bad tooth to kidney failure. ... page1.aspx

I'm sure others will share more ideas. Good luck to your sheepie-girl.
It may be the anal glands. They are troublesome little things and cause so many problems. It may be that your dogs anal glands refill more quickly than others which is a possibility. She may also have a small blockage in the canals which would cause irritation and they would need to be expressed and then infused with an antibiotic to keep things going. If it gets to the point that the vet thinks they are a real problem you can always opt for an analsaculectomy ( removal of the anal glands). Their only job is for scenting the poop for territorial issues and to make your house and dog smell. I would start with expressing the anal glands and keeping track of how quickly they refill so that you may need to go into the vet more frequently for that.
our boy wooley had some anal gland problems and we had to switch to a higher fiber food. He would bite his butt and scoot across the floor. My vet told us to look for a food with beet pulp in it and he does fine now.
I have also heard that adding pumpkin to the food helps. It sounds like soft poo isan't the problem though.

I agree with the anal gland assumption. It's pretty easy. Your local groomer could probably show you without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

Basically, there are two sacks at 10 and 2 on the anus. If you apply pressure you will feel two pea sized balls in there, you just push in, and then squeeze. If you don't get anything out the first or second time, they may be impacted and for that you will have to have the vet do an internal release.

On a side note have a damp towel handy to catch the juice. And don't put your face anywhere near it, it will shoot right out at you!
Yuck! Fozzie has this issue as well. He starts to express his anal glands like clockwork and goes into the vet every 4 weeks. It now costs about $24. Of course he enjoys sitting with his butt pressed up against me while on the couch. I try to sit with a towel, but...yuck

Some groomers will express their glands, but we found that they don't do a thorough job.

Pumpkin didn't work for Foz. Someone suggestesd small pieces of dried apricot so we're going to try that starting tomorrow although I think it will just give him messy poop.

Fozzie's breath smelled like stinky sausage for a while. We decided to switch him to Nutro Sensitive Stomach (chicken) from Nutro Large Breed Adult (lamb). This made a difference almost immediately. I thought to change his food as Annie had a similar issue several years ago. She was fed some food from Sam's Club and we switched her to Nutro Senior. HUGE DIFFERENCE! :D
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